Saturn Space Colony Eon and the Time Traveler.

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  1. @Psychedelic , i know this is a huge opening post, i just wanted to make sure that everything was clear and laid out, and ive left Earths background to you since your character would probably know that stuff, my posts after this will probably be a lot shorter. cant wait to see your character~

    Kael Evans, age 23, gentlemanly, laid back, easy to get along with, loves plants, knows "the Language of the Flowers" (which is probably non-existent in the space colony), protective but not jealous. even though he is laid back, sometimes he is a little too laid back. if he were to get in a fight he would most likely treat it like a chess match, trying to take down the opponent without hurting him but not finishing things quickly as he should. he has managed to hide the fact that he is from the past in order to stay out o[SIZE=3]f media attention and not to b[SIZE=3]ecome a[SIZE=3] test subject again.

    appearance: [IMG][/IMG][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    "somethings gone wrong...what about the test subject!?"
    scientists run frantically about the room, as a young man sits patiently in a sound proof pod. "there's no time, we have to evacuate, and you know that pod wont open
    until this is over, there is no way to save him now." the two men are the last to leave, sad expressions cast at the pod, and the man who would be lost to this world. inside the pod there is a rumbling, all sorts of noise, and even thought there is no noticable movement the young man suddenly feels ill, and falls unconscious. When he awakens an unknown amount of days later he finds himself in a hospital, but not your average hospital. to him, this place looks like something out of a science fiction novel. the doctors are muttering to each other as one shines a light in his eyes. "sir, can you tell me what the date is, and where we are right now?" it was an honest placebo question doctors would use to check if the patient could respond. the young man blinked a few times, "New York City, 2010?" the doctors gave him some pretty strange looks. he heard them mutter things like 'blow to the head' or 'neurological damage'. the doctor who had asked the questioned him furrowed his brow. "you mustve been reading some sort of history text when you where rendered unconscious, because thats as far off as any answer ive ever recieved. This is the Saturn Space Colony known as Eon, and the year is 3010."


    Kael chuckled at his odd memories. he had been 21 when he had arrived in Eon, the dome shaped Colony that floated on the upper layer of Saturn's gaseous surface. since his arrival, 2 years had passed, he had turned 23 only months ago, in June. the year was now 3012, which also often made Kael smile. He wondered how many apocalypse predictions had been made since 2012 had passed. Today was a rather bland and ordinary day for him, he sat around his house on the edge of the Colony reading history holo-books. It had been awhile, so he found his favorite one, blipping his way to page 23. Time Project K. Every time he looked at it he was glad he had refused to be in the news picture with the scientists. if he had, there was no way he wouldve spent the past two years on Eon in peace. The time experiment he was involved in was deemed a failure, as his body was never found. "If they only knew i was here, what would they have put into those history books?"
    he said to himself. as he checked the time, he got up and grabbed a few things lying around. He had work that afternoon, at on of Eons few greenhouses. plants were rare, as artificial oxygen had been introduced to the colonies. trees and grass were still grown around town, but actual flowers were hard to come by. Kael had managed to land the job because back in his own time he was in his 3rd year of a college Botany program. he had always loved plants, and had started college as soon as he was done with highschool. when asked how he knew so much at a young age he simple responded that is was the only thing he had ever wanted to study since he was a child. in this day and age, Botany classes at Colleges were extremely expensive, however, Kaels slightly old fashioned and gentlemanly demeanor had most likely led his employers to believe that he was the son of a wealthy family. As Kael arrived at work and greeted his co-workers, he checked to see that he had his translator on him. The Saturn Space Colonies were many, but sparse, some even being located on asteroids in Saturns rings. Because of the distance, each colony had seemed to develope its own language, usually being modified from old languages back on Earth. Eon happened to be Saturns equivalent to larger cities back in America. Kael didnt know much about what was going on on Earth now, because no one really talked about it. Kael had to personally teach himself the language used by those in Eon, and correct what would be considered to be an 'American' accent. American English was a dead language, therefor not included in the translators programming. if he let himself slip, he might be discovered and handed over to the media.

