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    Welcome to Satako High, where you're accepted no matter what race or breed! We have classes and training galore, and we're (almost) safer than most of the world! So come on to Martaskashi Street in Tokyo and register today to become a student!

    Welcome to Satako High! I'm Candy Kurns, your lovely and fabulous principal! Here we accept everyone, whether it be Chimeras, vampires, humans, angels, furries- heck, even you wondrous "civil half-zombie" gals and mates! We must save each other and help our allies live through this.... horror. You see, we've been battling the undead threat for so long, but thanks to a force-field surrounding our wondrous street, we have little worries. How did we manage it, you ask? You see m'dear, that is a secret. But remember, we're keeping you safe, so that's all you have to worry about! Just get good grades, and you'll be fine! I'll be seeing you, no worries.

    So hello everyone! You've decided to clicky on this interest check, huh?
    Wellp, its a role-play I tried starting on both Figment and Facebook, and I really would like to try starting it up on here in hopes that it doesn't die. The role-play has NPCs, locations, a corrupt history that can only be found as the role-play continues, and also blocks for classes and all. It has all the information and everything already, and I just really wanted to see if anyone would do this.

    On Facebook's role-play, basically you were posting anything and there were events here and there to keep it going. Figment's was to show the truth of the story. If you wish to see the Figment RP, you can see it [here]. This is the Facebook RP [here] As you can see, nothing happened yet. At all, really. It contains all the NPCs and information about the role-play though.

    It might be played differently on the forum, like freedom to be most of the NPCs and such, but other than that, I think it'll be fun to do this with you guys :3 If you have any questions, please ask too .o. Thankies in advance and have a nice day!

    Everything below is all about Satako High if you don't wanna click on those two links.

    The Assumed Story of Satako High (open)

    Satako High was made pre-walker era, in 1973 by Hori R. Nelshiko. The area was filled with friendly people, and interactive outsiders. Martaskashi Street was the...Smaller places in Tokyo that had not at all many people, just regular average people. It was populated little, so Satako High built the school there. Once word got out about the high school, many humans decided to come to the place. There was a certain aura, a feel that just lured people into coming to the school. No one cut class or ditched school.
    In 2035, a succubus named Laurin arrived to join school. Usually, "others" remained low and away from human villages, but this girl wanted to see what the luring sensation was. She was hooked when she got into the school, endless possibilities! You got to choose everything, from your block you wanted to be in to what tie the principal could and could not wear. All the teachers and staff were very kind, and many were just silly. Laurin adored the school, and stayed. When word got out she was a succubus, only the outsiders of the area cared. Everyone in Martaskashi Street was quite alright though. The community even supported Laurin, and soon she ended up being the best student in the country- and she was JUST a freshman. She was absolutely no threat, but a big asset to all. She was also friendly too.
    Soon, more "others" began to enter Martaskashi Street just to go to Satako High. This led to Choko. He was the master of physics, a dark elf. He had a crush on Laurin while he went to the school. He would just hang out with her, get closer to her, and soon he wanted to confess his undying love for her on October 16, 2036. When he found her though, Choko's best friend was trying to rape Laurin.
    "Aren't you a succubus, a little whore? You do this to men, all the time huh? Slut...Now come on, why don't you try it with me?" Choko's best friend kept repeating it as he leaned closer against her. Laurin couldn't say anything at all, she felt like a deer in the headlights. Soon, Choko's best friend raised his fist in the air and then began to swing it towards her. Choko quickly then jumped in front of her, getting punched instead. Laurin was astonished, but soon fled. She got help five minutes later. Choko's best friend was as well astonished and backed up from Choko.
    "What was that for Choko? Betrayer..."
    He replied saying, "I told you not to ever touch her. You're the betrayer!" Choko then walked off and went to comfort Laurin.
    He was now a hero, and Choko's best friend was expelled. He was proud, and then he asked Laurin out. To his despair, she declined and said she wasn't looking for any relationship- she had work to do. He became furious and began to light up with bolts. He then looked at Laurin, who was trying to run away due to freight.
    Hori ran to them, and the students and staff began to panic. Choko screamed, "You horrid hore! I SAVED YOU AND YOU DECLINE I, THE BEST?"
    Laurin tripped, but kept moving by crawling, not looking back. He zapped her legs, and soon her right leg snapped off. Laurin was screaming in pain, sounding like a siren. Hori had to stop this.
    With a sniper in her hand, she knelled down and looked through the scope. Hori then aimed for the back of Choko's head and pulled the trigger. The bullet dashed into Choko's skull and made Choko fall abruptly. He glared at Hori before he was to bleed out and then looked through her. He then began to disassemble her particles quickly, and soon Hori turned into nothing at all. Hori was gone, forever.
    Choko disappeared and took Laurin with him, and every month he causes horror to occur. The first month: The invasion began. The walkers began to migrate and soon reached Martaskashi Street, leaving many people in panic. Many of the people survived though by sticking together, and began to devise a plan: Make the school the "home base for security." They built a fence around the area and then began to train the students for weaponary-use and survival, as well as other kinds of things they used to teach as well.
    This was the beginning then of the great survival.

