Sarah's [FxF] Pairings.

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  1. Hey, you!

    Sarah here. I'll get straight to the point.

    (---> . ) sorry.

    When I post it depends on what is happening in the roleplay. Such as the situation my character is in, what is happening and how can my character react. You may ask me for a sample post.

    My preferences when it comes to roleplay:

    ◆Storylines. I want a story..- Some sex here and there, yep!

    ◆I enjoy roleplaying over conversations yet I do not mind threads.
    ◆I love roleplaying more than one character. It's something optional, though.
    ◆I enjoy a bit of all in a roleplay; action.. Romance, comedy, drama! I admire mixing.. Another optional thing!
    ◆OC's over canon characters. (I wouldn't see my self perfect at playing canon characters, sorry.)
    ◆I am open for all genres. (Steampunk, medieval, modern, etc..)


    Feel free to suggest other pairings.

    ◆Servant X Royal/Noble
    ◆Pirate X Royal/Noble (Ship raid, keep raid and so on)
    ◆Assassins X Target / Assassin X Assassin √√
    ◆Bully x bullied √
    ◆Mr/Mrs Smith-like √√√
    ◆Couples: Perhaps something more like slice of life. An affair, drama, romance, a laugh here or there, etc. √√√
    ◆Gym teacher X student
    ◆Best friends
    ◆Whatever you suggest. <3


    I enjoy roleplaying OC characters in universes such as the ones listed down below.

    ◆Lost Girl universe
    ◆Lost (Survival on an island concept)
    ◆Game of Thrones universe
    ◆World of Warcraft universe.
    ◆Black is the new Orange (Prison idea)

    And please, if you lose interest or if you do not like something happening within our roleplay please just don't 'poof' away. Message me about it, whether you want to stop roleplaying with me or want to stop/change what is happening within our roleplay. I hate hanging on a cliff for a reply, I am needy when it comes to roleplay.
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  2. I'd love to do something with you set in the Lost Girl universe.
  3. I haven't done F x F in a while but I'd love to do best friends. Pm me?
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