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    Welcome to Hell

    Ha, just kidding. But the theme of theses roleplays are dark, and some are a bit out there so viewer discretion is advised. These came out of the darkest pits of my mind. *Evil Laughter in the Background*

    But, a bit about me:

    This is an MxM partner search. I like MxM. So, no female characters!

    A lot of people want to play the weaker character, the sub, the uke, whatever the hell you call it, and I am not an exception. I like playing the uke, mostly because most of the time I'm stuck as the seme all the time. But it would be irrational to say I'm only accepting people who will play the top. MY ONE CONDITION! I will have multiple plots up and I will open to two people; one where I play as the bottom and another where I play as the top. It mixes it up. YOU DO NOT have to roleplay with me with the same plot with different characters, since that would be weird. And you also do not have to play with me for two different plots either (though if you want to, I'm not playing the top in both, you have to switch it up, and if you were going to do that willingly I thank you a thousand times over since playing two roleplays with switched roles would be super awesome and kind). If I was unclear, I apologize, but ASK. Do not assume! (Sorry, btw, for babbling and writing a whole frickin' paragraph).

    I don't really have a posting expectation, except that it should be at least a paragraph? I usually do more, at least at first, and tend to dial the length down depending on what's going on. Especially during sex scenes. (Cause what else are you supposed to write other than what's going on? He's not thinking about anything. He's thinking about SEX. Not much else is going on up there.)
    This sounds slightly bitchy, but I would like partners who will actually try and make their characters human, or at least, act human even if they're not. Your characters have feelings, they have fears, they have worries - whether it's about what's going on or not! Maybe your character just recently found out he's gay and is having doubts about it? Cause, you know it reality, it can be a scary thing to think about. Just as long as you don't go overboard with your character's problems, I'm open to a lot. And if you aren't sure, brush it past me first.

    A huge no-no for me though, is depression and suicide in roleplays. It makes me severely uncomfortable. Of course, in certain scenarios, it has to happen because it's a logical reaction in the roleplay - these are angst plots okay, I get that. But characters that come into the roleplay already depressed, or aren't getting out of their depression after a scene or a couple scenes of it, it's just.. no. I know people going through it right now, so I don't like it when it's played out like that. I get that it's a fact of life and a disorder and whatever, but please, no.

    I warn ahead of time, that my plots might be a bit kinky. Don't let that frighten you! PLEASE! Not all of them are kinky, and, I mean, I don't think they're that kinky.

    I prefer to roleplay over thread, just because I am less likely to forget it. But I'd be open to roleplaying over PM if it's the only thing you want to do.

    On that note, I AM A VERY FORGETFUL PERSON! I am dead serious! I have the attention span of a three-year-old! I am also busy all the time with group roleplays and those tend to come first on my priorities. So if I take a while to respond, don't worry! I swear I'm not deserting. I'm either busy or I forgot. So if it goes a couple of weeks, make sure to poke me! But don't be up my ass and around the corner when I can't reply every five seconds. It's the one thing that pisses me off to no end.

    Um, on that note, I think that's it! The only other thing, is that most of these roleplays would not fully be sexually theme. Some might be all about it, some might only be in the romance part. But they are all themed with one character saving another in some way, and with darkness.

    Holy Crap, that was really long! And clunky! I apologize >,< I swear I'm not that much of an ass! Let's just get to the plots xD



    Underlined Muses are the 'Subs' AKA, just the weaker partner. Bold Muses are the 'Doms' AKA, just the stronger partner. If the Muse is neither underlined nor bold, it means I play as that muse already in a roleplay and will not play it in another. (However, if you'd like me to play as the sub for a second roleplay, I can't deny that I would say yes xD It's the one exception! Though I doubt it'll be happening.)


    Save Me From the Dark
    Vampire x Human

    MUSE A is a vampire, a very, very old one with years of experience while MUSE B is a young human. MUSE B is also his rebel of a first blood slave. Their relationship is rocky at first, but soon feelings begin to develop. And while they do, MUSE B starts to have violent nightmares. Though with his horrid, graphic past it's not surprising. But then they develop into night terrors, sleep walking, inability to tell dreamscape from reality, the list goes on. MUSE B is losing his mind. It's not a mental illness that can be fixed with therapy - MUSE A's mind control does nothing. Plus, as time goes on, MUSE B continues to accumulate symptoms of mental disorders that have correlation. It's no bodily illness, even as he gathers bodily-affected symptoms. Those have no correlation either. It's clear MUSE B is dying. MUSE A, is the only thing helping MUSE B hold onto the shred of sanity he has left. Scared of losing him, MUSE A searches for anything and everything, desperate to find out what's wrong and to find a cure. He has many supernatural enemies, and the supernatural world is infinite. It could be anything and MUSE A can help but feel it could be his fault. MUSE A could Turn him, but the risk of the mental illness, the damage, sticking with him for eternity is too great. And it's a painful, painful process. But with time running out, is it worth the risk? Will they be able to find out what's wrong before it's too late?

    Note: Their relationship does not have to be stemmed from a Master/Slave one, but they could also be roommates, or MUSE A took in a poor, homeless human, any story really that ends with them living together - but not yet lovers - would work.


    Where's My Love?

    It's called the Dollhouse. A long deserted Asylum at the edge of the city, long gone unused. The city hasn't done anything for it, and leaves it alone. And why it's called the Dollhouse? No one knows where the nickname came from. Perhaps the rumors that one of the most fabled serial killers, the Dollmaker, was locked up there for a time. But one things is for certain, is that it's not deserted.