    General Information (open)
    School Blocks: 3
    Class Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes each!

    Freshman Year: 6 periods
    Sophomore Year: 6 periods
    Junior Year: 4 periods
    Senior Year: 8 periods

    1st Semester: Starts September 17th
    2nd Semester: Starts January 3rd
    3rd Semester: Starts March 21

    NPCs (open)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No Block~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Choko :
    This is the “bad guy.” He is quite neutral to most people but the principal and other staff in the school. He tends to act like he doesn’t have emotions while quite actually he does. I know, he looks all serious but it’s all an act because he is... well I won’t spoil it! Anyway his personality is monotone unless provoked into anger or happiness. This can be either attacking him unexpectedly or showing affection to him unexpectedly, there are possible other kinds of ways to evoke feelings in him to where he shows it.
    The Principal, Candy Kurns :
    A homosexual, but no worries. The principal doesn't hit on most male students or staff all the time, but he does occasionally. He is still a single man. He smokes alot and even in his own office, which is why if you go into his office, you will be gagged by the smoke. His personality is “I don’t give a shiz” unless something serious happens like Choko appearing on his school grounds, but other than that he is pretty much a lazy bum. When Choko is mentioned, he becomes oddly serious and keeps a watch on you.
    Hori :
    This is the ghost of the school’s founder. What else can I say on the subject other than her... DUNDUNDUN! GHOSTLY PERSONALITY! Ok, so she is quite kind to the students and teachers of the school. She does have a demonic form if provoked to by the use of mentioning Choko. You don’t want to see her in her demonic form where her soul is released and an ectoplasmic surface forms a solid form in order to harm the said individual who mentioned Choko. Plus, anyone around him will be a target for Hori. Once the said person(s) is gone, she forgets about it, changes back, and the next time the said person is seen by her, she acts like he/she hadn’t mentioned Choko. She holds various secrets and the truth of the school, but refuses to speak to you unless trusted.
    Laurin is a missing student whom Choko took with him for mysterious reasons. She has a neglected personality, she is very uncertain about herself and is often seen crying out in the open. She loves her sister though and wishes the best but still doesn’t like being neglected by her parents. Many people who see her run up or try to touch her to ask if anything is wrong, but she ends up fading and going away. It is heard she is in the fourth floor of the basement, rumored to be held captive by Choko.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Block One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Perks: Loyalty from all teachers, more ammunition for guns, and more mana for magical abilities
    Kani * Tash * Boku * Kanyu * Ruu * Baunty * Takonai * Kanio * Cherry * Taj * Lonaeer * Pote * Sofine * Kinjo

