Save Me From Boredom Please Someone

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  1. im in to anythey thing
    right now i feel like doing an angel and demon plot line or demon and humen

    plot for demon and humen: a girl or boy (if you want to be the humen) is the key of stoping a war of angels and demons here the head turner the demons are the good guy and angels are the bad guys the demon saves the guid ya trys to aave his people

    plot for angel and demons: think Romieo and Julet

    thats pertty much thats all i got but im all ears to anything please just rp with me

    sorry for miss spells im using a kobo i will try to fixa as mush as i can in the RP
  2. Sure, I'm up for it.
  3. ok wich one lol XD
  4. Oh! Right, right. Hum....>.<

    I like both, to be quite honest. I'm down for the angel/demon romeo and juliet type roleplay. :)

    Mostly because I don't understand the human demon, haha, near the end it gets rather groggy.
  5. ok i i will pm you for a cs becuse i like to know what you charater is like and witch side she on
  6. oh ya for other this it still open ok XD just pm when when you post here