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Core and Shell. Two segments of the planet Sapphirus, which orbits a massive star in a far off part of the universe. Shell, the outer surface of Sapphirus, is covered in water. No true continents peak above the water level, yet Shell is dotted by thousands upon thousands of islands, most of which are inhabited by people. Core, the "inner planet", is many miles beneath Shell. Held in place by the Pillars, it is the center of Sapphirus, bigger still than planet Earth. Core is inhabited by most of Sapphirus's population, the smaller planet divided into countries. All the various types of government are overseen by the World Government, which prevents wars from escalating and enforces the World Laws with their own military.

Warfare is not common amongst humans, on Sapphirus, for fear of the accidental destruction of the Pillars, which hold Core in place as Shell orbits the star. The destruction of too many pillars would result in the end of humanity, as Core would shift out of place and break through Shell. However, war is not uncommon against external forces, such as the many alien races that live on planets that orbit the star.

Recently, however, the World Government has ordered all the residents of Shell to take the Paths down to Core. Though the evacuation is still in effect, the World Government has not given any reason for this, choosing to remain silent on the matter. Rumors, however, say that something big is approaching. Something capable of wiping out all of Sapphirus, and ending humanity. Others blame the mysterious Feya, beings who oppose the god-like Ansh, who were said to be responsible for creating Sapphirus. While the Ansh were never truly seen, Feya have had many reported sightings, and the World Government has publicly acknowledged their existence, along side a warning. Whomever is touched by a Feya will be bound by their curse, and shall slowly become one of the creatures themselves. For thousands of years, humanity has known to stay away from a Feya, whenever spotted.

In this world, technology is highly advanced. Machines are Magitech-like, running off of a very thin mist that seems to always be in the air. While Magitech machines are powerful and highly useful, recharging them takes quite a bit of time, as they need to absorb the mist. Magic, while not unheard of, is nigh extinct. In fact, many believe true Magic is a thing of the Feya, and those who can use Magic are usually killed on sight. High powered weapons, like Mistanks, which are larger, humanoid machines piloted by a soldier, are restricted only for military use. However, cheaper knock-offs do exist, usually made by mechanics and bought by those who have a lot of money. Civilians are restricted to basic guns, such as pistols, which fire concentrated bursts of Mist. The purchase of weapons such as swords and the like are easier, and so many civilians are more often seen with daggers and knives, for protection.

Cursed by Feya?:
Magic Type (if cursed):

We will be playing characters who are interested in finding out what is going on up on Shell, though each character's reasons may vary. Whether there is a loved one missing, a reason to go back, or anything of that sort, is up to you.
Name: Zande Arcrye
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall man, Zande has black hair and wears a headband. His eyes are differently colored than one another, one being blue and the other a dark red. He claims they weren't always those colors. He wears a light, dark red sweater, dark blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. He's thin, though has some build, due to recent events.
Personality: Always one for a good laugh, Zande seems to believe he's destined to be the "hero of the story". As such, he often tends to be overconfident, occasionally gloating to whomever his enemy is.
History: Zande was a Misttech pilot for a couple of years, serving the World Government. It mainly paid well, and he needed the money. Eventually, he was sent on a mission with several other soldiers, because of a report about a Feya sighting. Upon arrival, the Feya hid itself in some old ruins. With orders not to kill it, he and the other soldiers went in after it. During some point in their search, Zande came into contact with the Feya, and it gave him the Feya's Curse. A marking was burned onto his upper forearm, giving the appearance that a part of his flesh had been torn off. Expecting to see bone and muscle through the two-inch wide wound, he was surprised to see something akin to the markings on the Feya on his flesh. The Feya was nowhere to be seen. When the soldiers arrived, they turned on Zande, seeing the mark of the Curse on him. He barely managed to escape.
Weapon: Two unadorned short swords, though custom made for him.
Cursed by Feya?: Yes
Magic Type (if cursed): Fire and Ice. Zande can create bursts of Fire and Ice, even enchanting his swords with the two elemental types. The Curse also seems to have made his mind run quicker, and is now able to analyze situations much quicker than he ever could. Physical attributes have been raised as well.