    Kael took his time at work, tending and caring for the flowers with a gentle touch. because of his attitude towards the customers and care for the plants, the greenhouse where he worked had quickly become the top ranking greenhouse in Eon. he had even been offered the job of assistant manager, but turned it down saying that he would rather tend the flowers then do paperwork. it seemed that today would be a usual day for him, and he went about his work with a content smile.
  2. Seira Richardson, 26, Although focused on her work, Seira is a fun loving character who believes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Having said that, when she is working, she really is all business. She is usually logical, as well as loyal, but falls down as she is a rebellious and far too curious person. She isn't ruthless, but will kill if it's the only way. In her work as a police enforcer, Seira manages to be quite amazingly average, which is just the way it needs to be for her to remain off the radar of those she fled from.

    Aologies for the post, it's way past my bedtime xD

    It was not a very interesting day on Eon. It rarely was. Life here was taken at a fairly slow pace, though once upon a time things had not been this way. Years ago, the colony had been like any other, rife with all sorts of deviants that would seemingly stop at nothing to earn themselves a ticket off the planet - or at least to some level of comfort. The corruption in the law enforcement had also been crippling,and had ended with a hard lined overhaul of the system. Since the withdrawal of many human rights, and the introduction of death sentences for all but the softest of crimes, life had become far better for many of the settlers. Of course, there was still plenty of unrest, it was just veiled beneath blank stares and hungry eyes. Gaps between rich and poor grew, but then again, that was what capitalism inevitably ended with.

    Today, the geneticaly enhanced woman was running an errand for the office. She was off duty, and all she needed to do now was pick up a nice bouquet of what passed for flowers, for some woman up in dispatch that was retiring. The nearest greenhouse happened to be the best, and so the casually dressed woman headed there. She appeared like anyone else, aside from pink eyes that most would attribute to some oddball plastic surgery. At least she hadn't gone the whole hog and had a skin pigment change. Seira wandered inside, and simply browsed for a while, absorbing the peace of the place. For someone with a firm interest in linguistics, silence was a little bit of an odd thing to appreciate, but there it was.
  3. Kael was humming an old tune from back on earthm very quietly, when he heard someone enter. He walked over with a friendly expression, "good afternoon, how can I help you today?" He asked, almost brushing his hands on his apron. He stopped himself and instead tried to clap thhe dirt off over a nearby plant. Good healthy soil was easy to come by so he had to be careful not to waste any.

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  4. Once approached by the young man, Seira smiled warmly, though a part of her was not quite so open. It was only a small thing, but the fact that he had almost brushed his hands on his apron - as if soil was just a commodity that could be found in abundance - was not quite right. Granted, the average person might not take quite so much care, but a hoticulturalist such as this one should most certainly have known not to do that. It was practically blasphemy. But then again, maybe this guy was new on the job. These things do happen.

    "I need a small bunch of flowers. Nothing fancy, I'm on a tight budget." Although it would inevitably be expensive, there was no reason to completely break the bank. This woman had been a very good worker, and was well liked by her colleagues, but even so, she wasn't worth wasting the hard earned money of those that had pooled in their wages to buy her something nice upon her retirement.
  5. Kael was tempted to ask what is was for, but he knew his knowledge on the meanings of all flowers would be wasted. such things were long since forgotten, how long he didnt know, but even in his time not many people knew about flower meaning outside of roses and tulips. "let me fetch something for you then." he smiled. he went to look for something, and came back with a bouquet of small pink carnations. he didnt know what the occasion was, but he knew the meaning of the flowers wouldnt matter to someone didnt know anyway. "i hope these are ok. they arent too expensive." he put the delicately wrapped flowers in her hands and punched a few buttons on the floating screen that represented the cash register. "your currency card please." he said as a dim beam of light shone downwards to scan said card.
  6. Trusting that the young man would pick out something middle of the range, that showed some kind of effort had been gone into, but didn't cost an unnecessary amount of money. As luck would have it, he came back with a modest bunch of god only knew what, which didn't look like anything too overboard. Without much thought, Seira fished in her back pocket for the currency card, and held it under the scanner for half a second. She wasn't too worried about the thing being stolen - identity fraud was pretty damn difficult these days, now that eye and fingerprint scans were so common. Not to mention the fact that everyone had an identity card. She held her thumb under the scanner, authorising the payment, and it was done. "Thanks." Was all she muttered whilst taking the flowers, promptly exiting the greenhouse - unfortunately without her currency card. Although thieves were nothing to fear, carelesness was.