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    A country far to the south, where hot weather is a way of life. The winters don't dip below eighty degrees, and the summers always top one hundred. Coconuts as big as your head and palm trees taller than most buildings are just a couple of the stunning treasures waiting to be discovered here. Completely surrounded by a vast, clear blue ocean, the only way to arrive here (if you can't teleport) is by ship. Intense winds and unpredictable storms make air travel impossible unless by one highly skilled and equally determined.

    The native people here are all tanned, but hair and eye color can vary greatly. Although not a democracy, it's nearly impossible to find somebody upset with the government. Not a single person here is homeless, unless by choice. Every family has at least enough to live from, and nearly always more than that. The ruler empties the storehouses once a year and parcels out the food to those most in need, but nobody is starving. Overall, a very fruitful and pleased society.

    More than likely, upon arriving one would enter the capital city first - Turtella. A wide road lined with banana trees leads up to the city gates, taller than several stories and a polished golden bronze. The city walls are guarded by a meticulously trained army, and a guard station protects the gates and questions all that enter. Beyond the gates lies the city itself. Set in a slight bowl, nearly the entire city can be seen just from the gates.

    Nearly a million people are inside, but this is still only a fraction of the entire Sardonnain populace. At the center of the city lies an immense palace, constructed of what seems to be a white stone. The layout is very open, usually not even closing the doors. Although easily fortified if necessary, it doesn't appear that way with open hallways and open air sweeping through easily. Gated off but usually left with the doors open, anybody is welcome. Around the palace lies an immense market, the size of a large city in itself. Anything anybody could possibly desire can be found here, if you know who to talk to. Beyond this lies the larger businesses, then the residences. The last group, the ring that lined the inner wall, was completely army territory. Mostly small stations, a few places were set up to be more people-friendly with information centers.


    Okay, here's just a rough idea of what I want here. My character is Anya, Queen of Sardonnai. Some of you met her in the masquerade chat-RP. It made me really want to dig her out again, so here we go! The setting is pretty much like Hawaii with a few differences are far as imports/exports go and other details like that. Also, very few tourists because it's not exactly easy to get to the island.

    My idea for the plot is that Anya's Lord Chancellor/Most trusted advisor, Xander Grigori (Names can be changed!) is going to make an assassination attempt. That's putting it very plainly and leaving a lot of room for interpretation, I hope. He doesn't want to damage his own reputation or how the people look upon him so it will have to be subtle. Already he was responsible for the King, Anya's father, which caused her to take the throne at a rather young age. Her father was poisoned. Just to give you a rough idea there. If you'd like to play Xander's part, we'll talk more about all that!

    Now, other than that underlying plot, there are a lot of other things that are going on here. It's a kingdom - we'll need everything. Nobles, diplomats, servants, merchants, shopkeeps in the city, innkeepers.. Everything. There are a few set positions in the nobility - ask if you'd like one! Or just apply xD

    There are also Guilds in the city, so you can apply to be head of a Guild if you wish, or just a member.

    This RP is open to any species - Elves, Dwarves, Vampires, etc. However, please note that disruptive individuals shall be ruthlessly hunted by the Guard and imprisoned for at least a day before being tried for your actions. On that note, keep in mind that Sardonnai has very different ideas about what's considered torture than we do..

    Native Sardonnians are human. Non-Natives can be whatever.

    I think that's it for now.. Questions? Interested? All that jazz?