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a hellish trip into the unknown and uncharted

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The space station known as Satellite 15 loomed on the horizon as the small drop ship carrying the crew made its way through space. They were a small crew, only 4, but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in skill and weaponry. It was thought to be a simple rescue mission, but the crew knew better. After all, sending a highly trained - highly armed - special ops team into space warranted more than a simple rescue mission.

They would be making a triumphant stand for humanity in the face of the unknown and uncharted. Whatever hell awaited them would be unlike anything they had seen before. Anticipation was high, and as the Captain prepared to make the drop, he thanked god that he wouldn't be leaving the ship.

Finally, the red lights that had remained dormant until now, blinked in rapid succession. It was time. The moment of truth. Once they stepped outside the threshold and onto Satellite 15's dock, there would be no turning back.

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Lance silver, the team's deep space mobile radio operator, nervously flicked a brass zippo in his hand as the indication lights shot their red glow throughout the ship. He wasn't so much nervous about the mission, hell he had been on dozens of rescue mission, he was nervous about the crew. Were they reliable? Were they experienced? He didn't know anything about them other than that they were hand picked by the commanders, and quoted as "being the best we have to offer", but how was Lance to trust the same people that had lost contact with the crew of Satellite 15? He shook it off, they were good…they had to be, they were all each other had until the mission was over.

A slow, mechanical ~Whir~ was heard as the pressurized doors opened.

"Ok, guys" Said the Dropship Captain "It's a go. Disembark"

They stepped off the ship into the holding area that would link them to the massive inner-core of Satellite 15.

Lance scanned the abandoned area. It looked like it had been out of commission for years, not weeks. He flipped on his radio, the one link they had to earth, and made his way slowly into the space station.

"Ok, keep it tight guys. We'll be in and out and home before we know it." Said Lance, Knowing his statement was false.

Once inside the main entrance to Satellite 15, the Crew saw just how dead this place really was. The deep sound of outer-space could be heard through out the ship, it was menacing and magnificent, the tell tale sign that none of the station's machinery was online. Save for a few emergency lights that flickered absently into the air, there was nothing. No indicator lights, no computer screens, no beeping of various monitors and regulators, no nothing. It was empty and apparently deserted. A slight chill went down Lances' spine as he looked to his crew with a reluctant look of dread on his face. It appeared that his suspicions were confirmed: Something had killed - or was killing - the crew of Satellite 15.

Ilmari squinted at the rotten, decrepit hall of the space station in front of him, scanning his immediate surroundings. His head was low, and his grip on his submachine gun tight. His heartbeat rushed to new heights with the excitement of the coming challenge, his blood racing through his circulatory system like an F-22 flying through a race course. Tapping his fingers on the front grip of his raised weapon, he waited for a challenge to jump at him and attempt to violently disembowel him. When nothing came at him immediately, he lowered his weapon. Mumbling obscenities under his breath, he reached into a pouch on his vest.

After rummaging around through the pouch on his vest for a few moments, he produced a small can of chewing tobacco, breathing a sigh of relief with the knowledge that he was able to smuggle his favorite pass-time into space. Nonchalantly opening it, he lifted a handful of it's contents to his mouth and began chewing, letting the nicotine cool his nerves.

His gaze was averted towards his teammates as he chewed his tobacco. He spit on the steel grated floors of the station, and then lifted his can of chewing tobacco, gesturing towards his teammates with it.

"Anybody want any?"
Matthias had been all over earth, he had fought in wars from the middle east to central america. he had battled racial bigots, religious extremists, and degenerate cultists. So needless to say Matthias Weber had seen some serious shit in his life. once he and his team entered a basement in southeats asia that had been used as an experimentation lab for some pshycopathic group of physicians. The place was horrible, blood and bodyparts everywhere, it felt like the souls of those who had died were still there wispering telling of the horrors their fellow men performed. This place..... this place was worse than anything Matthias had ever seen in his entire life. Something wasn't right here. Like in that basement in the jungles of laos, it seemed like the souls of the dead were wispering telling of the horrors of this place.

Matthias shivered, he didn't want to be here. then again he never wanted to be where he was supposed to be, whether it had been school, or the medical acadmy, or those many battlefields he had fought on. again though, this place was different, it almost felt more like he wasn't supposed to be here. Matthias hated this place, and he hadn't even been there for three minutes.

Ilmari's question brought Mtthias out of his thoughts, and the place seemed to get a little less foreboding.