    Kani has a cheerful attitude to most students at the school, unlike what most students would think from first looking at her. Most students should be afraid of her appearance because of it’s dark nature but once they get to know her, they should know there is nothing to fear.
    Take pop culture and anime, and you get Tash. Add Japanese skillage. He teaches the native language, Japanese, to his students and tries showing the class multiple things regarding pop culture then and now. He ends off all his classes with a gift at the end of it.
    Boku is somewhat more calmer than most of the teachers, often taking naps periodically during the school day and even in the class room. His laid back personality is only covering up a fear of what's going on in the world.
    He is probably the most secret man in the whole school. No one knows much about him except that he is a shapeshifter. He's an excellent teacher, but many feel skeptical about this teacher. He often gets rumors made about him about Kanyu being a spy for Choko. He just likes his privacy, and barely gets comfortable around anyone.
    Ruu is a fancy sortof teacher, enjoying a fanciful look at history from time to time. He dreams often of a wonderland where Alice went. He is currently working on a way to open up a portal between the worlds so he can finally stay there forever.
    Who's an adorable short gym teacher? This girl! She never seems to sweat and has lots of stamina, and her voice is soo sweet that men fall over her countless of times. She is very shy when talking to a student one-on-one, but when she knows the person enough, she is able to talk about almost anything. She has an unlikable past, so don't try bringing it up to her. She also is a part-time waitress at a bar as well, and meeting her there will give you a reward: a mug of wonderful sake! TiM seems to have a crush on her.
    This teacher was injured from a walker but wasn’t infected amazingly! His eye was gouged out by a walker and there were some repercussions, such as a lack of emotions if any in his speak. Most students should feel awkward around this teacher by his monotone voice. With students he likes, he tries giving them his feelings but is usually an amateur at showing them.
    Kanio normal and *Female* version:
    This is one of the strange teachers. He was cursed after casting a spell wrong. The reason he was changing genders was to spy on a fellow female coworker (name to be announced later) who he thought was performing illegal magical arts to conjure up untamed walkers. He started casting the spell but made a mistake which he didn't notice and the spell initially didn't work and he gave up. Later on during the middle of the night he work up strangely with something soft on his chest and... yeah well we won’t go into many details. He changes from his normal guy form to his girl form randomly, while keeping a serious manner and not at all a pervert from changing into a girl. As a girl, his emotions are the same as he was a guy. Ok, now his personality is that of a serious guy, he takes everything serious but he does show emotions in his voice and is not monotone.
    This is Cherry, the art teacher. She is in charge of mostly teaching the art of the renaissance since she loves it more than the rest of the art and ignores the other art periods. Most of the kids in this class like her for treats she brings to class for the students to help them stay focus.
    This gun instructor is one of the instructors on how to use big boom guns like grenade launchers and missile launchers. He is a bit shy at talking and hardly says a word. He talks through his diagrams and notes he leaves occasionally at places, but hardly ever says a word. It is rumored around school he works at a local bar and speaks in short cut sentences, perhaps from an incident of his family dying. When his family is brought up, no one laughs. No one does anything. They just continue the lesson silently, and whoever speaks during this moment gets almost shot.
    In charge of one of the crash course class, this teacher is one of the most williest ones. She teaches how to take care of oneself and loves to sew her own clothes. She loves talking to people and could honestly talk someone’s ear off for hours on end about the silliest things. She has an obsession with cats and lives with 18 at home, and brings 2 to school. Her best friend is Dawn.
    Need an expert at crafting? Well, here, she is! Pote is a confused person with gender issues, but is very honest and hardworking about his creations. He teaches Wood Workshop and adores to sing in the middle of lessons, always bringing joy into the class. He has a craving for pears and petting screwdriver tips also...An odd man...
    Sofine is a natural whiz at alchemy. She knows nearly everything about it, yet she still manages to act like an airhead around people. She has a cheery personality but is often misunderstood as being a clutz.
    This here cooking instructor is well known for his famous sea food delights. He is fascinated by the cuisine of the sea and is often seen preparing up a lobster, crab, or for the zombies, a nice pirate stew. He is quite obsessed with his cooking and if bothered he gets mad really easily but catch him when he isn't cooking, and all you will get is a friendly discussion about cooking.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Block Two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Perks: Greater melee weapon power and speed attack, secrets from ?, and better chances of luck
    TiM* Dawn * Taker * Caught * Kin * Baurn * Tán * ? * 10x10 * Hahahah * Tr8 * Disappoint * Lurhu * Ted

