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  1. The dark room was all Aiah saw when she sat up from her bed. Letting out a sigh, she slowly laid back and looked up at the ceiling. The day was supposed to be a big one, according to her father, to celebrate his birthday. Honestly, Aiah could care less about the party, knowing that many people would be there. With a groan, she turned onto her side and hid her head with her pillow, dreading the hours to come. "Why can't I just stay in my room? Or even the library?" she asked herself, the light from the window trying to break through the curtains. Aiah scanned the room with her gray eyes, taking everything in. Deciding to finally get up, she pulled the pillow off of her face and moved the blankets away from her. "This is going to be a long day." Aiah muttered, looking at the floor.
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  2. Alastor usually stayed awake most of the night to watch over the princess. He leaned up against the wall with his eyes closed and hand on the hilt of his sword. It was going to be the birthday of the King tomorrow he would have to watch over the princess carefully due to the size of the party.
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  3. Aiah stood up and smoothed her hair down before heading to her wardrobe. The hinges squeaked when she opened it, but it didn't bother her. Searching inside, Aiah's eyes spotted the party dress that her mother, the queen, had created for her. Made of red and brown silk with a bow around the middle. Aiah carefully grabbed it and put a smaller dress on to go underneath it. Now, she looked down at the corset with distaste. Aiah walked over to her door and opened it. She looked outside and wasn't surprised to see Alastor standing there. "Alastor, I need help with my corset." she ordered before walking back into her room.
  4. "Yes princess." Alastor looked over after hearing her voice. He walked into the bedroom of the princess closing the door behind him. "You look very beautiful my lady. Try to smile a little for your father then you can hide somewhere for the rest of the party." he walks behind her starting to fix corset carefully trying to not hurt her.
  5. Aiah winced as the corset tightened, but didn't complain. After all, it was her father's party and she wouldn't want to disappoint him. When Alastor told her to smile, Aiah forced one. It didn't really look like a smile, more like she was baring her teeth. "You tell me to do it like it's easy." she muttered, dropping the smile and bracing the bedpost while Alastor continued tying the corset.
  6. "Yes..... yes... I know.... After you make your appearance we can go anywhere you wish Princess Aiah..." He tied her corset then patted her head gently before kissing the back of her head. He moved away from her making a light smile on his face. He always been with the princess it amazed him how much she has grown.
  7. Aiah sighed and nodded at what Alastor said. She knew that she could leave from the party, but she didn't want to upset her father. Aiah felt as Alastor patted her head then kissed it, making her smile lightly. "Thank you, Alastor. If you wish you can either stay here until I'm finished or do something else." she said, walking over to her mirror and sitting in her chair, grabbing a brush. As she spoke to him, she looked at his reflection through the mirror.
  8. "I'll be back my lady I have to get dressed." Alastor had to get dressed for the party also since he didn't want to be the odd ball. He took one more good look at her before leaving to go into his room across the hall. He already had a nice suit already prepared for him. He took off his shirt putting on a button up collar shirt then his tie.
  9. Aiah nodded and turned to look back at her own reflection, glancing at Alastor before he exited the room. She then ran the brush through her hair, ridding her brown hair of the knots. Grabbing a bow that matched the one on her dress, Aiah pinned it in her hair on the back of her head. Looking around, her eyes landed on the box of shoes that her mother had bought her, and she stood up, walking over to pick them up. They were red-brown to match her dress and she quickly slipped them on. Then, she took a few practice steps around the room before sitting on her bed.
  10. He grumbled a little putting on the bottoms "how am I supposed to fight in these clothes" he rubbed the back of his head then put on the blazer. He walks back over to the princess room looking at her. "Are you ready my lady? Do you remember the steps for dancing"
  11. Aiah looked up when Alastor entered her room. When he asked if she remembered the steps for dancing, she crossed her arms and looked to the side. "No, I haven't remembered. I don't see the point in remembering them if I'm not going to dance anyway." she said stubbornly, narrowing her eyes slightly.
  12. "What if your father wants to dance with you? Cmon I'll help you a little" Alastor pulled her from the bed holding her hands gently looking into her eyes.
  13. Aiah didn't look at Alastor but gasped when he pulled her from the bed, telling her that he could help her. "F-Fine." she stuttered, trying to remember at least some of the steps so that she didn't make a complete fool of herself. Lifting her hand, Aiah placed a it on Alastor's shoulder and her other in his other hand. She inhaled a breath and looked up at him. "Alright, do your worst." she said, voice dripping with sarcasm.
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  14. "He's probably going to ask to dance with you first princess. I don't want you looking like a fool or I'll have to kill someone ." Alastor held her hand tightly starting to move with the princess. He watched his feet dancing with her slowly.
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  15. Aiah nodded slightly, her concentration on the steps. She racked her brain, but eventually the steps came back to her, more or less. "I don't think you'll have to go as far as kill someone, Alastor." she said, looking at him with a slight half smile and a raised eyebrow. But, nonetheless, she was glad to have him looking out for her.
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  16. "Maybe just a little punch" he chuckles softly looking down at their feet then back at her face. Alastor was glad that he could spend time with the princess.
  17. Aiah laughed as they kept dancing, the moves coming to her mind easily. "Since I'm going to have to dance at the party, that means you have to mingle with other party-goers." she teased, narrowing her eyes playfully at Alastor.
  18. He groaned a little then sighed "What if a lady asks me to dance will I be allowed to?" Alastor stopped dancing grinning a little waiting for her answer.
  19. Aiah stopped dancing with Alastor and her eyes widened when he asked if he would be allowed to dance with a lady. "W-Why wouldn't you be allowed? After all, after dancing with my father, other boys might want to dance with me as well." she said sweetly, smiling innocently. "Now, we should head to the Great Hall. My father is probably waiting for me." she said, patting Alastor's head before heading out of her room.
  20. "I'll get jealous of those boys but have fun my lady." he kneeled down grabbing her hand kissing the back of it before letting go. He walks over to the door opening it slowly before walking outside. "Let's go princess can't keep your father waiting."
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