"You know how bad that stuff is for you right?" he said, trying to get his mind off of this place, he started to think about what he learned back in med school about tobacco. the pictures, the autopsies he performed. He felt the question a little scathing, but He had to get his mind of how this place felt, maybe an argument on the merits of tobacco would help.
Something was different. Immediately after stepping off the transport he had felt it, the incomprehensible energies that spoke of just what had occurred here. That he could deal with, the horror and foreboding that seeped from every surface, polluting the recycled atmosphere that held within it an undertone of blood and fear was another matter. No, what struck him was that the cause of the horrors that had overtaken the station were committed by nothing that he knew. He could tell as easily as someone taking a breath knew that they were breathing smoke, even if it was not thick enough to see and the fire was nowhere to be found. But there was fire here unlike anything he knew, and that made his skin crawl.

None of this showed on his face as he checked his weapons and moved off to one side, keeping his fellows in sight even as he scanned the darkened shadows and long halls with a critical eye. Information filtered in through artificial eyes illuminated from behind with their own faint glow, fed through neural pathways to tiny computers only a cell’s breadth in size, all of it superimposed over his line of sight. Unfortunately what it told him was a whole lot less than what he felt, a disconcerting thought considering at any moment a tentacular slobbering thing could come crawling out of a ventilation duct intent on making a meal of the intruders that had dared to set foot in territory that no longer belonged to anything even remotely human.

Luo Lang remained silent, trusting in a perceived language barrier to deflect any inquiries from his fellow man. In fact, he intended to lose them as quickly as possible, but not before he caught a glimpse of what was going on here. There, down the corridor he was facing, a movement swiftly lost to darkness. Obviously they weren’t alone, but whatever watched them expectantly from the shadows seemed content to do just that. He didn’t want to bet for how long.

As voices cut through the overbearing silence he turned his attention to those that accompanied him into the mouth of the beast, watching with features carefully painted to portray nothing beyond faint curiosity. He could understand them, of course, but even in the modern day there were those with preconceived notions about their fellow man. As the larger of the two spat noisily onto the floor he grimaced, turning his nose up at a habit that amounted to sucking the grate on a particularly nasty latrine. The other commented along the same line, inviting what promised to be a harsh remark.
Ilmari's eyes drifted from person to person, his brow furrowing as his offer was rejected. The foul taste of chewing tobacco permeated his taste buds as he chewed slowly. However, it was his way, as always, of dealing with horribly mutilated corpses strewn about. In his military experience, he'd seen the horrors of war. It was common. From the Colombian Neckties so carefully crafted by the cartels, to the bodies of men recently dissected by the automatic gunfire of an attack helicopter, he'd seen it all. But while he was accustomed to it, that doesn't mean he still didn't find it just as disgusting as the last time. And like every time, it took that equally disgusting chewing tobacco to take his mind away from the horrors he was seeing. As far as Ilmari was concerned, this was just the same as every other battlefield, just up in space with an enemy he hadn't yet learned how to kill. If there's one thing military training and experience taught Ilmari, however, it's that there are at least 4200 ways to brutally murder, torture, and maim any given type of living life form. Upon hearing the response of his crewmates, he parted his lips and uttered a phrase that would surely drive a rift between him and his squad in the manner that a hatchet divides wood.

"Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This top'll make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus... just like me."

Hesitantly, he pocketed his closed can of chewing tobacco, as if waiting for anybody to accept his offer, and pocketed it. He shook his head, and laughed. Finding a spot on the wall of the installation, he moved slowly towards the wall, keeping a hand on his submachine gun, keeping a close watch on his surroundings as he chewed and spat the disgusting concoction.
A Strange Occurrence

Mardo Kawalsky rolled his eyes behind the facial coverings of his experimental combat suit, ignoring Ilmari's cursing. Standing next to Lance, rifle in hands, his suit's goggle-like "eyes" scanned the desolate corridors, looking for traces of any strange chemicals, gasses, fluids or anything else that would suggest some sort of deep-sea oddities had taken place. So far, his search was rather futile. Dust, oxygen, perhaps a few scraps of debris, but nothing that suggested anything else aside from the usual stillnes that would set in after a station goes from active to deserted. Deciding that he'd done enough, he de-activated the specialized info-scan mode of his visor's visionary units, and the light shade of green previously put over all he saw dissappeared. Only the radar/motion-detector remained, picking up nothing aside from the movements of his comrades.

Moving forward, weapon raised slightly, he walked to a square-shaped reception desk sitting in the center of a waiting room. Chairs and a few leg-level coffee tables lay around, along with a few potted plants, but he could scan them later. For now, he inspected the desk. Moving a wheeled chair out of the way, he tapped on its built-in computer a few time, before re-activating his HUD's scanning mode, noting that there was just a slight bit of residual heat in the area, lingering on the seat as well as under the desk. It could have only been a few hours old. Eyes furrowed, he looked around the rest of the room, multiple targeting reticles zeroing in on various objects.