    Usually called a "shota" around school, he seems to be the only young teacher that is a Chimera. He is in love with Baunty and wishes to see her more, usually teaching her English in return for talking casually. His teachings may be boring, but in battle he turns into a demon and will protect anyone he sees. He shouldn't be trusted with secrets though, because he tells them a bit too much.
    A small fairy that teaches Japanese. Usually, she goes without wings, but can create her wings via cards. She has an odd cat fetish also, always making her sentences about cats while decorating the room cat themed. Any neko in her class is instantly appreciated and gets no homework either.
    This literature teacher is quite honestly one of the “cool” teachers to most students. He doesn’t focus on the subjects much unless it’s about a true story about anything dealing with war and most of the time he doesn't even teach, he just gives students grades on attending really. Sometimes, he falls in love with fictional characters and gets just a bit too attached.
    Originating from Africa as a slave to the people of England, he escaped and fled to Japan. He now works as a science teacher, teaching others a type of science that can create weaponry via steam. He always likes making speeches on escaping hard scenarios, and ends up becoming offence when hordes arrive. He couldn't stand to see anyone else hurt, not after the capturing in England.
    He's lived for so long, and can tell you who sent the first bomb in WW2 really. He seems to be quite biased in his views on certain things (like cross-dressing teachers *cough Candy *cough*), but tries to teach his students to the best of his ability. He lacks personality as well.
    There's no logic to this man. None. He's a gym teacher, but...Expect the unexpected. I...I can't even with this man... There's nothing logical about his classes either OTL
    Tan, what to tell about him? he is quite mean to the students if they mess up because he takes healing serious, but normally he is a nice guy who has a whistle as he speaks.
    Shh. You must meet me to understand me. Talk to my brother, Haha, for now. If you are in my class, come to learn....we just cannot >speak< though. You cannot go into the basement, yet.
    TenxTen (10x10):
    Not much is known about this woman, other than her health issue and toxic (literal) breath. She uses bloods and nature's wonders to create paint for her class, and is usually given secrets by her students. She is an amazing healer and the ONLY ONE in the school that can successfully cure the walker disease if bitten, so its always great to have her around during hordes.
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    He knows how to teach everything and anything in a short notice of time, like how to become a girl and guy in just a blink of an eye, or fixing up your broken spine by yourself! A strange flame revolves around him though, and touching it turns Tr8 into a rabbit and back to a human.....In the opposite gender. Students always prank him like that.
    Probably the clumsiest of teachers, Disappoint usually...Well, disappoints many people by her accidents. She tries her hardest to teach her class, always making sure she has distance between her students or else she'd cause havoc, which usually happens in the end of the day.
    She is deaf, but uses spells to allow her to see soundwaves to "hear" voices. Luhru is the most technically advanced person, teaching unique spells and showing different and odd concoctions to create divine potions and protection spells. It is heard she tends to fall in love with her students sometimes, but is unable to show it except teach them more. Luhru can also heal from long distances- from inside the school to London. THAT long.
    Coming from London, Ted is a Cooking mastermind. He can create the most lovliest and tastiest food out of anything he finds, and also woos many of his classmates over with his adorable eye shimmering skills. He is probably the weakest person though and hides like a wimp in horde times, but if a student needs help, he shall try his best to get to you.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Block Three~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Perks: More in-depth story, access to basement floors one and two, and archery ammo and power increase
    Hans...* Derk * Tall Tail * Bep * Madu * Tasha * Murmur * Dust * Prune * Hipta * Juy * Lucki * Noctun * Cashi

