Sanguine Dirge IC: The Pilgrim's Respite

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  1. Aloette.jpg Aloette Vinscenna

    "This thread will serve as a place for the more active members in the main IC RP to have fun and fool around in while waiting for everyone to post. The setting will be the pilgrim's respite and of course this is all in character, however as if in a pocket dimension, none of the content here will have an effect on the actual story of the RP. Feel free to have your characters cut loose and socialize with others or have a slap fight... Or perhaps just get drunk and stuff their faces with pies. This little pocket dimension is here for us all to go crazy and interact freely. So feel free to have a village of halflings burst through the door juggling mugs of beer for everyone or some other crazy crap! Enjoy the complete creative freedom granted to us all by the graces of the gods!" Aloette bows elegantly and ceases 4th wall breaking in favor of awaiting eager companions to join her by the warm fireplace scented with cinnamon. Or not, it's cool
  2. Things were quite within the Respite. The bustlings of the help and passing members of the Sanguine Dirge was strangely absent for today. It could be that most of chores wrapped up by mid-morning, and parties were sent out across Alor to face peril. For Mali, it meant some peace and quiet to collect himself. Since joining the Sanguine Dirge, the halfling has been walking a tightrope between moving forward and losing his mind. He’s been blind to so many of the wrong and darkness in this world. Each mission forces Mali to take a deep breath and close his eyes as he’s dragged into the scummy and murky depths. He’d struggle to remain ignorant and unaffected, keep holding is very breath until Mali is given permission to break the surface. But, he’d wind up plunge in the muck before having a chance to breathe and compose himself.

    Today, though… today he could pause and take a deep breath.

    Mali had made his way to the entrance hall after waking up late. Being able to sleep in AND in the comfort of a warm bed… it felt like a luxury compared to his last sleeping arrangements. The floorboards creaked below his feet as the smell of cinnamon and subtle smoke filled his nose. Scratching his belly and giving a loud, audible yawn, he wondered where the others were. Let alone, if he was chosen to be left behind for once. Whe his belly rumbled and growled, Mali patted himself and cooed his stomach to quiet down. “Easy there. I’ll take care of you in a moment.

    The scout made his way to the kitchen contemplating about breakfast. Sure, he missed the morning bell for the meal. But, it didn’t mean he was too helpless to feed himself. He was met with lingering smoke of the fire and the remains of fried meats lingering in the air. Mali hummed in delight. Maybe there was some cuts left from breakfast? Or fresh baked loaves untouched by the ravenous members of his party. Or… it could be that everything was put away and the usual faces of the kitchen was nowhere insight. Even the “sunny” Cookie wasn’t brooding over the flames of the indoor spit. Now, this was very peculiar. Where was everyone?

    Looking around, Mali mumbled and grumbled a bit. All he could make out was several pots and jars on the countertops. No food in view. Again, his stomach cried out, begging to be fed or there will be consequences. Shaking his head, the halfing jumped and climbed on top of the main counter in the kitchen. Some giant bowls clunked behind him as his back and rear knocked into them. Turning around, the scout did his best to keep the giant bowls from tumbling down. Once they stilled, the halfing sighed and turned back around to face the counter on the far wall.

    His concentration was at an all time high, doing his best to judge the distance. Soon, he was on his feet and readied himself for the jump of his life. Biting his bottom lip, the halfing took a leap of fate… and managed to scramble up on the counter on the other side. The winds of victory blew for him as Mali opened one of the upper cabinets and spotted it. The jars of jams and jellies. A mischievous chortle escaped as he reached out for one of the huge jars. Soon, he had one in particular, and he took a step back.

    He didn’t realized the the counter was still dirty from the morning and bits of lard remained.

    Mali slipped and fell back, taking the jar with him. His butt hit the stone ground first. He yelped loudly, feeling pain spread across his arse and up his spine. Looking down, it seemed like the jam was okay… then he looked up. It seemed like he knocked the shelf in the cabinet as the other jars of jams rained down on the halfling. Glass and jam littered the cobble floor. Mali was coated in the sticky and sweet mess, nicked up from the glass.