Name: Raime Arcrye
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Thin and somewhat tall. She has long, blue hair, streaked with silver that reaches down to her waist. She wears shorts that reach to about her knee, and a tank top. She also wears a light cloak, a simple dark gray in color. She has a more pale skin tone than Zande, and seems more physically frail.
Personality: Raime is a very determined person, though doesn't seem to be "all there", at times. She is usually seen smiling and laughing with someone, and appreciates kindness. However, she is also a person with many fears. She is prone to waking up at night, crying because of a nightmare, though will not answer any questions when asked. She also tends to be overly apologetic.
History: Younger sister to Zande. Raime was locked away at an insane asylum ever since she was young, though the facility claimed it was a center for "curing" mentally ill children. She would often talk about the "breaking of the Sapphire", though she was always vague. She would cry about it, and tell people that someone needed to stop the end of days. Yet after a while, no one paid her any mind. About a year ago, just before the evacuation was announced, she started yelling about the end arriving. She tried breaking out of her room, though to no avail. Zande arrived a few days later, breaking into the asylum and freeing his sister. He took her with him, and sometime after, she was given the Feya's Curse.
Weapon: A winged spear, also custom made for her height.
Cursed by Feya?:Yes
Magic Type (if cursed): Lightning and Wind magic. Raime is able to use a "breath" attack, exhaling a powerful burst of Lightning or Wind. The Curse also granted Raime incredible reflexes and jumping abilities, so she is able to jump above an enemy and strike them down by either throwing her spear, or shooting herself down with Wind magic and impaling them. Unfortunately, she falls asleep soon after fighting, due to her physical weaknesses.
Name: Serk Fetz
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Moderate height, strong lean build. Black hair, black eyes, usually some stubble on his face. His hair is shaggy and thick. Keeps a thick and heavy, brown leather jacket with two outer zipper pockets and two reguler pockets as well as two inside pockets. There's a neat little patch on the left sleeve. On his feet he wears big thick black boots with a metal plate on the toes. Carries a hidden shortsword in a sheath across his back under the jacket.
Personality: He can be explosive and exuberant, or passive and pensive. Depends on who's around and what's happening and what he's doing. If Serk's mind was a hamster wheel and you hooked up a generator to it, you'd probably be able to charge a car battery or two. He is interested in a number of things and is currently persuing those interests. He is friendly and helpful when ever he can be, and distracted. Sometimes a person will be talking to him, look back, and he'll be across the room tinkering with something that caught his eye.

History: Serk has lived on Core his whole life. He's explored much of the area around his city, after exploring the city itself first. In school he excelled in science, reading, physical education, and geology classes as well as taking a few extra ciricular classes he enjoyed severely. Growing up he had a couple of jobs here and there, never really knowing what career he wanted since he was many interests. Each job he's had related to a subject he liked; when doing something he didn't like, he did it poorly.

Weapon: Shortsword and what ever he may be carrying with him that can be used as a weapon. Fists. Feet. Head.

Cursed by Feya?: Perhaps! But no.

Magic Type (if cursed) Just being amazing.
Hello, i am Shane. I have a very strong character that i need a worthy adversary.Pm.Sorry for intrusion.
Name: Infynity Doskel (Fyn)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: With a height of about 5'7", Fyn has chocolate colored hair down to mid-back, except for her bangs, which are swept to the right side of her forehead. Her eyes are similar to the color of obsidian, which clash with her lightly tanned skin. She wears a maroon corset dress, a pair of black skinny jeans beneath it, and black lace-up boots up to her knees. Her skinny jeans are meant to cover her markings the Feya gave her.
Personality: Fyn is not one to joke around. Her serious nature is what usually distances her from others. However, she has a short temper and is hard to cooperate with. She will also let off snippy remarks whenever appropriate.
History: Fyn had made contact and was cursed by the Feya when she was 17. She was almost killed several times by the many people against Feya that same year after the people saw the markings on her right leg. She quickly escaped to Core, where no one knew her. She began traveling Core, trying to find others like her, and to help stop herself from transforming.
Weapon: An illegal silver pistol sword custom made for her which she hides in one of her boots.
Cursed by Feya?: Yes
Magic Type (if cursed): Fire and water. Her pistol can be enchanted by these elements, shooting bursts of fire and water. She can generate water in her hands, heat it quickly, and scald enemies with it as well after blasting them with it.
All right, Effort and Ryu. Both are good. We'll wait for maybe a few more people to join, before we start.