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Saved Your Life

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Bryce, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Bryce let out an irritated growl as he waited in the cafe with a coffee in between his hands at a table. He watched the steam come up from his cup of coffee for a moment then looked out the window he was by.
    'She is 10 minutes late...' he thought to himself, clearly annoyed. Of course he couldnt blame her considering it is the first day of summer and they did just finish there senior year in high school. But at the same time she WAS the one that told him to meet up with her at exactly 12 PM. Everyone knew Bryce was not a patient guy. He didn't understand her sometimes. As he waited he leaned back against his chair and crossed his arm, having the usual emotionless expression on, his dark grey as unreadable, it was always difficult to tell what he was thinking . As he looks out the window he finally sees her. About damn time! He had no idea what she wanted to tell him but he was willing to listen of course despite the wait, better than being home. He gave her his irritated scowl that showed he was not amused.
  2. Sydney had been running late. Actually, more than late. Whatever that was. She had woken up early in the morning and gotten ready to go meet Bryce but of course, something had happened and it held her up. Today it had been her step-father. She quickly passed him and continued on her way to the cafe they were meeting at when a boy had flew by and hit a mud puddle, throwing dirty water all over her brand new, white shirt and blue jeans. After she went back to her house, changed, escaped her step-father, she finally made it to the cafe. Right when she thought her day couldn't get worse, she looked through a window and saw Bryce staring at her with his irritated glare. She smiled and started to wave, stepping out into the street to cross over to the cafe. What Sydney didn't see though, was a drunk driver behind the wheel of a skidding car not far from her, going straight towards the small girls body.
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  3. Bryce sighed quickly paying for his coffee and walked outside to yell at her. However by the time Bryce got out he heard the tires screech, he turned his head noticing the car was coming towards her. Shit! He and her may not get along very much, but he didn't want to see her get hurt. He darted his way towards her, "Damn it woman get out of the damn way!" Once he made his way to her he pulled her out of the way to the side. Before Bryce had time to move himself, the car hit him, causing him to immediately fall to the ground, rolling quickly a few feet away from the car. He was knocked out cold.
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  4. Everything had happened so quickly that Sydney didn't realize that Bryce had saved her life until she turned her head and saw him on the ground a few feet away from her. She quickly stood from her knees and ran to where he was but he was already passed out. Sydney hadn't realized it but sometime in the haze and worries, she had called an ambulance for Bryce. She sat beside him and pulled his head up so that he was partially in her lap. Sure, the two barley ever got along, but the last think she wanted was to see him hurt. As the ambulance arrived and pulled her and Bryce into the back on a stretcher she sat in a seat and let the nurses and doctors do the work. When she reach up to touch her forehead which had busted open when she had hit the pavement she noticed blood, but also tears on her cheeks. The sight only made her cry more, knowing that she hadn't cried in so long. Now that she was scared to see if Bryce would be okay, all she could let out was her tears.
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  5. Bryce was a wreck, a cut on his cheekbone, a busted lip, road rash all up on his arm, and some broken ribs. His shirt was torn from the incident. They checked his pulse which was weak, then flashed a light in his eyes as they rushed to the hospital. They quickly put a breathing mask on him. One of the paramedics says to the other, "Pulse is weak, concussion and a few broken ribs," she looks back down at Bryce, "Stay with me kid!"
    Once they get to the hospital they rush Bryce inside. As soon as they got inside the machine that checked his heart beat made that long beeping noise.
    "Crap!" On of them says as the grabbed the paddles, rubbing them together and yelled, "Clear!" And pressed the paddles on his chest. After a few times his heartbeat came back.
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  6. There was nothing that Sydney could do. As soon as they arrived at the ER she was rushed away from Bryce and pulled back, the nurses denying her efforts to reach him. When she finally calmed down enough so that she could relax and sit down without them holding her down, they checked her pulse which was beating faster than normal due to her adrenaline and she had a twisted wrist. Other than that and a few bruises she was perfectly fine. Now she could continue to focus and worry about Bryce. After they hooked him up yo a few machines go check his heartbeat and his blood pressure and everything else to make sure he would be okay, they finally let Sydney through the doors. She burst through them and quickly ran towards Bryce's side, tears still threatening to spill from her eyes as she held his hand tightly and hoped more than anything that he would be okay.
