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  1. Hello my name is Harley Quinn you may have seen me around here a few times and here I am again looking to fill a few Rp's that I wanted to do. I am open to most things but I preder to play the female in RP's as I don't have much experience playing a male. The following are the following are the current ones I am really wanting at the moment.

    AssasinxTarget{I prefer to play the target}
    DomminantxSubmissive{I prefer the Submissive as that is how I am}
    Crime Lords DaughterxWorker
    Captured AngelxDemon
    NinjaxSamurai Princess
    SelkiexHuman{I prefer to play the Selkie}

    These Ideas are pretty much romance ideas. I like romance or smut..or both hehe. PM me or message me here and we will discuss ideas.
  2. Gotta say i'm interested. I like the assasinxtarget one and the ninjaxsamurai one also
  3. Alright Well how about we do both? I am good a multi-playing
  4. Ok lets start out with the assasin one though
  5. Alriight I will post it and send you the link.