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    Landen Lilia Wren
    Crown Princess of the Unsilee Court

    19 Faerie Years || Brunnette || Pale Skin || Blue-Gray Eyes || Witty § Independent || Untrusting § Scared

    Lilia, Princess of the Unsilee Court is, like any other Unsilee Blue Blood, ruthless, and unforgiving of those who had offended them. But she, unlike some, she is harsh and hard for a reason. She was her father's pride and joy and being so, she's a target of many power seeking men. She grew up to defend not her heart, but her throne. She doesn't want a man who'll marry her and take away her right to rule as the supreme sovereign. When her father died, as she turned 16, her father's trusted adviser, took over, until Lilia's power, as a noble faerie, matured.
    When the time finally came, her father's second wife, invaded the palace with an army formed by her lover. She had to escape, and so she did. She knows nothing of the human world, except that they had thought Faeries are whimps and only cause trouble. Now stuck in the human world, with a man named Christoper Allen, who doesn't believe in her kind, she had to survive. But with the threat of her stepmother's assassin right behind her, she doesn't know what to do, except one thing. Try and convince Christoper and help her find a book that humans took from their world in the ancient times and get back her throne. ​
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    Christopher Allen.

    Age: 24

    Appearance: athletic, lean, he has short brown hair, a small tuft of which is always out of place at the front of his bangs the red is wind swept back. Blue eyes like the sky.
    He is about 5ft and 7 inches

    His parents pushing him in school and after school activities means he was ready for adult life, but never had much of a child hood. He now has a part time job as a lifeguard and volunteers to help coach the kids swim team, and has a small apartment. He took a few years off of schooling to work and figure out what he wants to do, his parents want him to get some degrees, but hes secretly happy to swim and lifeguard.

    He is strict, kind, and Interested in science.
    He doesn’t believe in fairies or magic or anything like that, because his parents told him they weren’t real.
  3. Left. Right. The three following her had surrounded her in every direction except forward. It was though, and they are strong when it came to chasing down people, that's what they are trained for. She continued flying towards the direction of the portal, her wings are aching, but she have to bear it. She can't exactly stop, and she needs to reach safety. Lilia tried to focus and focus she did, because she saw the glimmering light of the portal growing nearer and nearer. She took it to herself to fly harder and faster. She looked past her shoulder and saw one of the chasers about to catch up.

    When, he was about to reach her with his arms she reached the portal, and with quick thinking raised the medallion and commanded it to close. The hand of the chaser was halfway when the portal disappeared, and relief passed her sense when she saw they hadn't had the chance to cross over the portal. When the adrenaline disappeared, she felt a sudden pull of exhaustion. It's as if, her link to her lifesource, nature, was altering, and she fell to the ground. She tried to move her wings, but they disappeared, only making her realize her connection is slowly weakening. Humans, really had forgotten nature and it's power. Before she could even react, she fainted.

    When she woke up, she was in a forest, a barely living forest. The plants are dying, she had realized, that's why her powers are weakened. She walked an indirect path and heard noises. Noises she haven't heard before, and followed. Lilia found herself on a gray path, gravel and cement, she wasn't sure, it was something she haven't seen before. She looked around, and suddenly stopped when a light, a very bright light suddenly appeared in front of her.
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  4. He was biking home, after a late night at the pool, several of the kids had wanted to stay later to have races and a bit of fun after practice. so he offered to stay and close the place down. He cut through the park, riding his bike along the paths it was just past sunset so he had turned on his bike light. Not that he needed it he knew the park paths really well from jogging along them.

    Suddenly he saw a flash of brown hair and black clothing.and swerved to avoid the girl standing in the middle of the bike path. His bike skidded and then toppled and he rolled over once on the grass. he groaned and slowly turned over, nothing broken or skinned he hadn't been going that fast. "what is wrong with you? Who stands in the middle of paths in the middle of the night."
    He muttered as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

    He rubbed his face and looked around, trying to find who ever he had almost run into he wanted to give them a stern talking to. Standing up and brushing himself off, he made sure nothing was broken. He straitened up stretching his back and started walking towards his bike, looking around for whoever he should be cross with.
  5. She saw the man in pain as he fell down his vehicle. Lilia didn't know what to do, when he almost collided with her, she was dumbfounded. She ran to him and tried to apologize, but she can feel anger reeling off him. "I'm sorry," she said gently. "I didn't know."

    The man was certainly taller than her 5'3 height, but he wasn't that tall. He has the same color of hair, but hers was darker. "Please let me help you," she said, moving closer to him, risking his anger. "That's the least I could do, after I caused you trouble." Her hand itched to help him, she was after all, a natural healer.