    … at least the jar he had was safe.
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  3. The loud crashing from the kitchen drew the attention of one childlike vampire. Fearing that someone might be hurt she rushed to the kitchen with her supernatural speed. Upon seeing the catastrophe and determining that Mali was not injured beyond his pride and cleanliness Aloette couldn't help but giggle at the sight of the jam covered Halfling. She folds her arms and speaks with a grin, her fangs visible from having used her vampiric speed "Well well, looks like you got yourself in a bit of a jam there Mali. What was going through your head that made you destroy everything?" She cocks her head to the side and seems very amused at all this, her really just feeling like playfully teasing him for this mishap. Aloette herself would have just waited for some help if she wanted to get something off the shelf, though she had no need to. She only consumed blood now, a sad fact that she was reminded of every time she smelt a fine meal being cooked or saw some tasty pastries. It was torture knowing that she couldn't eat something like that without getting sick. Raw meat was her limit, mostly because of the blood. Now that she thought about it maybe she could try cookies with a glass of blood to keep the tasty treats down!
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  4. Cleaning this mess wasn’t the problem. It was gathering the shards of dignity and humility that shattered along with the jars of currents. Someone was, in fact, still within the Respite. In a blink of an eye, a child lingered above. Though… child would be the wrong choice of word. She liked the gleam of whimsy and youth in her ruby gaze. The stoney gaze of maturity and wisdom replaced the shine. Aloette was the resident undead of their party. A living stature that remained untouched as civilizations rose and crashed countless times. Unlike other blood suckers, age didn’t rob her of humor.

    Oh hahaha,” Mali exaggerated a laugh as he started to rise from the ground. Doing his best not to step on the glass, the halfing tiptoed to the island counter and set the jar at the very lip of the surface, making sure that it was still in reach. Jams and jellies slipped off and added to the mess on the floor. “I thought the new decor would match her personality,” Mali couldn’t help but joke as he went to feast on the remains of one jar. Boysenberry… oh how he wept internally.

    Think you can point me to the direction of a pail and scrub brush? A broom too?
  5. Aloette let her smile waver as she looks over the small cuts from the shattered glasses. She shakes her head and seems rather distracted right now "I don't keep track of such things... i'm used to servants cleaning up messes like this" Her slightly glowing eyes practically bulged out of her head as she saw a small trickle of blood come out of one such wound. Without really realizing it she licks her lips and steps towards Mali, pointing at his cheek "You are wounded Mali. You should really... fix that first..." Her eyes easily give away her hunger at the sight of the halfling's blood. She takes a few more steps and moves around the island to wipe some blood off of his wound, tasting it right in front of him. Aloette wasn't really thinking of her actions being disturbing right now, she just wanted the taste of blood in her mouth to satiate her hunger. She would need to go drain some of the Dirge's human cattle to keep herself from going rabid soon. Luckily the cattle were all tyrants, wicked thieves and bandits, or unfortunate soldiers who served the wrong side... Aloette would feel no remorse in ending them rather than harming her allies and being executed for such a betrayal. With the employment of vampires it was a necessary evil anyway, much like all this murder in the first place
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  6. Wasn’t there an important piece of information Mali should know right now? Well, clearly it wasn’t the location of the cleaning supplies or how long Cookie’s tirade was going to be. Could it be it had something to do with searching for a stool instead of winding up in this ordeal? Or, was it the fact that Aloette is a vampire and he’s bleeding? … maybe, it was the last one? The signs were there that the vampire was drawn into the site of Mali’s blood. The unfocused gaze. The deepening look of hunger in her eyes.

