Satellite 15



"In my opinion this whole situation is Fucked." David commented. He wasn't aware of if the rest of the team even knew he was there or not.

"I mean I'm good accross the board on ammo and shit, but the longer we are up here the more chance we have of running out before those things run out of numbers. I say we pull the computer's data core, call for extract, and blow the station. Any of these... bugs... that are left after that will burn up when they hit the atmosphere if the vaccum doesn't kill them." David continued, pacing around the group with an unceramonial kick to the remains of one of the creatures when he said "bugs".

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As the gruesome remains of unrecognizable alien anatomy dripped from the walls and ceiling, Lance adjusted his weapon. Pointing the business end at the sky and taking in a deep breath. No matter how many fire fights he had been in, it never got easy for him. He was a radio guy, and that's the way he liked it. A thought fluttered through his mind, like a butterfly with a ripped wing: Anything and everything else abroad the station knew they were here now, so much for a simple rescue mission.

Lance agreed with what he had heard from the crew.

"First thing is first, we should finish the sweep and then check the computers data banks, and if need be, blow this place to high hell. We'll examine everything of interest then meet back at the dock." He wiped his brow with a cloth he had in his pocket. " Luo Lang and Ilmari will take point into the guts of the ship, along with whoever decided to go with them, the rest of us will head back the way we came and try to find some kind of records to as what happened here." Satisfied with the order, Lance turned towards the exit.

Not far from the station was a craft. Not a craft of human creation, an alien ship. Aboard were a race as hostile as they were intelligent. At this very moment they are headed to Satellite 15, although they are aware of the rescue mission, they have faith that their "exterminators" took care of them in the same fashion that they took care of the original crew. Their ultimate goal: Find the information collected over the years by Satellite 15 and use it for the future invasion of earth. Unknown to the Rescue team, they would be docking on Satellite 15 within the hour, packing a kill all attitude and enough firepower to do it with.

Lance led them back towards the way they had came, once again taking care to let the heavier gunners go ahead. Once they got back to the branch, they headed right. Lance saw that this was the most likely place for the Computer labs to be. Another few steps told him that he was right when several rooms lined with consoles ranging from your standard PC to your super-powered data storage devices. He nodded at the crew, and prayed that there was no more of those "bugs" as David had put it.


Sidara nodded as she followed Lance to the computers that were on this damned placed. She walked into one room and was greeted by the site of several standard pc's.
"i can get the info from these if you want to get more from the other rooms" she said as she sat down and began to hack into the computer. She looked for important information and downloaded it to the flashdrives that she had wit her.
Only half of her attention was on the computer as she listened out to make sure none of those damned "bugs" was sneaking up on her.