Most only yielded the mundane, but a few stuck out to him somehow. An old coffee stain, now molding slightly with a sort of weird growth, some concealed objects within more than a few couches, and a faint electrical signal. The third of these seemed to be comparable to that of a handheld phone or mini-computer, and it was coming from under a part of the floor apparently.

He began to transmit the info to the rest of the team. Those also with Heads-Up Displays would notice a small blinking square with an exclamation mark on it in the corner of their vision. For the others, the information was sent to whatever handheld electronic devices they had capable of receiving such data.

Mardo's voice, clear but accented in a smooth sort of East-European way, spoke. "I'll see if I can find a way to nab the device under the floor. Rest of you pick and choose."
Re: A Strange Occurrence

Sidara checked her weapon again for the third time in the last 5 minutes. She glanced around and noticed how empty it felt, how there felt like there was no hope that there was only fear and .....death. She shifted on her feet becoming uncomfortable. She was standing in the back of their group looking at the other studying them. She noticed one of her teammates offering chewing tbacco to everyone.

"That stuff is disgusting" she said quietly more to herself than anyone.

"Does anyone else thinks it here? I mean obviously something is wrong or we wouldnt be here, but just different" she said outloud hoping that her voice would carry to much.

She then noticed that the handheld device that was given to her on the ship up here was blinking. She opened the notice and began to read the info that was being submitted.
Re: A Strange Occurrence

A soft but incessant blinking at the edge of his vision brought Luo Lang from his unease, a sharp thought opening the data-packet and displaying its contents. Backing away from the open corridor until he was back within comfortable proximity to the others. Turning, the various markers painted themselves over objects in the room, the signal produced by whatever was beneath the floor giving him brief pause. At a word from Kawalsky, he focused on whatever had been concealed in the furniture, drawing a combat knife from its sheath on his right shoulder.

Taking the weapon in his left hand he used the other to remove the cushions, stacking them neatly to one side before slicing into the couch’s main body. Fabric gave way easily to reveal its innards, the white stuffing impairing his search as he dug for whatever was inside. Annoyed, a scanning overlay washed before his eyes, showing a clearer image of what he sought, movement causing him to recoil sharply before a soft chittering sound reached his ears.

Sheathing the knife, his hands moved to the holsters on either hip, a flick releasing the heavy handguns. Eyes fixed on the squirming, elongated body within the couch, he stepped back three paces, sending an ALERT to the rest of the team. On his back the demon-faced rifle made known its displeasure with a soft grumble, the hollows of its eyes lighting, the fleshy tendrils along its length pulsing with agitation.
Lance moved with dedication and purpose, feeling the tension, but letting it slowly slip to the back of his mind, like a distant memory. It was really the only way: to deal with the pressure, if one was to let it consume them it would take hold and conquer. There was no place for nerves on a mission like this, Lance knew this well and acted as such. He moved forward with a steady hand and a clear mind. The only thing he concerned himself with was the ear piece that linked him to earth, and the trigger to the flame thrower, other than that, nothing much mattered. He heard the others, Ilmari and Matthias, have a brief exchange, something about tobacco, but like his tension, he also let that slip into the back of his mind.

Lance slowed his pace a bit, walking behind the heavier equipped gunners, after all, when the shit hit the fan, if it did, his weapon would be more in the department of 'clean up' or 'extraction'. He glanced to the one named Mardo after receiving some miscellaneous information from him. He gave him a slight nod, since he was just off his left flank, and continued onwards. Lance, although appointed to lead the operation, wasn't going to concern himself much with small orders, after all the main objective was rescuing the crew of Satellite 15. Unfortunately, with each step Lance took, he became more and more unsure if there were any survivors at all. Something was very off here, something much more than just the simple loss of communication that they were all informed about prior to departure.

Lance gave Sidara a wide eyed nod, he also felt something was terribly wrong here. She had confirmed his own feelings. He was about to respond when got an alert from Luo Lang, there was something in the couch. Then Lance noticed a slimy trail leading to the couch from somewhere else. Whatever was in the couch came from.......

Lance stopped short, noticing what that something was, hanging, from a low florescent fixture. He could feel his heart rate jump as he saw.....