    She was soon drawn in, closing in on the halfling. Aloette was kind enough to point out a shallow wound. Even wiping a thread of blood away wasn’t unwanted… until she licked the remains. Mali swallowed a bit. There was the rule about not slaying a fellow Dirge member… but it wasn’t cut and clear about being a walking and refillable waterskin. “First the cuts. Then the cleaning!” Color seemed to disappear from Mai’s face as a nervous laugh escaped. He rushed around to look for some rags to use.

    I… I guess you missed breakfast too?” Mali tried to lighten the severity of the moment as he found a hanging rag to press against his cheek (for the moment).
  7. Aloette was barely paying him any attention as he moved away and grabbed a rag to hide the sight of that delicious blood from her sight. Rather than feel relieved she felt like a dog that was shown a hefty slice of beef then had it snatched away rather suddenly. Her eyes narrowed and she left out a hiss as she snatched the rag from his hand, her claws also manifesting and cutting his cheek during the motion... The smell of the blood from Mali and the rag as well drives her mad enough that she stuffs the rag in her mouth and drains the blood from its threads before she realizes just how unsightly and improper her actions are. She blushes a deep embarrassed red and removes the rag from her mouth, holding it in her hand as she speaks softly "I-I apologize... I must be going now, before I do that to you..." She rushes off, leaving the respite just long enough to drain some poor human cattle. She would return soon enough to converse with Mali a bit more, though he may be too thoroughly disturbed to speak to her again. She had only been a vampire for 7 years now and hasn't quite got the control a decades or centuries old bloodsucker would. In fact she was even influenced quite a bit by her emotions and the irritation she had for the fact that she was stuck looking like a child for the rest of her eternal life. She wouldn't be able to experience things most would, at least not normally
  8. As the morning sun made it's way into an afternoon sky Samuel was well on his way to the training building at the southern end of Skariskal. Samuel had no need to sleep or eat so he commonly either faked doing one of the two in order to appear "normal" and not concern others or when he was more free he would use the time he would spend on such things like extra practice. This also made it so the young specter is able to be up and about so easily at nearly anytime. As Samuel continued to make his way down the path that he was all too familiar with as he was trained her for some time before being assigned to a group; his armor reflected the risen sun and clanked about for all to see which a some passer byes would as even the laziest of people were up and awake by now. Samuel didn't know how much longer it would be until he would leave this place for his training was well completed and Skariskal has basically been his home for the past two years and he wanted to visit the training area one last time. After a few more minutes the young knight approached the massive stone building from which Samuel could already here striking of metal against metal and voices yelling at one another in the middle of sparring; which puts a soft smile on Samuel's as he remembers the first time he approached this building. As he opened one of the main front wooden double doors his expectations were certainly met as he could see a good dozen sparring sessions going on within the first sixty feet of the flat stone floor with only more spars and areas of training stretching off into the distance as clashing metal and voices echoed all throughout the building with the suns rays illuminating the interior from open windows set high up on the walls.

    As Samuel would only be able to make his way two steps pass the door after closing it behind him before being greeted by a familiar face. It was one of the minor sparring instructors who went by the nickname "Red Beard" for the obvious reason of the man having such a large bushy red beard that hung just past his chin. The man had been one of Samuel's instructors and wasn't known for forgetting faces. He was on the portly side and spoke with a truly deep voice but the man was known for having a smile that was as warm as a campfire despite his wearing of dark leather armor and the large hammer strapped to his back. The two would exchange smiles, some greetings and small chatter before "Red Beard" would ask Samuel if he could help with the sparring of some warrior initiates as the portly man would chuckle. Samuel would happily accept and take up a training sword and shield. Both weapons were made of metal though the swords had no edge or point. These were used instead of wood variants so that trainees would get use to the weight of lifting metal as well as getting hit by it to toughen them up, some lessons that Samuel remembered extremely well during the start of his stay here two years ago but it made him all the better for it.