    No one knows Hans's full first name or gender yet. Like TiM, Hans... is an English teacher. Everyone doesn't pay attention much because they try to find out Hans's name and gender, but never get it quite right. Only the snakes in Hans's hair knows the truth. It is said Hans is an amazing sniper.
    He is a British Japanese teacher, always looking at the good qualities of almost everything. His voice and face makes him appear rather girly, but when he goes to the pool, everyone can see from his muscles and figure that he is indeed a man. He hates bragging, and usually ends up dying by blushing too much.
    Tall Tail:
    She recently just graduated out of Satako High to come back as a Literature teacher. She lives in Hell, but usually takes an elevator to her classes. She's fast and furious with staffs and two-handed weapons, and with a pen and paper by her side, she can change someone's state. She is one of the only NPCs that can actually write out your fate and allows you to read it, although Candy dislikes that idea... As a teacher, she is very talkative and tries teaching people more about life and less about zombies.
    She is a very innocent and introverted girl, usually being made fun of by many freshman demons. She's rumored to be related to Yanderes, and that she is the sister of Laurin.
    ****There is much more to be said about Bep, but you must RP on Mission Mode to obtain more information!*****
    Lady Madu:
    Once a beloved queen of Finland, this woman is a peculiar history teacher. She teaches what is to come, except for when other teachers are around. Many mysteries are revolved around her in which she analyzes and talks about, soon solving the puzzle each time. There's an odd bounty in the attic for her, but it is smearted with ink that the text is barely readable. She claims it a fraud, but there's odd truth to it.
    Although she may look kind of like a librarian- which she is- she's the most interactive gym teacher yet, using peoples' fears to make them train and learn dire skills for survival. No wonder why all her students are fit and terrified.
    This teacher teaches her students the power of support music healing! She's emo, yes, but her panda guitar can kill multiple waves of zombies and with a few chords save your character. She's highly energetic and only slightly pessimistic, always trying to head for true succsess and for the walkers to cease- the unwanted ones, that is.
    Ever since Dust was infected, she turned into a "civil" walker, unable to harm any of her students or the staff. With her ability to turn into a berzerker, she can further demonstrate and show certain moves she couldn't of due to how weak she was as a human. She always ends class on good notes and gives out cute animals to care for, and always ends up getting returned pets in perfect or almost perfect condition. She's suspicious about Bep though, always eying her and spying around to gossip about something with the class.
    Coming from America, she teaches a lot of cartoon-like art and game-like techniques. She barely understands Japanese when spoken to, but can understand someone perfectly if they write it down. She's very clever and sly, always playing tricks and games on her students and sometimes even teases them, always saying afterwards, "Can't take an innocent joke, hmm?"
    Tash's sister-in-law. It says her glasses are x-ray glasses, and they can see right through people's clothes. She's quite a pervert, but when teaching lessons to class, the glasses come off and she always requests about new things to learn. If her class begins to slack, she creates an all-out brawl and is crazy enough to actually trigger hordes. We're surprised she isn't dead yet.
    She usually goes out to travel, bringing her students along for an hour to teach them in different cultures and styles. Never truly saying her reasons for doing so, she claims its for education. She always seems to get richer with every trip though.....
    He is Disappoint's brother. Like his name, he is always lucky and gives his students determination and luck to create amazing work. Sometimes, he helps his sister maintain her class as well, fixing up her errors and aiding the students.
    She is a keeper when it comes to anything. Her skills are all around, although she leans towards plant summonings and spells to teach others their true power. She's optimistic and loyal to everyone, but has a dark secret that makes her seem too good to be true. She claims herself to be a hippie also, but is more brighter than anything and does things much different than hippies.
    She is a food lover. She can't stand being second best, so she goes hard on her students to do better at all costs, and acts like a military commando on LSD when there is a horde. People question how she's still skinny since she always has a treat in her mouth. She adores candy, and also fights with a chocolate-covered clock.

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