Lance took in a sharp breath as he realized it was the body of a man, but before he could turn to tell the others, he noticed something else about it. Something more disturbing. The body had long, jagged insertions running up both sides of its body, and it was apparently hanging by a piece of tendon attached to the light. Upon closer inspection, Lance saw why the body had been hanging so oddly. It was empty. Totally gutted and boned, really all it was, was the skin and outer layers of muscle, nothing more. Lance realized now that they were not alone here. Something, something very menacing and dark, was with them on Satellite 15. Anything capable of leaving a human body in that state had to be a nearly unimaginable nightmare. Although the question remained, why would any predatory creature leave just the skin? Lance didn't concern himself with that now, the only thing he worried about was if the safety was off on his weapon.

Lance signaled for them to move on, there would be time to take samples and examine the body later, for now it was imperative that they keep a tight formation.

As the group made their way through, what Lance thought could only be a reception area due to the fact that many paths branched off from it , he noticed a larger room straight ahead. It had a wide arch above its entrance, about twenty feet long, and inside, a light could be seen flickering on and off. Minutes seemed to slow down and the air took on a humid thickness at a rapid pace, similar to how one might feel when going outside in a tropical climate. Lance could feel light beads of sweat accumulating on his brow. His eyes were glued to the room up ahead, it was like watching a brutal scene in a horror flick. He had a feeling something was there, part of him prayed that it wouldn't be whatever had killed that man.

Heart rate down Heart rate down Heart rate down

Lance tried to calm himself, telling his body to obey his mental commands.

Heart rate down

They approached the entrance to the room, the pale light flickering on its last breath, giving light, yellow snapshots of the hell that awaited them inside.

Heart rate down

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As the light gave them brief shots of visibility, Lance and the rest of the crew saw something that would no doubt stay with them for the rest of their lives. Six creatures, aliens, feasting on the gory remains of at least twenty bodies. In this brief instant, they were so entwined with their meal that they didn't notice they were being watched. Lance saw now what had happened to the man in the reception area. These creatures would slice open the bodies, and eat everything inside, leaving only the skin shell to rot. And they were dreadfully efficient in the process. It seemed that whatever Lua Lang had found in the couch was somthing inserted by these aliens? However, Lance didn't think on it much. He was too engrossed in watching the beasts feed.

The Aliens were as vicious as they were hungry. Although they were crouched down at the moment, Lance suspected that they were around nine feet tall when standing. Long, serrated, tendril bladed protruded from their forearms while what were no doubt hands with opposable thumbs resting at the base. The arms attached to a thick black body. They had clear definition of chest and abdomen, running down to their legs in a perfect 'V' shape. The legs on these space beasts were long, and double jointed at the hip and knee. Clawed toes dug into the bloody floor as they ate. All this was very disturbing, but what alarmed Lance the most were their heads. Shaped similar to a carpenter ant, they had upturned mouths that looked like sick smiles. Covering the mouths, were thick, jagged hook-like pincers that opened to allow access to the mouth. Above the mouth was a long slopping forehead, no eyes were visible.

Hear rate down

Through the tension and fear laced anxiety, Lance found comfort. And as adrenaline surged into his body, that comfort was set ablaze. What was left was raw rage. His face contorted into a grimace. This was it. He didn't have to look to his crew to know that all hell was about to rain down on these creatures.

Almost in unison, the Aliens' heads shot up. They had been spotted, and as the light continued flickering overhead, Lance only hoped that these bastards weren't bulletproof.
Matthias's exo suit was a surgery room in of itself. Matthias's HUD was designed to give him accurate vital signs of any living thing he saw, so he noticed how uneasy lance had become, as he examined the husk of skin, and walked to the door on the far side of the room Matthias followed him. The skin made Matthias uneasy, but he had run into these kind of things before, he had to remove his focus from that and find out who was responsible for it. he was close to lance as he saw what in the room, it wasn't until Lance's heart rate skyrocketed that Matthias looked into the room and saw the creatures.

years of training and near constant combat took hold, Matthias dropped to his knee adn brought his g36 assault rifle to his shoulder. This must have made enough sound to alert the aliens because they all turned to look at them. Matthias didn't think, thinking got people killed in situations like this, he squeezed the trigger. the three shots that came from his rifle sounded more like one, but it didn't matter the three 5.56 rounds still hit their target. The shot could have been better, but it still hit one of the aliens in the torso. The rounds didn't seem to quite work as well as they should. Those rounds would have dropped any other living creature, but this thing looked like it had been barely wounded. "may god protect us" Matthias said as he fired again.
Mongoose was all he was to the rest of the team. He didn't know them and didn't need to complete the mission. As such he kept silent, falling in with them as they proceeded from their entry point. He too couldn't shake the feeling that something was very very wrong and he kept his weapon at the ready.

