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  1. I want to make a superhero RP that is purely sandbox. Set in modern times in a vast city. RPers will be able to chase whatever plots they come up with. Of course players could be heroes or villians, and I intend to throw in a few GM controlled events, such as natural disasters, large scale crime, hostage situations and otherwordly attacks.

    Would anyone be interested in such a roleplay?
  2. I could be interested in this. If that's acceptable.
  3. i would love to do this!
  4. I'm interested, but I feel that the sandbox set-up might mean falling flat after a while, as it can be easy to bog down or just go too many directions or whatever else. Still, might be cool, and I do enjoy a good bit of just faffing around and exploring character interactions anyway.

    A little more on things like any setting expectations might be nice. Though I assume aprt of the fun would be that everyone is expected to contribute to the world at large.
  5. Ya the only thing I'm concerned with is countless subplots. Though with a little collaboration I'm sure it can be kept on track.
  6. Hmm, this looks strangely like an RP Wraith just made... y'know, the one you showed interest in joining right before you made this thread? Ah, 'coincidences,' how they so often amuse.
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  7. I'd be interested. I have a character already made in a different RP, but it seems like that one isn't going to get off the ground at all. Do you mind if I slide him into this one?

    About that, the character I have in mind would definitely provide a bit of antagonism as he's a bit more of a villain than a hero considering his goals. That might help when it comes to giving people direction and keeping the RP from getting bogged down or falling flat.
  8. @Shroud
    I assure you I am not stealing from him. I've had this idea for awhile. His is alot more structured and thought out. I intend thus one to be different.
  9. @xYahTzeex
    We'll see. I really only have the concept in my head right now, I haven't worked all the details. But a good uniting villian is always cool.
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