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  1. So this is decently straight forward. My character is a priestess of a god/ess, one day the peaceful village is raided by another tribe. Think Apocalyptico, or Aztecs. She and a large portion of the village are taken to be sacrificed. Your character, either a god/ess or a person of significantly higher technological level stops it, saves her, and we go from there in a dozen or more ways.

    This could be either norm human, anthroxhuman, or anthro. I'll leave that to your discression. Just note the gode/ess is usually depicted as a dragon by her culture.

  2. I kind of like this idea. The angry dragon god swooping in to save his people and perhaps demanding the priestess as a bride/mate in return. I know you're putting it at my discretion, but do you have any preference for whether this is a human or anthro RP?
  3. I do honestly prefer anthro but once again, your descression.
  4. I haven't done a good anthro RP in a while. What species is your preference?
  5. Well I was going to play he as something exotic... A coati or something equally South American and adorable. The tribe would be jaguars. Your character can be anything... You know... God and all. Just cause her tribe sees them as a dragon doesn't mean you have to be one.
  6. I like the dragon idea though, a texture contrast between her fur and his scales and stuff like that. Maybe she's also a jaguar but has black fur and that marked her for the priesthood?
  7. Hrmm that works... -nodnod- anything else? I can get it started later today.
  8. Can't really think of anything else, you can go ahead and start the thread.
  9. I started it. In the mature section under the same name.