Save My Stream ((Open))

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  1. Human form: [​IMG]

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    Nolga was one of the few remaining water nymphs. The human's had polluted the water and killed off the majority of her species. She had a private pool built deep in the forest for herself. It consisted of glass walls to block the human's filthy air, poles to make it have a strong structure, and lastly her pool made up with the remaining water from her stream. The humans were beginning to dump their waste in her stream so it was the only way she was able to save it and herself.

    Poseidon sent fish up from the ocean to help same some of his own nymphs belonging to the water, since they increased his own power. He also granted a few human form in order to enable them to protect themselves.

    Nolga knew she was one of the lucky few to escape the humans with her life and to keep her stream. It was her job to protect it so she could never leave her box. It felt like a prison to her, with the walls trapping the other beauties of nature. She only had her stream now and it only had her. It was a lonesome life, but so far she had been able to manage.

    Nolga climbed out of the water and switched into her human form. The skin was so weak that the heat from the sun could harm it and cause it too turn darker shades, but she also was able to feel the pleasure of it's warmth. She leaned against a pole and allowed her mortal skin to observe the sun's warming rays.

    ((OOC: alright, I need some one to stumble in and find her. His reaction can be whatever you want, and he can either be alone or with other humans. Heck if you want he could never be another Nymph. Or maybe a God, but then we may have to move this to the mature section. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Also this is my first day on this site, so if I do/am doing anything wrong please feel free to correct me. Um im 16 for the people wondering about the mature thing, but if you're older than 18 we can just do it clean no problem. so ya...))