While the group moved on he stayed to the rear, making sure that they had some sort of security. When they had stopped at the hanging body he took it in only for a momment, that was all he needed. It was obvious that there was something hostile onboard.

When the group began to move again he moved up body and inspected it more closely, jabbing it with the end of his weapon before hurrying back to the rest of the group, just in time to see one of team send a few rounds into the next room.

The hidden device would have to wait. Hostiles were far more important. The importance was increased significantly in the case that they were not the usual space-jacking terrorists but rather pseudo-insectoid cannibals. The sudden crack of 5.56 rounds immediately grabbed his attention. Flicking the safety off, he turned around and ran back towards the front of the group. With his legs boosted by strength granted by his suit's enhanced phsysical capabilities, he was in an appropriate firing position in a flash. The inhuman appearence of the creatures mattered little to him for now. Protecting the rest of the team did.

In the blink of an eye, he had spread his weight out appropriately, attaining a stable, standing firing position. The energy carbine was snapped upwards and multiple targeting systems aligned. Iron sights, HUD-targeting reticules, and the electronic smart-scope all fell unto the chest of one of the creatures. Less than a second after that, his modular weapon's wrath was let loose. A series of searing hisses, almost like the sound of water boiling being played absurdly fast, broke through the air. The muzzle flashed fiercely, lighting up the black. Like bolts of blazing red, the energy-based projectiles darted forth like blurs, illuminating the entrance to the room in an lush red.

While the conventional rounds did little to faze the creatures, energy-based ones had a noticeably more favorable effect. The first burst hit its intended target with great accuracy, heat, and force. The upper body was raised from its crouching position by the sheer stopping power as a crackling, burning sound signified the severe damage of the rounds. Naturally tough hides were melted through and blood-mist rose from their burnt forms. The creature screeched some incoherent sonic storm of atonal, dissonant noise as it began to fall back, losing balance and bleeding profusely. It didn't get a chance to stumble unto its back before two more rounds tore through its damaged upper body, barely letting loose a shriek before it fell face first onto the ground, twitching slightly.

Another one of them had reacted far faster, immediately lunging towards him and trailing behind it was a somewhat more developed looking beast. It seemed somewhat more defined and thick in its physical features, moving in a more simple and commanding way. The first of the creatures ran at a diagonal angle, hoping to throw off their accuracy with erratic movements, but on-screen targeting assistance proved it wrong. A few lasers flew past it, burning the walls and making new holes in some furniture. More than a few made their mark, ripping through limb-joints and disintegrating portions of its torso, sending it flailing to the ground, spasming suddenly.

The larger of the two though was a different story. Leaping left and right in an odd zig-zag motion, Mardo's rounds shot past it, with only a few hitting its armoured body, evidently more resistant to his weaponry. It was only a few feet away now, and a few extra pairs of arms were prepared to swipe at an entire group in a single attack.
Sidara didnt hestitate with letting loose some of her own ammunition in the aliens. She had been in the front of the group when they noticed the aliens, and when the aliens noticed them. Right now it looked like only one of the aliens was dead or at least seriously maimed. But a second more deadly looking alien was coming up quick in sporratic zig zag movements making shooting and hitting it almost impossible.
As the thing launched itself towards the group Sidara let loose a volley of bullets on the creature trying to distract it so her teammates could possibly get a sight on it and hurt it.
She also tried aiming at its feet and legs trying to throw it off balance or injure it enough to stop its movements but her bullets did little to stop it, slow it down some yes but hurt it significantly no.
Ilmari heard an 'ALERT' ping on his headset, startling him so much that he nearly swallowed his chewing tobacco. However, it was better that the alert sound on his headset startled him and kept him more alert, for only seconds later, he was confronted with the sight of a frightening creature that defied all explanation standing close by. As his teammates began firing, he took a slower approach, raising his assault rifle, analyzing the different shots of his teammates. He searched for any potential weak points on the tough exoskeleton of the creature, recalling that even an M1 abrams has small weak points in its armor. As he aimed with his assault rifle, he backpedaled away from his new enemy, towards the nearest potential cover. If those things were able to tear the crew of this ship to shreds, and had no trouble with automatic gunfire, then it was likely best that he didn't stay too close to them.

