Moonlit Blade

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So, here's the main plot of the story.

Sapphirus; a planet within a planet, set in its own galaxy. Named for it's pristine, blue color that glimmers even in space, the surface of the planet is blanketed in water, with many smaller landmasses dotting it's surface. Thousands and thousands of miles beneath the crust of the planet, however, lies an even smaller planet, known simply as Core. Held in place by innumerable pillars connecting to the inside of the outer shell, Core, still bigger than Earth itself, is the home of a vast number of people. With Core split into many countries and governments, the men and women of Sapphirus have many vast customs and traditions, languages and ideals. While war is not an unknown concept, few countries seek to fight, for fear of the destruction of the pillars that hold Core in place. And yet, wars have been fought with other so-called "aliens"; those who would wish harm upon the humans. Yet, in the end, peace would always return.

Many believe it is because of "deities", that humans fare so well against the highly advanced enemies they have faced. Known only as the Ansh, they have never truly revealed themselves, though many claim to have seen their work. Likewise, many also believe in the Feya, creatures who strive to oppose the Ansh and create unrest. As opposed to the Ansh, Feya are seen on occasion, appearing as beasts of darkness, who shun the light. All that is known to the public, that has been publicly acknowledged by the various governments, is that the flesh of Feya is pure black, with markings of various colors, with each Feya's markings being a single color, depending on the individual. It is unknown what the markings mean, or if they mean anything at all, but throughout the ages, people have been told to stay away from Feya, for the touch of a Feya would bring upon an affliction that would turn any human into one of them.

Recently, the High Council, also known as the World Government, has ordered all civilians from Shell, Sapphirus's outer layer, to evacuate their homes and countries, and migrate to Core, through the many Pillar Vents. Reasons for the evacuation are unclear, and many rumors have begun to circulate, yet the one most whispered of is that "something" is coming. Many say it is an alien army, bent on the annihilation of humanity. Others say a meteor is hurtling towards Sapphirus. While they are only rumors, one thing is certain. Something is happening to Sapphirus, and it will not bode well for anyone.

Basically, we'll be playing characters who are trying to figure out what is going on. Why is everyone being evacuated? What is the World Government trying to do? Not only that, but, at least to start, my main characters will have been "cursed" by the Feya; they have been touched by them, and bear their mark. However, this touch does not seem to cause any harm, in fact, as it has given them unique magical abilities. The technology in this world is also Magitech-like, running off of a type of mineral for fuel. The same mineral is also used by the few people who have been "cursed" to recharge their magical powers, if they need to do so quickly.

The overall goal is vague to begin with, but as the story progresses, more will be revealed (as I've already come up with a decent part of what will happen to begin with). I'm looking for people interested in this game, to see on whether or not I should run it.
Awww yeah space intrigue! Space cloak and dagger! Space what-ifs! I'm down with this.