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    Hello and welcome to satisfaction, a little shop I decided to start up in between procrastinating on posts and having too much free time. Anyway, all I ask is respect + following the tos, and we should be good to go!

    ★ ★ ★​

    I can do graphics of almost anything, and coding if your idea interests me enough to invest personal time. No offence if I reject your order; I'm doing this for fun and if I don't think I'll enjoy working on your order, I'd rather nip that issue at the bud rather than getting your hopes up for something I'll probably end up shelving.

    Click the links to the right to get a grasp of what i can do!

    ★ ★ ★​

    I do better with loose parameters to keep in mind! but if you get too specific with your vision with not enough leeway for me to work with, I'll probably drop your order. Just copy and paste the thing below to order something from me. c:

    [b][color=#EC0D0A]★[/color] REQUEST[/b]
    [indent]what kind of work are you looking for? a character banner? a roleplay ad? a hair color change?[/indent]

    [b][color=#EC0D0A]★[/color] SIZE[/b]
    [indent]is there a certain size I should keep in mind? you don't have to be specific[/indent]

    [b][color=#EC0D0A]★[/color] TEXT[/b]
    [indent]do i have to include text somewhere? character name? a quote?[/indent]

    [b][color=#EC0D0A]★[/color] OTHER[/b]
    [indent]anything else you care to add, like themes, style it like one of my samples, a due date, that sort of thing.[/indent]

    ★ ★ ★​

    Just here to reiterate that I do have the right to reject your order. I may also deviate from something you request if I have a very strong vision of how I want it to look. If you're not comfortable with those, then I don't think I'm the person you want.
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  2. [​IMG]
    username / link / 0% / ESTIMATED TIME​

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  3. So pretty! Ugh, hopefully I'll be able to request something soon! I don't use anime so I'll have to figure out something with anime! xD But your graphics are so pretty regardless! <3
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  5. @Isla
    thank you so much c:
  6. Can you do a haise sasaki avatar for me? Same image size as yours i guess. I'd like more than 1 so i can switch between one another if.. that's okay with you?
  7. @Kōsaki
    i should have a number of images of him, I'll poke around a bit though~
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  8. @Kōsaki
    I kept it simple with some screencaps i had of him and sticking to one color theme throughout for consistency~
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. Thanks!
  10. [​IMG]
    jeez i'm out of practice when I compare this old work with my more recent ones
    lmfao my style is getting lazier with each graphic

    anyway, still open and accepting folks. o / i'll do everything from entire threads to simple character banners
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  11. ... >w> Mono... get ready... I got a giant project for you...
    I just need to sort thangs out on my end before posting it up.
  12. @devil’s 4DV0C473
    i backread the discord and saw ihero (i was totes joining that even when i first saw it on rpn)
    c:< i gotcha furendo. some preliminary questions:
    > how would you feel about changing a few of the colors for the logo
    > around when do you think you can submit it, and around when do you think is my due date
  13. > w > Hot damn! Look at that... least what thread has been answered.

    I am actually not sure. I would like to try to use some of the original logo graphics I made. Though, if they could be redone/remade/made even more epic, then I wouldn't mind a change in the colors for the logo (though, I would like to try to keep them kinda universal for this sight). Like, I have custom colors on here that makes things dark gray on my end. Someone could have a lighter pallet scheme and etc.

    I was hoping to get all that I wanted planned out on a Pirate Pad by tomorrow. Today, I'm in "I have a fucking interview, don't fuck it up" mode. And, as for your due date, I wanted to work things out since I know there are things going on at your end. So, I am keeping things open in terms of when I want things done for the time being.
  14. Mhmm, the logo colors would still be universal, although I may play up contrasts + do some dodging/darkening to emulate lighting effects to make it feel more futuristic? maybe some saturation increase for more visual interest

    Yeah, the different themes on iwaku could be wonky, but as long as you have a set background + text color for the post, it should appear the same on all screens regardless of theme.
  15. Aight! I'd be up with the original logo design being played around with and what not. =w= / I'll make sure to include the original logos and what not. And, that works mang. A universal color scheme works. I'll send the info via a link when thangs are ready to go.
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    zero kiryuu from vampire knight signature & avatar​

    avatar your size and big signature that's 800px wide and the height doesn't stretch to collapse​

    zero kiryuu needs to be somewhere, i think it'd be funny if this quote: "If you go one step ahead of me, I'll make you cry." was somewhere xD or perhaps something more serious like "I feel like...I'll go mad ...if I'm not hunting vampires during the night." ​

    i suck at explaining theme (maybe do something serious~), so free reign to you xD i imagine there's some grays and grayish blues​
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  18. @Isla
    i gave up trying to fit quotes in because they simply didn't match the overall theme


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  19. I love it! <3