Saphir Academy For The Demonically Gifted

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    Dear (name),

    On behalf of Saphir Academy, I feel immense pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted as a student of our school. As you know, Saphir Academy is an exclusive school for only the demonically gifted and we expect nothing but the best from our students. You can choose to either live on or off campus, however the school will not cover any of your expenses. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the head mistress directly.


    Head Mistress Persephone R. Illuminous​

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  2. Obviously, there are standard rules:
    • The world is your oyster. I provided the school, the rest of the map is up to you.
    • It's high school which means ages 14-18.
    • Sexy time steamy stuff, take it to private messages. Otherwise, romance is encouraged.
    • I am the creator, respect. Head mistress is played by Alyss, respect.

    That's all for now! Roleplay to your hearts content!

    Classes so far:
    • Combat Training
    • Power Management
    • Math
    ((We can add as we go along, or if anyone wants to make some suggestions.))
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  3. A sharply dressed woman with long flowing black hair and sharp green eyes rose and stood at the podium that fasted out over a sea of young faces. with a smile Head Mistress Persephone R. Illuminous began to speak. "Welcome! Welcome to another year at Saphir Academy. I have a few start of term notices I wish to announce. first and second year students please note that you are strictly forbidden to leave campus under any circumstances. Third and forth year students may leave if you have a written consent forum sighed by your legal parent or guardian. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Shunpike has asked me to remind you that powers are not to be used outside of school grounds and are not to be used in the corridors. I'm also pleased to welcome Professor Wilton who has kindly consented to fill the post of Professor of the Arcane Arts. Good luck professor!" she turned as applause rang out and nodded to a large well built man with white hair and long beard. his deep grey eyes flashed as he nodded in return. turning back to look out over the students, she continued, "As some of you may know, Professor Mangleburn, our professor of Demon Physiology, has decided to retire in order to spend more time with his remaining sanity. I'm delighted to announce that his place will be filled by demon renowned Dr. Crabbe." as applause once more rang out Head Mistress Illuminous turned and nodded to a thin, gangly looking woman with long, brown greasily looking locks. Dr. Crabbe shakily nodded and half smiled in return. turning again once more to face the crowd she continued in a more grave tone, "Finally, on a more disquieting note, Saphir Academy- at the request of the Office of Demon Affairs- will, until further notice, play host to a small faction of keepers. Who will be monitoring our actions to insure another incident, like the one we had last year with the mortals, does not happen again. The keepers will be stationed at the entrances to the grounds. While they are under strict orders not to enter the castle itself, you will on occasion see them as you go about your daily activities. Under no circumstances are you to approach them." she scanned the room as she frowned deeply, " I need not remind you that mortals are not allowed to enter school grounds. if any are to found they will be swiftly put down but the keepers." Head Mistress Illuminous paused and sighed softly. Then she smiled once more and finished, " Now good luck student and have a wonderful year!" applause rang out one last time as the Head Mistress turn and walked away from the podium, the frown quickly returning to her lips. " may the gods watch over us all." she muttered to herself as everyone rose and walked away.
  4. Breathing in the smell of freshly cut grass, Nate opened his eyes and stared up at the sun. It was such a peaceful day. Nothing could ruin a beautiful sunny day like this, except of course school. "CRAP. I'm late for school!" The Nephilim hurriedly hopped up from his spot on the soft grass and began to sprint. He reached the edge of a cliff and jumped. Snapping out his wings, Nate smiled with the wonderful feeling of flight. After a few minutes of blissful aviation, Nate landed in front of the Saphir Acedemy doors. It's always nice to leave a good impression on the first day, but Nate didn't think being late is their definition of good.

