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  1. So, I use the rich text editor when I reply and write on this site. I noticed that beside the background color for highlighted text, it ways Formats with a drop down menu. I also noticed the custom section.

    This led me to a question: Is it possible to save formats? It'd be super useful since I do quite the editing to my posts to make them look pretty.

    Thanks for your time~!

    PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong section or something. Didn't know where else to put this question and seeing as though this is the Help Desk...
  2. There is currently NOT a way to do this, but I have been keeping an eye on some modifications as a possible addition in the future! It's just a matter of whether or not it would be worth it to install and if it will be a well supported modification. O_O
  3. I'd love if it happened! Especially since most a lot of my friends and I use a consistent edited format. :3

    Thanks for replying Diana~! <3
  4. Depending on how complex the formatting is, it may be worth your time finding a previous post of yours with similar styling and using the REPLY button (if you're in the same thread; remember to remove the [QUOTE] tags) or the EDIT button (so you can copy-paste to elsweyr) to shortcut having to rewrite everything by hand. Then all you'd have to do is replace the content text and voilà! :o
  5. Yeah, you cam do that as well, but that only works if you already replied in the thread. I'm thinking something that works every time.
  6. You can use the EDIT button to collect formatting from other threads with copy/paste. :3
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  7. I've tried to copy and paste, but it doesn't carry over the formatting - only the words.

    Which sucks, because I'd totally use that way!
  8. Oh, apparently that's a Chrome feature, taking formatting over.

    In that case, you could switch over to the source editor to do that, but given your response to the suggestion above, I reckon you'd rather not do that.

    What does the REPLY button give you? Is it pre-formatted or source code?
  9. It's pre-formatted.

    Ah, maybe I can reply to my own posts, removing the quote box and modifying the words. It's not as efficient as I'd think, but it's faster than spamming the buttons I use to format my text.
  10. This is what I do and it works out. Made an image instead of just explaining it because I like making pictures. :D

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