Traditionally, his first instinct would be to aim at the eye and fire, but no eyes were visible on this strange xenomorph. He set the sights of his assault rifle on what he saw as the next best thing, the large, gaping maw that grinned at him so eagerly. He maintained his focus, seeing only a target and feeling only the nicotine laced substance that he chewed on. As he squeezed the trigger on his assault rifle, the world around him slowed down. The chaos of his squad mates firing their weapons full auto a mere rumble in his mind, despite the din that a fully automatic weapon usually causes. He was in his own personal world now, the only things in that world being him, his enemies, the bullets that might hit him, and that bitter taste in his mouth keeping him calm.

A spray of bullets flew from the barrel of his assault rifle to the gaping maw of the beast, and it felt as if an eternity passed in the millisecond it took for the bullet to travel from the barrel to the gun to the head of the beast. If his bullets weren't going to work, he saw two options. Do what he could with a grenade, and a last ditch attempt with his combat knife.
Even as he sent out the ALERT, the world exploded in a flurry of sound and movement. Behind, guttural screams and heavy movement punctuated the automatic fire that flashed off every wall, transforming the dim scene into a flashing kaleidoscope of light and darkness. A civilian would have been dazzled by it, left open to be devoured. Luo Lang was not. As the couch began to spew small and wriggling things he opened fire, each shot finding its mark and reducing the crawling monstrosities to little grease stains on the corrugated floor. All but one, and as his left gun clicked dry the thing reared up and lunged, clinging to the tight fabric of his armoured suit with multiple clawed legs, squealing as it skittered up his torso toward his face.

A fan of late-night monster movies in his downtime, Luo Lang knew that whatever it meant to do to him couldn’t be good, the very thought of it forcing its way down his throat to nestle in his chest cavity where it would slowly feed and grow before popping forth in a spray of blood and bone making him reel back in terror. Clenching his teeth to avoid putting voice to that fear, he dropped his empty gun, grabbed the creature with his free hand, and tore it free. Briefly he held it up, its lashing tail smacking forcefully against both his side and arm, marvelling at its utterly alien nature and surprising strength. Mobile mandibles, shining armour scales that slid one atop the other for maximum movement and multiple skittering legs that lined its two-foot length all added up to one hell of a nightmare. Thankfully, he only had to keep the thing still long enough to scan it, a soft chime in his inner ear and visual representation allowing him to drop it, followed by a heavy stomp that ended its disgusting existence as easily as any bullet.

The small ones can be killed.

Trailing on the end of that thought was another animalistic roar close enough that it hurt his ears. Instinctively he dropped and rolled, coming up with both weapons in hand. Behind him from an adjacent hallway another of the larger creatures had decided to join in on the fun, its clawed digits digging easily into the wall where he had been standing only seconds before. Taking the opportunity, Luo Lang opened fire, emptying what rounds remained in the right gun, his efforts only angering the creature as it struggled to free its trapped appendage. Ejecting the empty clips he extended his arms, turning his wrists down so that the open magazine housings aligned, allowing twin mechanisms on his forearms to produce fresh clips and slide them home.

Standing from his crouch, Luo Lang took aim just as the alien ripped its arm free from the wall in a shower of metal and wires, growling low in its throat as it lurched forward in renewed effort. Reaching with his index finger, Luo Lang clicked the gun into semi-auto, resisting the urge to grin maniacally as the weapons thundered, both barrels firing in quick three-round bursts. While the lower barrels’ smaller rounds did little to harm the monstrosity, the upper barrels’ larger, specialized rounds punching through its natural armour before flattening into serrated disks, making room for the smaller slugs to follow along in their wake. In short order the alien was silenced, its rising scream dropping off as its innards were shredded by hot metal, falling dead to the floor in time to allow another of its brethren to lunge forward in eager attack.

Stepping swiftly to its left as the thing clawed the air in front of it, Luo Lang brought the butt of his handgun around to knock heavily against its head. Staggering in surprise, the thing was given only a second more before its head was drilled open and it was left to expire atop its kin. For the moment he was given a reprieve even as the firefight raged beyond his sight. Glancing sidelong at Ilmari, the only one of his comrades he could still see, Luo Lang holstered his weapons and took off down the clear path in front of him at a dead run, disappearing around a corner in quick order.
The first massive creature reeled back, and fell over, the gunfire to it's mouth having perforated the weak point in it's body. It staggered, and fell flat on its stomach after Ilmari unloaded an entire clip of his assault rifle to it's mouth. He breathed a sigh of relief, now having knowledge that bullets could in fact kill one of these creatures, if used in the right place with the right quantity. Two more of the creatures fell, having been hit point blank by LuoLang. Ilmari grunted after his team mates showy display. Another one of the large obsidian creatures crawled in, poised to attack. He shouldered his assault rifle, not bothering to reload it, and raised his P90 submachinegun.