    Getting into the sparring square Samuel would be put in four consecutive spars and they were all sword and shield warriors like how Samuel was and each opponent was greener than the next and that's saying a lot considering how the young knight only finished his training from the SD not that long ago at all. The end result of each match would be Samuel knocking down each of his opponents in some manner or another whether it be a shield bash or a strike from the blunted sword. But each match Samuel would be sure to drag out each bought for the full five minutes so that "Red Beard" could see who need to work more on their stamina and endurance. After each match Sam would make sure to happily help stand up each of his opponents with a smile and a few words of advance on shield angling and some tips and tricks on some of the things that they would learn in due time during training.

    After some thanks from "Red Beard" a sudden shout from a young male voice would cry out from the sparring square next over. The seen meeting those who looked towards the sound would be that of a young sixteen year old trainee with short black hair cowering on his butt with his arms covering his face as a twenty two year old muscular man (also a trainee) stands over him with a blunted training great-sword raised over his head about to come down on his already defeated and cowering opponent as the wielder gave a cocky smile. Samuel wasn't far away and rushed over just as the weapon came down as young Sam would get between the two and use his shield to deflect the downward blow to the outside and slam into the stone floor with a spark and screech. Samuel still with his shield raised and training sword clenched in his main hand as the older man would raise his own weapon onto his shoulder and speak loudly with an obnoxious tone.

    "What did ya step in for?! I was just showing my fellow juniors what it's like to be on a real battlefield! Not that these wimps and children deserve the right to do so anyways. The same goes for you too boy."

    The man wore full plate just like Samuel's own armor only his shoulder cape was purple instead of crimson and wasn't currently wearing a helmet which would show the man's long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pale white skin. At about this time the cowering boy had already gotten up with his equipment and gotten the hell out of dodge as a small crowd would form around the sparring square that had gotten so much sudden attention. Multiple instructors observed what was happening and knew that the two warriors in that square were not trainees that had completed they're training and knew what was about to occur but they wouldn't stop it for it would be a good lesson for the fresh recruits to see what the fruits of their training could lead to with their own eyes. Samuel at this point would stand to one side and point his blunted blade out and upward towards towards his larger peer SD agent with a calm expression but one that held strength. He resented everything the man was doing and saying but had no words to waste on what he could only presume to be deaf ears and merely readied himself before a loud and deep booming voice could be heard from the front of the crowd from "Red Beard."


    ...and with that the duel was on.
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  9. The large blonde haired warrior seemed as though he was going to initiate as he took a step but to his surprise the defensive stance Samuel had dashed right up to him. Catching his opponent off guard young Sam thrusts his blunted and rounded tip metal training sword straight up towards his opponent's stunned face. Out of reflex the man would parry the thrust with his left gauntlet arm to the outside before his expression turned to one of angry, quickly swinging his greatsword towards Samuel's left side with only a single hand. Hardly without even turning his head Sam would lift his shield within an instant to block the incoming swing as his own initial attack was parried. As the blow struck his shield it was heavy despite only being delivered by one arm. It would push Samuel to his opponents left a good few feet before Sam could stop his grieves from sliding against the floor from the amount of force that was transferred to him. The young knight immediately took notice that his opponent was very good at transferring power from his lower body in order to produce such a swing. The larger blonde warrior however wasn't going to give his opponent any more time to think as he rushed at Samuel with both hands gripped onto his weapon as he swings downward straight towards with great force. Sam is able to parry the blow off to one side, sliding down and off of his shield as his opponent's blade smashes into the stone floor with a loud scraping sound of metal against stone. Sam now stepping forward again during this open in the blonde knight's guard but said warrior would have nothing of his as he again would release his left hands grip from his weapon as he would smile arrogantly, rear his fist back and clock Samuel in the face with a left straight punch. The blow was no light punch by any means as it caused Samuel to stagger backwards and be unable to react to the follow up heel kick that would be delivered straight to Sam's stomach, feeling all of the weight straight through the plate armor as he was forced to tumble backwards along the floor in pain.

    The blonde warrior would stand triumphantly where he was as he believed he had won but Samuel was already back on feet with shield up and gleaming eyes that were clearly plenty alive. This infiltrated the blonde warrior causing him to yell out angrily as he stomped his way towards Samuel.