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  5. Kimberly started her day like any other; She woke up at the last minute and scurried around her dorm to get ready for the first day of school. Although Kimberly was not new to the school, she was still unprepared but this was to be expected from her. After finishing the last touches, she rushed off to the headmistresses speech, making it just in time to hear the rest of it. Kimberly applauded like everyone else when it was time, but was bored out of her mind as she was sure the rest of the students attending for another year were. This was a thing the school and the headmistress did every year and the only ones who actually got anything out of it were the new students.

    Once the headmistress finally wrapped up her speech, Kimberly made her final applause and took her leave with the rest of the students. On her way to class she saw a few people she recognized. A "Great party last night!" here and a "Hope you had a great summer." there. It was an eventful day for sure, but Kimberly wasn't very excited about it, it was still school after all. Kimberly was, however, eager to see if she would have a roommate this year.
  6. A young man was walking down the corridors, He was alone, his head was tilted slightly down and he walked slowly and carefully, as if he was in a pitch black room. He held a long stick out in front of him, often saying a quick, quiet "Excuse me.." when it bumped into something, whether or not it was a actual person. He stopped for a moment and looked around. His eyes were like obsidian spheres, without pupils. He placed a hand by his ear to listen to something for a moment, and when he continued walking he tripped, his head hitting a wall with a thud, and then the floor with a sharp clunk. He got on his hands and knees and rubbed his head. His black eyes widened for a moment, and he started muttering to himself, his hand searching the floor for where the stick he was holding had rolled to.
  7. Kimberly was continuing her walk down the halls of the large school, still mingling with people she had known from the previous school year, when she noticed a newcomer ungracefully hit the ground all of a sudden. At first, she wasn't going to get involved, but then she noticed that the handful of people that also noticed either had the same idea or were chuckling slightly. Kimberly couldn't help but silently judge some of the teenagers as she made her way over to the male and picked up his stick for him. She knelt down to his level and before handing it over to him, she looked him over, taking notice of his odd eyes. She was shocked for a moment, but that didn't stop her from lending him a hand. "You took quite the tumble. You need some help?" She asked before placing the stick gently in his hand that had been desperately searching for the object.
  8. He turned his head in her generally direction, seeming to be looking at the wall next to her and said "Thank you, very much." Looking closely, it could be seen that there were markings upon his cheekbones, appearing to be some sort of dark red runes. His teeth appeared slightly sharper than what would be normal, and upon his gloved hand, the tips of the fingers, came to a sharp point. He quickly said, "I'm not particularly good at navigating foreign environments, not since..." he motioned towards his empty, obsidian eyes.