"Well, can't let that showoff one-up me, now can I..." Ilmari muttered, shaking his head. His grinning obsidian opponent rushed at him, teeth bared and tail poised to tear through ilmari's stomach. He let out a sigh and thought to himself "well, you only live once" before charging towards the 9 foot tall monster, cackling in glee at the promise of imminent death and mutilation at the massive claws of an alien monstrosity. As it took a swipe at Ilmari, He dove forwards, sliding directly beneath it, and firing directly into the jet black monsters underbelly at a near point blank range, before rolling to the side to evade a swipe of its jagged tail. Before he had time to react, a jet black talon penetrated the floor panel a mere centimeter away from his brain, and he came face to face with the hideous grin of the murderous monster that he had just aggravated.

"well, shit." He smiled right back, a crazy look in his eye. Before hitting his adversary with the butt of his gun, he spat all the chewing tobacco he had in his mouth right in the face of his adversary. After reeling to the side slightly from the butt of his gun, Ilmari fired the remaining ammunition he had in his P90 directly into the smiling visage of his adversary. The creature staggered backwards from the hit, and attempted one massive swipe at Ilmari, which, considering his prone position, managed to cause minor lacerations to his stomach. Had it not been for the armor he was wearing, he likely would have been dead.

Ilmari got up, and removed his armor vest, since it was now officially torn to shreds by an alien claw, and useless. His Stomach had three large cuts on it. He raised an eyebrow and watched Luo Lang run down the hall of the station, giving a silent nod of approval, and then glanced down to his now sliced up gut, blood trickling from the open wounds.

"gonna need a medic."
Matthias had run out of his anti-personnel rounds, and the creature was still charging him. He was pulling a clip of anti-material rounds when it slammed straight into him. The creature clawed at him. It was amazingly strong, Matthias was barely keeping it from gutting him. He was almost about to give up when an idea came to mind. He started chanting the words recognized by medical personnel everywhere.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
"One one thousand, two one thousand." he was able to push the creature away from his torso with his knees, so he could rub his palms together. The creature grabbed him around the neck and pulled him up to its "face". It held Matthias there for a few seconds. It started to open its maw when Matthias put his hands on the creatures head and shouted "CLEAR!” The creature writhed as his suits built in defibrillator sent thousands of volts of electricity through its body. it began to twitch wildly and stopped moving for good. Matthias pried himself out of the creatures grip. "sheisse" he said aloud.<o:p></o:p>
The carnivores of a truly yet to be discovered deep space. Killers, feasting on the flesh of the living and leaving no prisoners to tell of the horror and pain. Possibly a parasite, although it was too early to tell, but one thing was for sure: The beasts on Satellite 15 would have to put up a better fight than this if they wanted to take Lance and his crew down. A combination of firepower and experience would be the deciding factor in this battle, and not even the sound of crunching bone nor the sight of exposed entrails would stop them from letting loose on these hellions.

Lance took a step back, letting the heavier gunners take point, as the room was lit up by gunfire. Lance could see the look of rage within these beasts as they charged. They were like nothing he had ever seen, bestial, vicious, but at the same time graceful and oddly transfixing. They moved in fast, fluid movements that were well timed and dedicated. No eyes were seen, Lance figured they must navigate through sight or smell. Either way, whatever means they used for movement and detection, they were accurate and precise.

As the crack of various weapons exploded into the air, Lance waited to see if the beasts started to fall, and they did. Some wounded mortally and others still on the move. Lance set his sights on one that was off to the right of the group, it had taken a round to the left knee cap, or at least where the kneecap would have been on a human, and he squeezed the ignition button of his weapon. A bright stream of liquid fire shot from the tip of his arm mounted gun, it danced across the room, finally landing on its intended target. The creature thrashed around violently, trying anything it could to extinguish the flame.

Lance looked around as the flame slowly died down off his enemy, leaving a smoldering pile of twitching remains. They smelt like a combination of burning fingernails and ammonia, not a pleasant smell by any means. Lance noticed something crawling on the ground, it appeared to be something that the larger beasts injected into their prey. He brought his boot down onto it. Well at least those were easy to kill, despite having vicious effects on the human body.

As the crew emerged victorious, Lance noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It stood out amongst the dying or -already dead- alien beasts. Upon further inspection, Lance discovered that it was a man. His belly was sliced open, but he was not dead. The contents of his stomach was on the ground beside him and his arm was pointed towards the ceiling, clutching at the air in a desperate attempt to alert someone of his dying existence. Lance rushed to him, kneeling by his side. Blood was flowing from his mouth, but he managed to gargle out a few words.

