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  1. I'm making this quick.
    I cannot see the save draft for my roleplay:
    Welcome to Oculus!
    I posted it and said it was work in progress. Could there be some way to just save the draft and not the post? Because if there is, I couldn't see it at all.
    Also, I want to change the icon. I just closed the upload for the RP because I want to see what it looks like but then I couldn't change the icon.

    Halp! Reply ASAP.
  2. Replies cannot be saved in the Enrich Code Editor but you can save it in your blogs and make it private by selecting "a specific list of people" and listing your yourself when comes to who you would like to view the blog page. As for changing your roleplay icon, I haven't tried doing so, but I'll assume it's under Edit Roleplay options. I'll see for myself and get back to you.
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  3. Whoops over looked something ^^' In your side bar where your roleplay information is kept such as ratings and the in character banner, among other things, there's an edit Roleplay Icon option ^.^ If you're on mobile, you'll find it all at the bottom of your page.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.