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  1. | Time of Creation |
    I will be creating this roleplay once the site switches back to normal and I can make roleplay threads again.

    | Plot |
    In a realm where magic rules the land, a guild of rogues has been formed. The Sanguinem Luna Guild offers select services to those who request assistance in dark deeds or good deeds depending on the customer.

    Assassins and simple monster hunters alike are welcome to join the quickly growing guild. No one knows what the mysterious guild chieftain's intentions are, but this endeavor is not one to be taken likely. The guild has created a reputation for itself, as the most feared and most reliable guild in the land, and the chieftain won't stand for anyone besmirching its name.

    Meanwhile in the world, dark magic has begun to spark up. More powerful monsters have been springing to life and destroying villages and small towns. The number of missions for the Sanguinem Luna Guild has increased dramatically over the past few months. The chieftain will select a team of six individuals to help him investigate the cause of this spike in dark magic, and put a stop to it.

    | More Information |
    This will be in a completely fantasy realm with medieval weaponry and magic spells. You can play as whatever species you want as long as you can be killed. I will make a list of magic spells and abilities for you guys to choose from.
  2. neat, i'm interested :3
  3. For the record, you are still able to create roleplay OOC threads the old-fashioned way if you post it directly into the Info Group RP section!
  4. What classifies as "being killed"? Writing 'as long as it can be killed' made me want to play some kind of malevolent spirit or something... Also, will we be able to create our own spells and abilities or will it be limited only to those on your list?
  5. As long as it can be killed basically means anything mortal. Spells can be suggested, but I'm going to try and cover everything in the list.
  6. I my opinion, it would be better just to come up with general spell archetypes / elements, that way if people want to use some awesome idea they came up with, they still can, cos I guarantee you won't 'cover everything' with your ideas, unless your spell ideas are sufficiently broad that they may as well be elements anyway.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.