Sand Kings - George R.R. Martin ( Not Song Of Ice And Fire )

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  1. ( This is a fan based RP off of George R.R. Martin's short story called Sand Kings, it is a simple story. The basis will take place on us playing one of the four different kingdoms and different characters in them. If you haven't read the story go read it. It is a dark sci fi fantasy story that is well written. I will give a brief description of the world. I will play the owners, we probably wont break out for a little and if we do the RP might become a very different genre fast. )

    You are in a world, there are four kingdoms, the white, black, red and blue. You are bugs, hailing your Queen who you feed by killing bugs from other Kingdoms. Your Queen breeds and the more she is fed, the more bugs she produces. The gods on special occasion will summon a monster for your people to fight.

    The world is filled with sand, rocks, pebbles and the occasional monstrosity is summoned. You fight over the food with the other kingdoms and lots of soldiers die and if you don't manage to feed your queen your castle will collapse in on itself.

    There are many gods. There is one in primary. He is a nice god, he feeds them occasionally and the carvings on each castle were of him smiling. He occasionally invited the other deities and they would celebrate and throw in lots of gifts of food for our people.

    You are a hero of your kingdom, a special one. You in some way or another stand out in a variety of ways. There is a party of the gods coming soon, the scribes have learned when to predict the next coming of all the deities. It will be a fantastic event. Lots of food, war, parties and combat. The black kingdom had been getting weaker, the red was the strongest and largest. That might change soon.

    Some quick disclaimers: WE PROBABLY WONT BREAK OUT OF THE BOX! There is no magic. It is a typical medieval setting, no crazy technology. This wont be the exact same as the short story, that means feel free to change it up and add horses or something, language and intellect.

    Other than that, PM me any questions and have fun! I do suggest you get me to answer anything you are unsure of before you post though.