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  1. Well, I'm back to a standstill in my stories. And what is the normal solution when such things happen? Get more roleplays! I'm looking for one or two detailed, active roleplays to finish up my collection. Bring me something I can really get addicted to and I'll love you forever.

    Here are a few things you might want to know that can't be found on my resume.

    About the Author (open)

    My partners are important to me, and I hate it when I start a story with someone and we learn that we are not compatible with each other. Therefore, I offer this handy little overview of myself.

    I am a senior in high school with very few time commitments. So, while I won't be able to post during the day except on rare lucky circumstances, I'll be around all evening, for the most part. This means, barring unforeseen circumstances (read: AP Calc) or a sudden bout of laziness, I'll happily offer a reply every day, or multiple times a day if I don't have many other replies to see to.

    I might struggle with romance. I know this is a deal-breaker for some people, so that is why I marked it in red. I can do deep, meaningful partnerships. I can do love-hate, maybe. But pure, sweet, romance is not my forte. Not in the least. If it develops naturally, if I could see my character slowly approaching that mindset, then it might happen. But I will never make a story where the characters are expected to fall in love. Even if one of us plays a guy and the the other a girl.

    I am very fond of writing, so most of my posts will have multiple paragraphs. My introductory post will probably range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. If there is no interaction between our characters it will probably be around, above or below, 1,000. To that affect, I would love someone who doesn't mind writing a lot as well. It is always a little saddening when I get a hundred word reply after pouring my heart and soul into a response for a few hours. While it is true that I prefer quality over quantity I am remarkably fond of imagery. So long as it isn't pointless a little bit of description fluff will probably go over quite well.

    I do not do fandoms. Sorry. I have only ever done one fandom, and that was only because I wanted to use its religion. I am perfectly happy to take a story as a source of inspiration, I do it all the time, but I do not believe that any story that is already created has everything perfect. I like being able to make a change to something, and I can't do that with a fandom. You would have to be incredibly persuasive, and have a brilliant plot, to get me to try it.

    I have an obsession with details. I love to list, and organize, and make sure I know things. Even if it is something that seems highly unlikely to ever actually turn up, I like to know it. That way, when it does, I can cackle happily and include it. Depending on how creative we want to get with our story, you will have to be quite patient with the planning process. Because, if it exists, I will want to understand it as best I can.

    I enjoy deliberating over plot.
    How can I clarify this better... I believe in refining an idea until we reach something that both of us consider perfect. Because of that, it may take days, maybe even longer, for us to reach something I am satisfied with and then move on to something new. And, in my mind, that is a very good thing. I know there are some people who measure the success of a partnership upon how quickly things can be decided. And while it is true that people who think almost exactly the same won't need to debate, such partnerships are a very rare thing. I would rather keep working with an idea until we meet something that matches both of our beliefs, rather than have both of us settle with only half. There needs to be some compromise, of course, but I'll stick with my ideas until there is a reason to change them, and you should too. I'll repeat this if we get stuck in our planning, but you should still know it in advance.

    As far as mature themes, I am fine with anything except sex. Iwaku rules make this a little easier for me, but I would much prefer to suggest that sex is to happen then detail it happening. Keep the swearing, blood, and gore tasteful, and we will get along well. I'm not squeamish about violence.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about me before deciding whether or not we would make good partners, feel free to ask away.

    What I need from you:

    Normally I am a remarkably patient person. I will wait weeks for a good reply, sadly refreshing the page every five minutes to see if someone has responded to me. And, if you become my partner, I will wait for you. Whatever pops up in your life, I will wait for you. But when I get into a story it consumes me. Having to wait a week or two before being able to continue it feels like I am slowly suffocating myself. So, please, if you know you are going to be really, really, busy, pass over this one. I'll be back, I'm sure, and we can always start planning at another point. I love being contacted by random people. But right now I need someone to keep me going while I wait for things to start picking back up again. I need someone who responds at least once every other day, although I would love having something multiple times a day.

    While I don't do an enforced word count, I also look to my partners to be able to come close to what I write. It isn't fun to get paragraph-length responses to a thousand word post. Honestly, do your best. I'm not looking for you to match me word for word, and 500 words is a great length, especially if there is any kind of interaction between our characters. None the less, having two partners have too much of a discrepancy in writing length just makes things a lot more difficult.

    Other than that, I'm pretty laid back. So long as you enjoy writing almost as much as I do, I'm sure we will probably get along.

    Normally, this is where I offer up my plots:

    Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on how you look at it), I've used up many of my plots. Oh, I always have something stored away in the back of my head that I can offer up if you have no place to start, but I am looking to build up something from the ground up with my new partner. Something with detail and intricacy and the potential for a little bit of action.

    I love to plot. So if you come to me with anything established I will probably want to tweak it until it turns into something almost new. So long as you are ok with that, suggest away.

    I have a few character types and roles I love to play. So I'll probably offer them up. But, I'm happy to play almost any character, so feel free to shoot 'em down as I throw them at you.

    Right now, I can't say that I particularly crave any genre. If you give me nothing to work off of, I'll probably throw out a modern supernatural/ apocalyptic story, but I can go almost anywhere so long as it interests me. Although sci-fi is slightly lower on my priority list right now.

    I think that's all I've got.

    So, what do you say? Will you save me from my boredom?
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  2. When I first read this I thought it said, "Save me from my bedroom." LOL start a conversation action with me and we could plan maybe?
  3. Well... that would be awkward. But it does make a good conversation starter. I sent you a message.
  4. The skinny kid sitting at the back of the room raises his hand. "I wanna roleplay with you Mr. @Peregrine "
  5. if you can't find someone, i'm usually on here multiple times a day and have a decent amount of time to push into stories.

    I think of myself as decently creative...don't know if that scores me points...LOL.
    Good luck and maybe i'll hear from you soon.
  6. Someone bring me some nice, juicy, meaty plots, please!!!!
  7. -perks up- I have a basic idea if you want to hear it?
  8. Excellent! Why don't you send me a message, and tell me all about it.
  9. I might have an idea or two squirreled away, if you're still looking. ^^
  10. I could certainly take one more partner, although I'm about to head off to bed for the night. Would you be willing to send me a message with a few ideas?
  11. M' gunna bump this...
  12. I am definitely interested in RPing with you and "saving you from your boredom." I have a few plot ideas in mind!
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