    He was a little shorter than a lot of the other students around them, and not very muscular, his black eyes had slight bags under them, and his hair was a little messy.
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  9. Although he couldn't see, Kimberly couldn't help but smile at him. His appearance was a little strange to her, but that was a normal reaction for someone who looked human, however she wasn't scared off by it. She took notice to the fact that he wasn't looking at her directly, but she didn't feel the need to address it since he was clearly talking to her, and that seemed like an awkward topic anyway. "No problem." She responded to his thanks as she helped him to his feet. She was surprised when he opened up slightly, and outright mentioning the obvious. "It must be hard. How did that happen anyway?" Kimberly blurted out without thinking. "Err, that was rude, sorry." She quickly added.
  10. "It's allright... It started quite a while ago, I was in training to be a blacksmith, and one day I found myself clutching a nail, it was almost red hot and I felt nothing from it. A week later these runes appeared, people were worried, but nothing seemed to happen... I woke up the next day, opened my eyes, and, I couldn't see. Then my teeth grew sharp, my nails turned to claws, and I was sent here... Anyway, my name is Lyall, and it's nice to meet someone here."
  11. Kimberly was intrigued with his story and hung on every word. "Woah." She muttered quietly. Her processing was interrupted by him introducing himself suddenly. "Well, Lyall, I'm Kimberly, and you've got my story beat by a landslide." Kimberly said with a chuckle. "It's nice to meet you, too. Hey, how 'bout I walk you to class?" She offered, once again catching herself smiling even though he was unable to see.
  12. Lyall looks in the general direction of the hall in front of him and the hall to his back. "Well, I don't know where I'm going and I'm not sure which way I came from... so that would be nice." Lyal held the stick out in front of him, tapping the floor. The whole thing was wrapped in cloth except for the very bottom, and at the top there was a cap attached on which the hand rested. Engraved in the metal was the words *Good Luck*
  13. Kimberly took his free arm and guided him through the long halls of their school. "So, which class to you have right now?" She asked as they walked together. Lucky for Lyall, Kimberly was attending her second year at Saphir Academy and knew almost every inch of it. He didn't know it, but he couldn't have stumbled upon a better guide.
  14. "I requested a class on demon physiology, as I want to know exactly what it was that made my vision disappear. How flexible is this school with what classes one can take?" Lyall starts to lose balance for a moment but catches himself before he can fall. He chuckles at this small achievement.
  15. Shadow grimaced at the speech. Her finely attuned ears stung from the school bell, as she limped her way towards... Um... She glanced back at the map. What... Great, she was lost on the first day of school. She quickly tied up her long ginger hair in an attempt to look more natural. She wasn't exactly used to school, being kicked out for being unnatural, or menace. People called her a freak. One time she was actually threatened with arrest and chased by a police officer for accidentally releasing a fire bolt at school. Honestly, she expected to be expelled from this school as well, despite it being for 'demonically gifted' children. Shadow sighed and looked for help. She saw a boy and girl walking together, and was tempted to ask them but they looked... 'Busy'. Romance already. Ignoring her gut instinct, she walked up to the couple and softly asked, "Do you know where my class is?" with a slight Scottish accent
  16. Kimberly was delighted that they were already making small talk so easily. "I will deny it if you ever tell anyone I said this, but, this school is actually kinda great." She paused, reflecting on what she had just said. It was true, Kimberly was never great when it came to schools. Kimberly had already been to a number of schools already before she had settled on this one, and the fact that she was still there was a big deal. "Anyway, if you feel you need a class for your specific need, or if you have a specific interest in something, they are usually good about assigning classes and transfers." Kimberly took notice to Lyall's sudden loss of balance, but before she could help him he had corrected it himself. She was shocked to him hear chuckle, but admired his attitude none the less.

    "Do you know where my class is?" Kimberly suddenly heard from a girl who looked about the same age as her. She looked the girl over, she seemed normal enough, but surely she had some kind of power or gift. "I'm sure I do. I was just showing Lyall here to his class as well, if you'd like you can join us." She stated to the newcomer. The way things were going, Kimberly was in for a busy day.
  17. Lyall turned to the new voice he heard, not quite pointing his head in her direction... yet she could still see his face, and his black eyes. "Oh hello, are you new here too?" He said, slightly leaning on his cane. He stopped leaning on it and looked around for a moment, as if he was suddenly lost."
  18. Desdemona was wandering the academy with a book in her left hand and an apple in her right hand. She was a slender woman with dark purple hair and eyes to match She was a senior and class president, so it was her job to help out the new students. As she wandered the halls, she spotted Kimberly and some new students. She walked over to them. "Hey Kimberly."
  19. Kimberly was talking with her new acquaintances when someone she actually recognized approached. "Oh, Desi! You have impeccable timing, as always." She said to her with a grin. "This is Lyall, he's new here and very special so you be good to him. And this is...errr, I don't know her name yet, but she seems new too. I was just showing them to class." She introduced them all. Kimberly was doing her good deeds for the day, which would probably surprise Desdemona since she already knew Kimberly and the trouble maker she usually was. Perhaps a new year was a new leaf for Kimberly? Or perhaps she had developed a soft spot for the outcasts such as herself?
  20. "That's odd for you, last year you gave a headache on the amount of paperwork I had to do." Desdemona looked at the new kids. "Hi my is Desdemona, I am student body president and senior here at saphir academy."
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