" There are……others." Followed by a choking sound "These are just the exterminators, not the ones you need fear." With his dying strength he locked eyes with Lance "The others are the ones who plan to……." He chocked one last time and died, that was it.

Lance was confused by this, and looked to his crew in question. His next move would be radioing in what had happened to the earth contact, after all, no matter what, reporting in was essential.

Lance hit the button that would allow him access to earth, listing as jammed signals flooded his ear piece. For a moment he was sure that he would, like Satellite 15, be cut off completely, but finally there was a click and his communications were being sent to earth. After a brief pause he heard a voice on the other end.

"Central command 58216, earth link, go ahead. Over."

"S&R crew 1856 reporting in. Confirmed contact with hostel alien life, repeat, confirmed contact. Over" Lance gasped into the receiver. There was a brief pause

"Copy……..Can you describe confirmation? Over." Lance shot a shaky brief description to the operator on the other end.

"Any survivors? Over"

"Not that we have seen, survival of Satellite 15 crew, unlikely. Over"

There was another pause, a longer one

"Finish the sweep of the station then report in for pick up, Over and out" And just like that the link went dead. Lance wasn't exactly happy with the fact that they had to continue on,or that he had been cut off before he could relay the message he had got from the dying man. Lance was also surprised that they weren't being ordered to pick up any specimens. What was going on?

Back on earth The radio operator that had taken Lances reception hurries to the office of central command, his legs are shaking and his brow clammy and on the verge of breaking out in a full sweat. It seems that he is aware of something,. Something that would mean more than just the death of the rescue team. He Knows his information is vital and that it must be reported to the Chief of staff. He kicks the door open and practically yells what Lance had reported, the Commander of the operations eyes shot open.

"What about the others, did they see any other Alien life?"

(Back to the Satellite)

"…..And then he said something about "others"." Lance told the crew, relaying the information that the dying crew member of Satellite 15 had told him.

"Either way, our mission now is to finish a sweep of the satellite, then we can report back in and coordinate our pick. I don't know about you guys, but I want to get out of this place as soon as possible."
Sidara sighed with relief when the last of the hellish aliens were annihalated. When her teammate told the crew of what the dying man said a shiver of fear ran down her spine.
~These arent even the ones we have to fear?~ she thought to herself.
" lets regroup check ammunition and patch up the injured and get this crap over with" she said outloud. She didnt want to have to spend more time on this piece of hell than she had to. As she began to check her gun and ammunition she kept a very close eye out for anything that wasnt human. She didnt care what it was, if it wasnt human and it moved, it died.

"Either way, our mission now is to finish a sweep of the satellite, then we can report back in and coordinate our pick. I don't know about you guys, but I want to get out of this place as soon as possible."
"Fair. Seems we were interrupted during our little sweep. Now that we're done with whatever those...things...were, I say we should inspect the marked spots on our HUD's and handhelds. I'd like to see what was inside that device under the floor."

With that finished, he jogged back to the spot and lay down his rifle. Pulling out a rod-like device with a specialized head, he flicked it on. A small stream of concentrated heat and fire spilled out, and with it, he began to slowly cut open the floor-section. His free hand was holding up a magnum; he had the feeling that there would be more concealed creatures on board.

A bit less than a minute later, after heaving the surprisingly heavy tile out of the way, he was greeted by a dark-purple laptop, hastily stuffed under a few tubes and wires. He untangled the dust-encrusted device from the disorganized mess, bringing it over to one of the more reasonably intact couches. Opening it on the coffee table, he "broke" into it using his suit's advanced electronic warfare systems. It was as if it was on the entire time; no start-up screen, rather, its monitor was now just a load of blue with jumbles of text and fuzzy symbols flashing across it.

Mardo narrowed his eyes, going through streams upon streams of data; there seemed to be little of genuine importance. That was until he managed to find a few documents simply titled as "reports." Alongside that, there were a few video recordings.

The problem was that the former seemed "locked down." He couldn't seem to open them, even with the best of the suit's abilities. He had the feeling there was something here the document's creators wanted to keep secret.

The video recordings, on the other hand, while viewable, were suffering from some sort of corruption. Mostly a camera staring through a lab window at a few men running mundane experiments on dirt and rocks gathered from other worlds, they were prone to sudden freezes, the time suddenly skipping forth and back. Voices inside of it were blurred and some parts were simply impossible to view behind a shroud of static, reducing any human life within to overgrown silhouettes.

Still, this footage should be able to be fixed. Taking a small flash-drive, he stuck it into one of the computer's ports, extracting the necessary info, before getting up to see what his companions were up to.