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  1. Well, I'm looking for a play between an officer and a victim he saves. The plot would progress through her being basically kicked from her home, though far worse and the officer finding her. From there the plot would thicken as the officer tries to find her ex-boyfriend only to uncover far more than he thought possible. Shady deals and the like of course. A rather serious amount of romance would ensue between the victim and the officer as well, so by that, more than likely this would be moved to mature. Any who... if you are interested drop me a line here.

    Name: Naomi McLeod
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 131 lbs'
    Appearance: Cry.jpg
    Extra: She has brown hair, this will be how she is found by the officer.
    History for officer background check of course: She is the only daughter of the McLeod family within the small town of Liedsville. She had a normal childhood, went to the local high school and graduated with above average grades. She was attending the local community college until her family went broke. Naomi has no felonies to her name, a slight speeding ticket the only issue she had with the police which she quickly payed. However she is also (loosely) tied to the local branch of the russian mob, albeit apparently unaware.
  2. I rather enjoy playing law enforcement characters. This plot idea looks interesting, so I would be game if you are interested in playing with me. :)
  3. Well, Huzzah! I'm glad I peaked someone's interest!