    When she looked into his eyes, she saw the anger there and stepped back. Anger, was not unfamiliar to her, and she knows very well to stay quiet when someone is angry. Then again, no one can afford to show pure anger in front of her before, in fear that she'll elliminate them, which she can. But this man, this man, just showed anger to him, like he doesn't care what will happen to him. Tempted to show him her pride and power, she calmed herself down, reminding herself he's human and doesn't know her. "I really am sorry," she said in her sweet gentle voice from before.
  6. HIs head no longer pounding from pride and the fall, he spotted her standing beside her. How had he missed her? and shocked by the sight of the dainty beauty he opened his mouth but his anger seemed to have been forgotten. He realized she had been apologizing and he hadn't heard. "well... you should be careful, you could have gotten hurt." he said much more quietly then he had wanted to a few moments ago.

    the questions of why she was out here and in the middle of the path forgotten, he just kind of stood there for a second, then shook his head. I hope I don't have a concussion. "Um what are you doing out here so late?, you should be home now, right?"
  7. "I wasn't exactly sure where I'd end up," she said her voice uncertain. "It's not like I wanted to be out here." Lilia looked around it was dark and quiet. She contemplated what she have to do next.

    Her gaze returned to the man. "Where am I?" She asked. "I can't exactly go home as of the moment. You see I am a fugitive, and I am not welcome to return home anymore."

    Then an idea struck her, "your human right? You can help me?" Her eyes gleamed with hope. If the guy agrees good. If not, she can always use the remainder of her power to threaten him.
  8. she seemed lost and confused, he thought. He didn't know what circumstances brought her here, Its probably not her fault.
    "We are in Donnal park." He raised an eyebrow as she said fugitive, she was not what he pictured when he thought fugitive.
    Maybe she misused the word or something. He supposed she could be a runaway or something, he hoped she wasn't from a mental ward but then she would have different clothes right?

    His confusion only grew when she called him a human, It was true but the way she said it made it seem like she was surprised. It also made it sound like she Wasn't human. The mental ward idea was gaining traction. As hope filled her eyes he wanted to help, she seemed to need it but..."What kind of help do you need? I mean what would you need me to do?"
  9. "I need to find something," she said. "Something very important. It's a book and a weapon." Humans would think she's nuts. And the man in front of her was no exception. "I don't know where it is located but I have enough information on how to find the place.

    Lilia stilled and turned to a tree. Something was amiss, she could feel a third presence. She turned back to the man. "We need to leave, we need to leave and go somewhere no one an hear us." There was agitation and fear in her voice. "You said you'd help me, and I need your help. Please!"

    The desperation was in her voice. Worry etched on her face. She took the medallion from her neck and showed it to him. "This is proof that I need find the book and weapon. There are a lot at stake here."
  10. His head reeled a bit, was it a book and a weapon, Like a stun-gun/kindle, or maybe a sword with an inscription on it. She didn't seem dangerous, he saw her look around nervously. Could be a sign of paranoia. He didn't remember saying he would help her but she didn't SEEM crazy, and he felt an odd desire to protect her. Probably the same thing that made him enjoy being a lifeguard.

    She held out her medallion, But he had no idea what it meant. but she seemed so desperate that he couldn't refuse. "OK OK, um we can go to a Denny's or something and talk." He certainly wasn't gonna take her back to his place, he was helpful not stupid. "There's One just a few blocks from the park, we can get coffee or something" he nodded in a direction and started walking, pushing his bike as one of the tire rims was now bent.
  11. Lilia nodded and followed him not taking any chances. "Where is this place? Is it nearby?" She inquired. Any place was better than the one they are in. And she can't help but feel helpless in a world she knows only from books. She followed the man quietly, observing her surrounding. She felt lost and her powers limited. She needed a place where everything is nature. Plants, animals anything that connects her to life.

    "I'm Lilia by the way, Princess Lilia," she stated. "What's your name? I know this might sound a bit weird and rather foreign to you. And I'm sure you haven't seen anyone like me who wears such clothing. But I can promise you I am not a dangerous person. That is, I know I'm not."

    It irked her that se can read exactly how he feels about her. How he thinks she's loony and might be someone who he needs to be running from. But she had no choice. She can't look for those items in a world that is so different from the books she'd read. Earth is different and she doesn't know how much it had changed.
  12. "Oh yha its a few blocks, should only take us a few moment's on foot, I might even get some food" he said, He was pretty hungry.
    Oh a princess, yes he was going to have a late dinner ... at Denny's .. with a princess. He suddenly felt underdressed, he needed something with more ruffles.
    "Nice to meet you Lilia, Or should I call you your highness?" he wasn't trying to be sarcastic, the whole thing just felt unreal to him. Plus he wasn't sure which she wanted him to call her. "My name is Christopher, Lifeguard Christopher." he kind of felt a title was necessary in this conversation.

