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  1. For those who practice or celebrate Christmas there is a man fat man dressed in red who leaves gifts for people on the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I want to know when you figured out the truth about the man in red. I also would like to know about if your younger siblings and/or children still believe or not, or how they came about telling you they know longer believe.

    I personally was 10 when I figured out the truth about Santa Claus. My father the year before had messed up with a gift from Santa and talked about needed to get an exchange since he got the wrong size of a comforter for my bed. However, it was a gift from Santa that year. I also before Christmas that year opened up my mother's word document of gifts she had gotten. I had asked for a doll that year and it was on that list and I happened to get that gift from Santa. Slowly put two and two together and finally approached my mother and asked for the truth. I can remember my mother looking at me conflicted on if she she tell me or not, before she finally admitted the truth.

    I have two younger sisters, one is two years younger then I and the other is eleven years younger. I'm pretty sure the middle sister knew before I did just played along because I was slower to put things together. My other little sister is currently 11, I've doubted her belief for two years now, but she carries on acting like she believes. I'm wondering if she'll ever admit she knows the truth or if my mother will carry on being Santa until she moves out.

    As for my sister (who's like 6), yep she definitely believes in Santa. Doesn't help that she's probably the most clueless person to have ever existed on planet Earth.
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  3. Well you see, I learned the truth when I sat down and asked Santa for a new game.
    And then the next day, I got it.

    Sure, my parents grabbing it is far more logical and probable... But on that day Santa spoke to me, he told me he was real, and now I believe!


    Ok, seriously though I stopped at 12 I think. I don't remember the precise time.
    It wasn't anything major, I just kind of put the pieces together.

    I think my Sister stopped around the same time.
    Not sure though, Mom to this day (and I'm 21 now) goes around insisting she believes in him.
    So being able to discuss Santa not existing was almost always silenced immediately.
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  4. Mom got mad and told me.
  5. I still believe in Soviet Santa.

    He takes all your belongings and redistributes it all among the Proletariat masses on his crudely welded cast iron sleigh, pulled by 8 mighty Prolerbears, led by Commissar Dashuska.
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  6. I've known for a long while as a child (or had a feeling) but if I told my parents, that means no more Santa gifts. I was a teenager when my parents finally said "really? -_-"
  7. Lol. My parents still label some of the gifts as being "from Santa" even though they know that no one in my family still believes. It's just fun, that's all.

    Plus then we can talk about how "Santa" brought them in a very tongue-in-cheek way and it's all just fun.

    ...And I take no issue with a bit of holiday fun. XD
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  8. We don't even celebrate Christmas in the first place. No chimney, no tree, no Santa.
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  9. +1

    I never belived in any of it in the first place. Even as a kid, I stayed firmly grounded in the facts, not fairy-tales. Father's influence (one of the very few redeming qualitys that piece of shit ever had).

    Religius fairy-tales and fantasys may have some merit for the ppl who like living in the clouds, but I prefer to stick to reality, and I intend to teach my children the same, if/vhen I decide to have them. Xmas is a day just like any other, and vorse, its a stolen Pagan holiday, along with all its symbolizm, including "Santa Claus". Celebrating a fraud... no thx. Besydes, if I want to buy someone I care about a present, I dont need some arbitrary holiday or persona like "Santa Claus" to validate my intention. I'l buy it any day of the year, at any time I choose to.
  10. I was told around 5 or 6 when my parents converted to being Jehovah's Witnesses. @___@ I then spent the rest of my childhood watching other children enjoy the magic of Santa, and feeling like I missed out on a wonderful game of make-believe.
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  12. I believed in Santa for YEARS. I said I believed longer than I actually did because we were told that Santa only gifts to those that believe. My son believes in Santa, and I'd like to keep that up as long as possible. It's the magic that's important.
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  13. Hey now, Santa isn't all that bad. The gift giving part most likely came from this German toy maker who would build toys and give them to the poorer kids every year.

    Christmas is a fusion of fun traditions :D Like the family part. Don't like where that came from? Who cares :D Use the capitalist gift giving part :D Don't like capitalism? You're still covered :D Enjoy some nice Christmas music. Don't like Music? No biggie ^^ You can enjoy drinking eggnog and BLOWING IN PEOPLE FACE SINCE EGGNOG MAKES YOUR BREATH SMELL LIKE SHIT! (My dread whenever I saw eggnog in the refrigerator o.o) Don't like being a fucking jackass to others? No big deal, there's still Christmas movies like Kirk Cameron saving Christmas... I mean grandma got run over by a reindeer or those pretty fun Santa Claus movies. Don't like Christmas movies? I'm sure there's night clubs out there with Christmas theme events :D Ne drolja ? That's cool too :D You can just read books like Čudnovate zgode šegrta Hlapića and just have a day off of all your life struggles because Christmas is a day of happiness/relaxation :D :D :D

    (No wonder why you're not a girly girl, your language is harsher than German and Russian combined XD)
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  14. Hmm. You do make several good points. :) But I just dont like all that... hype... surounding it too. And any day can be a day of happynes and relaxation, right? :) For me personaly, that day is New Year and the partying-until-morning involved!

    // BTW, some advice? Dont use Google Translate to try and speak Croatian, it tends not to translate too wel most of the time. :P //
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  15. Well fine, Christmas doesn't want your parties anyway >.< But just you wait, once America takes you over and turns Croatian into broatian, then you'll understand the magic of the AMERICAN holiday, Christmas :D :D :D (I've been playing too much Bro-force XP)

    I was 100% positive that it was going to be a terrible translation. But I found it funny regardless ^^ (And I was hoping it would be a terrible translation. It's more funny/sad that way)
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  16. And I dont want Christmas, so that makes it even! As for the rest.... keep dreaming, prety boy. XD
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  17. Santa is real, maybe not as a portly man with a beard dressed all in red, but more as a concept and idea. The spirit of Santa Claus is that of giving, and that's very real.

    Ergo, when my son asks if Santa is real, I can say 'yes' with a completely straight face, and I'm not even lying.
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  18. Finding out Santa Claus was fake also kinda killed my faith in the christianity thing. Maybe it was just the age.

    "So you're telling me.. A fat jolly guy doesn't fly around earth giving presents to kids.. But you want me to remain firm in believing a dude walked on water, turned water into wine, spawned food for thousands, got killed, then came back? That's not fair." Pastor looked like he'd lost another one somehow. Poor Mr. Greene, he was so nice too.

    Was around ten or so. Dad lost his job for December, mom struggled with hers. Didn't get much. Kinda had it figured out already, but they humored me and tried to keep it up. They figured it was okay as long as I was in the spirit of giving. I was ten. I just wanted video games.
  19. I never really believed in Santa Claus but I came to a definite conclusion when I left this paper Christmas tree that we'd made in school out to give to Santa and I later found it in my parent's room. Dad kept it, its our tree topper for lack of an actual star or angel. I also found out the Tooth Fairy was never real when I asked for her signature, woke up to find my step mom signing the paper I'd left. I decided to let it go and pretend I was asleep.

    A year after I stayed up with them and ate the Christmas cookies while my step sister slept. I felt like I was finally an adult (I was probably 10).
  20. I might point out, given from what I'm understanding, that Santa Claus himself has very little to do with Christianity
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