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Sara: I need someone to talk to:blah:
John: Whut?
W: It's ok, we can throw a party! :music::dust::music::shroom::dust::music::bsmile:
John: Parties are for the weak. >:[
Bro Seth: Aww c'mon dude. You're ruining the flo, bro.
John: Get out of my hot tub - all of you.
John: That was my toe. >:[
W: I liek tows
Bro Seth: Toes are what make the world go round man.
W: u guise jest dunt undastand, man, wii gotta parteh. PARTEH WIFF BOOZE, u no whut im sayun?
Bro Seth: No I'm like serious man. When we sleep our toes walk like legs and spin the world beneath us round round right round like a record brosiph round round round round.
W: woa mahn, tahts dep.