  7. Bryce felt her grab onto his hand. He let out a painful groan then slowly opened his eyes at first he was confused where he was but then it all came back to him. Bryce suddenly felt a horrible headache, he pinched the bridge of his nose then sat up and looked at her, then their hands then back at her, "How long was I out?"
  8. Sydney jumped at the weak voice coming from Bryce. As he sat up, she tried to make him lay back down but eventually ended in helping him sit up where he wouldn't be hurting. She simply shrugged at his question."I stopped paying attention to the time,"she said softly. She had nothing else to say. Or nothing else that she could force out of her mouth. If she could say anything to him at that moment it would be 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's my fault you're here right now. I'm sorry you're hurting because of me. I'm sorry it's my fault.' That's all she wanted to say. She knew that she would never be able to forgive herself after this. He had saved her life, but in the process almost took his own and it was all because she was too stupid to look across the road before she began walking.
  9. Bryce sighed and pulled his hand back and scowled that familiar scowl, "Good now that I am up I can say this. What the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea how hurt you could have gotten." He wasn't upset that he ended up getting injured. He was upset that she almost got hit. He crossed his arms.
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  10. "Me? Look at yourself. What were you thinking!?"Sydney asked, all her sadness turning into part anger. "I don't care how badly hurt I could have gotten, you're in the hospital because of me now!"she says crossing her own arms. She was partly hurt that he had pulled away from her, and she wasn't sure if it was because she wanted to be touching him to know he was okay or if it could possibly be more...
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  11. Bryce looked into her eyes and raised an eyebrow, noticing her reaction, "Look, I am bigger than you. I was able to stand the impact better then you could. It would have killed you. I do not regret the decision because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I allowed you to die," he raised an eyebrow noticing her make up had run due to her crying. He frowned and without really thinking took her hand and made her sit on his lap. He looked at her, "Have you been crying?" As he looked deep into her eyes he couldn't help but notice how stunning her eyes were.... woah, where did that come from?
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  12. Sydney didn't abject to sitting on Bryce's lap but she wasn't thrilled about it either. She sighed and covered her face up with her hands and shook her head as she leaned down and put her embarrassed face against his chest. She hated to cry more than she hated anything. It showed her weakness or her sadness and she didn't want anyone to know when she was hurting. Bruce getting hurt was one of the first things that had made her cry since her mother lost all her hair in chemotherapy. Sydney pressed her face into Bryce's shoulder and her eyes started to tear up again.
  13. Bryce frowned at this response but he didn't pull her away... he hated seeing girls cry. He couldn't help but have a soft spot for them. He let out a sigh and gently rubbed her back, hoping this would comfort her, "Its ok. Everything is fine alright?"
  14. Sydney stayed gently on Bryce's lap, not saying much of anything or moving really at all. She didn't answer him after he tried to comfort her, but eventually did move off of him and sat back in the seat beside his bed. She didn't say anything or even bother to have the courage to look up at him at all, even when the nurse came in and asked questions. She answered the few questions and then walked out of the room while the nurses worked with Bryce's blood and bones a little longer.
  15. Once they nurse left Bryce's stomach suddenly growled. Damn, he hasn't eaten anything at all today. He actually couldn't help but blush a little from embarrassment. He did however looked away and turned his attention to the window pretending as if it hadn't happened.
  16. Sydney had walked back in the room Bryce was in as his stomach growled and she chuckled."Seems like someone is hungry,"she teased laughing a little. She quickly called the nurse back in and the nurse brought Bryce some food to eat on a tray.
  17. Bryce let out a sigh as he noticed the nurse coming in with a tray. He gave her a slight no then looked at Sydney, "Thanks?... I think," he said with a slight smirk as he began eating, "I haven't eaten a damn thing today." He said after he swallowed.
  18. Sydney chuckled and rolled her eyes,"Well for most of the day you've been locked up in here,"she says softly."They wouldn't let you eat until just now. I had already asked."
  19. Bryce smirks and rolls his eyes as he finishes his food, "Well aren't you sweet." He said as he pushed the tray away and slowly got out of the bed. He could walk which is a good sign. His side and head hurt like hell though.
  20. Sydney rolled her eyes at his sarcasm and sat back in her chair. She watched him walk around and noticed he was in pain, even if he didn't admit it."Want some pain medicine?"she asks holding a couple pills out
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