    MUSE A and MUSE B have gone out a couple of times, and have quickly fallen in love. One night, while they're out taking a walk, they're ambushed and abducted. When MUSE B comes to, he awakes to find himself in a cell, a large cement one. It's cut in two by a row of bars, MUSE A on the other side. There are three doors, one set in the bars that separate them, one that leads presumably into the corridor on his side, and another on MUSE A's. MUSE A is arguing - no, pleading with someone on the other side of that door. It turns out, MUSE A had momentarily been released from the Dollhouse to lure another male to be captured, in return for his freedom. But it didn't seem that their captors had kept up their end of the bargain.

    While MUSE B feels betrayed, their training begins. It's brainwashing, for what, MUSE B isn't sure at first. He can't remember much after the sessions, and MUSE A isn't much help either. MUSE A and MUSE B are kept in their separate cells for most of the day, until night when the door between them is unlocked. MUSE B however, still is hurt over the betrayal. But when MUSE A begins to succumb to the brainwashing first, will their past problems be forgotten?

    MUSE A and B are being trained to be mindless fucktoys against their will, to be obedient, living dolls. So, will their minds succumb to the pressure or will they be able to escape? That is, will they want to?


    Safe Haven
    Shifter x Human

    It's a world where humans are hunted, and nearly extinct. Animal shifters now reign over the land, living in packs and groups, depending on their animal. MUSE A is a shifter, living with their pack at the edge of one city. Their territory is large, covering miles of forest, yet the the forest they live is, stretches for miles further. One day, while MUSE A is out on a run, they find a creature that has been hunted for centuries. A human.

    MUSE B is injured, when found by MUSE A, and has been left behind by his pack. Yes, pack. MUSE B has been left by his human family for a reason unknown, and was picked up by a pack of animals (wolves, foxes, your choice). He's young and has long forgotten what it's like to be a man. He doesn't speak English, only the yips and yaps of an animal, and is extremely frightened. Not knowing what else to do with him, MUSE A takes the wild animal home to his own pack.

    MUSE A proceeds to train him, teach him what it's like to be a man again, and during the process, he's faced with a lot of choices, that MUSE B can't make yet. Does he turn the boy in to the authorities? Or risk his pack being attacked if MUSE A keeps him? Does he help MUSE B find his family, if they're even still alive? Or does he not, out of fear that MUSE B would leave with them and never come back? Is it really okay to fall in love with someone, who doesn't even know what the word love means?

    Note: This is so not mine, I stole it from an AU fanfiction because I absolutely adored it so much! All rights go to who wrote it.


    Dark Hearts
    AU Superheros; Flash x OC Villain

    MUSE A is the Flash, the great superhero, the scarlet speedster. He's fought many battles with supervillains, and has beaten so many of them. But he's never gone up against MUSE B. MUSE B is known for his special devices. He's a madman with them. One day, MUSE B tricks, A into coming to his lair, on the pretense of a truce. The Flash hasn't been able to catch MUSE B, but MUSE B has narrowly escaped MUSE A multiple times. MUSE B wants to put a stop to that, but not in the way MUSE A thinks. While MUSE B talks to the Flash, he uses multiple devices, all bent on brainwashing, hypnotizing - what have you - him, into giving up, giving in and becoming his own special boy-toy. The last part was added for his own fun, but nonetheless. MUSE A, having no choice, lets go to the devices bent on controlling him, no matter how much he hates it, and stays with MUSE B. MUSE B continues with his brainwashing, while the Flash struggles to fight it. But something happens that MUSE B hadn't expected; he starts to fall in love. But how do you love someone who hates you with his whole being?

    Note: The superhero does not have to be the Flash, he's just my favorite xD And neither does the villain have to be an OC, but I don't really know any villains that well, other than maybe the Riddler.


    These Cold Bones

    There's a deserted sanitarium, deep in the forest. It's practically been forgotten, except for the tales told around children's campfires. The rumors say it's haunted. They say that it used to secretly double as an asylum, way, way back when. The stories say that people died in their treatments, suffering from the torment. They say that their treatments were worse tortures than others at their time. That the wretched and ruined souls haunt the place, moaning and groaning and doing horrible things. They say that if you go there, even just walk by, you can hear their screams carried on the wind. And that if you go there at night, you can see the lights turn on.

    MUSE A is ill. Mentally ill. He's tried to get help, he really has, but the medications don't help and the doctors make it worse. When he's getting transferred to yet another mental institution by the staff of his previous stay, the truck is hit by something in the dark. When he comes to, he's in a clean, sanitized, white room and assumes he made it to his destination. Except when the 'doctors' come for him, they don't take him to therapy, they take him to torture. MUSE A has wound up at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Whenever they come for him, they don't speak, but it's clear where he is. The corridors are deserted and empty. He does meet one other patient, MUSE B. MUSE B is weird, and kind of creepy, but the only comfort MUSE A has. And anyways, it's a mental institution right? All the patients are crazy, of course they're weird. As his so called 'treatments' continued, MUSE A soon isn't sure if his current residence is the real thing, or a hellish fantasy his messed up mind came up with. And is he even sure that the people he interacts with at place rumored to be haunted with ghosts; the staff, the doctors, the other patients, MUSE B, are even alive? Is he even alive?

    Note: MUSE A & MUSE B could also be asylum-roommates.


    More Coming Soon!

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  2. I'm interested in the Safe Haven plot. Shoot me a pm if it's available still.
  3. If you're interested in playing with me, I'd enjoy doing Dark Hearts with you, provided you're willing to do an OC hero. I hate playing with canon characters, something about it just irks me.
  4. Absolutely! Mind shooting me a PM?
  5. Still open for Where's my love?
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