    They exited the park and neared the intersection, as luck would have it the first street they had to cross had its walk sign on already. so he just walked right across.
  13. She just followed him, irritation suddenly etched on her. He does 't have to be rude. "Lilia would suffice Christopher," she stated. "I know this is weird and is freaking out your brain, but at least have an open mind. Humans are good at that, understanding the understandable."

    She carried her train as they stepped out of the park in fear she'll rip her clothing. Lilia could always use glamour to change attire, but what will she change into? She doesn't know what females here wear. "Hey, Christopher? What does women wear here? What kind of clothing?" she dared to ask as to not look weird. "In this place we are going to, will there be changing rooms? So I could change?"

    They had passed a store where a statue like female was wearing a red dress with ruffles and a see through layer on the skirt. It has thin straps and flower prints. The dress ends up just above the knee. Now there's an idea, she thought to herself. "Hey," she stopped Christopher. "Can I wear that?" She questioned.
  14. He laughed as she told him to understand, but hey he was going this far, why not try to have an open mind? "Ok Lilia, I'm sorry, but can you really blame me. They walked by department store, with storefront displays.

    He thought for a second. "That's kind of a tough question, it depends on what they are doing, like a dinner date would be a nice dress, hanging out, um jeans and a t-shirt I guess. He didn't really know much about women's fashion. He looked at her as she paused in front of one of the displays. "Sure, do you have the money to pay for it, did you bring any of your kingdoms treasure? where are you a princess of again?" he asked curious to hear Her answer.
  15. She was itching to slap him hard. And her reign on her control is starting to loosen. "Yes! What currency do you use in this territory?" She asked. "I'm sure I have some." Truth to be told, she does have every kind of money. That's what the magic of Faerie treasures, it can turn to any thing you need it to be.

    Lilia somehow hesitated, he might question her truthfulness and identity. But then again she might not even convince him of she can't even look trustable in his eyes. "Since I can buy the dress can you tell me how to pay and if I can have something to put my clothes on."

    She clasp the pouch tied by her waist. It was an enchanted pouch that you can put as many Faerie treasure you want and it will remain light and small.
  16. He held a hand out to the door "Dollars, Lilia, green papery things with faces and numbers on them." He put his bike into a street side bike lock and opened the door for her, "Let's not take to long though they close in like 40 minuets." He waved her in.

    He followed her in and walked up to the counter, asking the lady," Could you help us get the red one in the window." He pointed to the one he was talking about. "in her size please" and then waited for her as she left to pick out the right one. she came back and lead them to the changing rooms, where he thanked her and turned to Lilia "make sure it fits."
  17. Lilia just followed him inside the store and saw a lot of other clothing. She wasn't tempted to buy other dresses but she can appreciate their simplicity. She let Christopher get the dress she wanted and as the lady gave her what seem to fit her she looked at Christopher. "I'm sure this fit already," she stated. "It will take time removing all my garments and accessory."

    She looked at the woman who gave them the dress. "I'll be paying this, I don't need to try it on," she said hurriedly. The woman seemed to understand the urgency and motioned to follow her to the counter. The lady wrapped the dress and gave Lilia a bag big enough to fit her dress.
    Lilia fished out pieces of paper from her pouch, treasures that immediately changes into what she needed.

    "Christopher? Is this enough?" she asked calling out to Christopher. She gave the piece of paper to him, unsure.
  18. He looked at the cost of the dress and raised his eyebrows, resisting the urge to let a long slow whistle. taking the papers that she handed him he looked at them eyes wide. "yes that's enough"He tried to play it cool and quickly counted out about half of them, handing the other half back to her. He turned and handed the correct amount to the woman behind the counter.

    He led her out of the shop, unlocking his bike. Ok so maybe she is a princess, like a foreign land princess, got lost while on a diplomatic mission to a museum, to find a relic of her people or something. he should help her find the people that were supposed to be helping her. Body guard or royal assistants or something.
  19. Lilia just quietly sighed and read Christopher. Not exactly what he is thinking, but somehow, what his body is giving away. She just followed him and looked inside the bag. "You don't have to embed in your head that I am a princess, or anything else. Maybe open up to the idea that I am looking for something." She looked around and saw only few humans are walking down the street. "Are we still going to the place you told me earlier?"

    She just watched people pass by, some of them looking at her like she's some loon. Lilia just shrugged it away, understanding she does look different. "These people can't keep their eyes to themselves, I know I look different, but can they be more obvious?"
  20. He listened to her, she seemed pretty sharp and oblivious at the same time. "Yep and I guess you can change in the bathroom there." he watched some people walk by and look at them, then shrugged. "just ignore them, so what if they stare at you?" He looked at her she did seem out of place.

    He began walking again. "So this book weapon? is it shaped like a book or like a weapon?" He was wondering what the odds of him running into her, and then the odds of them stumbling across what she was looking for. He also wondered what he had gotten himself into.
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