    Samuel had now placed his sword wielding arm behind his shield so that now both of his arms and sword were supporting his blocks that used his shield, he widened his stance and braced himself both physically and mentally as his opponent approached. Raising his greatsword with both hands the blonde knight would begin to unleash a flurry of furious blows against Samuel. Each blow sounding like a blacksmith's hammer slamming down on a piece of cracking metal. After each blow Samuel would feel his arms become heavier and heavier as he started to lose feeling in them from the onslaught. After a good twenty second pounding the blows would finally stop as the blonde warrior would rest the tip of his greatsword against the floor as he himself was completely out of breath and heaving in as much air as possible with sweat dripping down his face and his long blonde hair strung about his head. Looking back at Samuel, his breathing was certainly heavy but it was controlled and steady, his training shield however now looked like a piece of scrap metal that had been beaten with hammers. His arms were shaking from all of the inertia that he had endured. Young Sam would take this moment to quickly unstrap the beaten shield from his arm and let it drop to the floor with a clang; taking up his longsword but the stance with which he did so wasn't expected by most as the young knight gripped the weapon with both gauntlet hands by the blade at separate lengths from the handle. Samuel knew he didn't have the strength to transfer any damage through plate armor from a slash so he would instead use the guard and pommel of the training sword as a bludgeon; his gauntlets would keep him from cutting his hands due to the way he was holding the blade. As Samuel would charge at his opponent once more the crowd could sense that the end of this duel was near as the blonde warrior tried to lift his heavy blade but could no longer do so despite his struggles. He had tired himself just as Samuel planned to do so from the start. The blonde knight gave up on his blade, letting it drop to the ground with a discarded clang as he would swing towards young Sam with a desperate punch but it was slow and wide due to exhaustion. This allowed Samuel to duck underneath the punch, feeling it wiz by his head. Samuel had to big down the tree and he needed to squeeze out everything he had left to do it as he winded with his weapon he swung it downwards at an angle as the blunt guard and pommel would smash into his opponent's armored knee with a shattering crack, denting the armor knee joint, causing him to drop that knee. Sam side-stepping to his opponent's other side after dodging yet another desperate punch from the now kneeling man as Samuel delivers the exact same form of strike to the opposite knee causing that one to drop now as well. As the blonde knight lies there now on both knees he wouldn't have to pick his head up much to see Samuel standing directly in front of him, looking down with his face slightly shadowed from the light and holding his longsword by the blade parallel to his waist. From the crowd's perspective, it would certainly be an interesting site to see this young boy knight standing like that before an older one on their knees, it was as though time had stopped for just a moment as there was nothing but utter silence that was unnerving to the very soul. Though the silence would be broken as the kneeling warrior gave a grin and looked up at Samuel's face that was hidden from everyone else but the warrior could see young Sam biting his own lip and his eyes showed reluctance, his hands were gripped tightly and shaking the blade he held. The blonde haired warrior speaks to Sam in a more normal but almost lecturing tone, a tone like held the faintest sprinkle of respect that a knight would say to a squire.

    "No mercy on the battlefield boy." "Do it."

    At that moment Samuel's shaking would stop as he would let his training blade drop to the floor with a clang that would echo through the silence of the building before he would outstretch an open hand down towards the blonde knight which would be a surprise to most include the kneeling knight. Then after a moment Samuel would speak softly after catching his breath though it was loud enough for others to hear.

    "This is not a battlefield...and you are not the enemy." "You are as much a part of the Dirge as I am and that makes you a friend of mine."

    At this point Samuel's face would brighten up along with a warm smile. The blonde warrior returns a smile of his own though still slightly confused and links arms with Samuel allowing him to be helped up. Upon this final interaction the gathered crowd of trainees would start to cheer and comment on the bought to one another. Some of the instructors giving silent nods while others gave some light clapping at the end of it all.
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