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  1. Savage

    Throughout the 1930's and 40's there was a name for Justice. Throughout the world, Doc Savage and his men righted wrongs and protected freedom and Justice in a weary world.

    In the 11940's Doc and two of his men inexplicably disappeared. It's been over 70 years since then.

    A few months back, the lights were back on and shadows were seen in the windows of the 86th floor. Doc Savage's floor.

    Last week the following add was seen running in local papers and Craig's list.

    Some people are in over their heads. Beset upon by the evil things.

    There is a solution. Be part of it.

    This is my idea for a new rp based in the Moonlit world role play clan. Private agents based loosely on the old Doc Savage books.
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  2. Definitely interested!

    What about you @Ringmaster ?
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