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  1. (Okay, so I'm new here, like brand new. But I the whole reason I came here is because I had some roleplay ideas in my head that were driving me CRAZY! So, this is the freshest one i remember... *sorry if the images don't work, like I said I'm new...)
    A long time ago, Fire Samurai and Ice Samurai lived in harmony among the grasslands. The land was earth, so none of them had any strengths or weaknesses, since they never fought. They knew nothing of money, or power until non-samurai came one season. The Ice Samurai turned greedy, after hearing all of the stories of wealth, and turned the grasslands into an ice kingdom. Fire Samurais were forced to leave, and went further north into the mountains. Though they had to leave, they still knew they were not going to give in. On that day, the war begun. Throughout the mountains you could hear the chant:
    "Our land has turned snow white
    With our beloved homes dead
    You wanted us out of sight
    Now your snow will run red."

    The Ice Samurai wanted all the wealth and power the non-samurai spoke of and have turned bitter with greed. They have taken all of the land, and now you must fight the war, whether to keep it this way, or restore balance. Which side will you choose? (If you read this, put "BURN" somewhere on your form)

    fire clan is the clan of the Fire Samurais who live in the north mountains. They are easily angered and aggressive but are amazing people at heart. If you are in Fire Clan, you will have the strength of a tiger and the agility of a rabbit.
    Leader: Kitsira Firn~Kit (Desi_Ichi_Granz)
    Warriors: Ayame Himura~Fox (me), Sakura Watanabe~Wolf (Necroary), Kenji Raiden (midori),
    Spies: Kawai (Nekomimist),

    ice clan is the clan of the Ice Samurai who live in the Ice Kingdom, once the grasslands. They are passive-aggressive, though they are very loyal and kind to those they love. If you are in Ice Clan you will have the slickness of a snake and the courage of a lion.
    Warriors: Wojek Ivo~Kai (Necroary), Mei Izumi~Anex (midori),
    Guards: Tsukune Aozuki~Zuki (Nekomimist),
    Spies: Katsuo Miyamoto~Crash (me),

    Japanese Name:

    Japanese Name: Ayame Himura
    Nickname: Fox
    Age: 10
    Gender: girl
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Clan: Fire
    Rank: Warrior
    Other: Fox is the youngest warrior in the clan and one of the best in stealth. BURN

    Japanese Name: Katsuo Miyamoto
    Nickname: Crash
    Age: 18
    Gender: boy
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Clan: Ice
    Rank: Spy
    Other: He's called crash because he easily crashes if he's struck in the stomach at a certain spot, but he won't tell why. BURN

    (So, that's it. I hope it's not TOO weird from how y'all do it..)
  2. Japanese Name: Kawai (not kawaii as in cute)
    Nickname: Kawai
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    (sorry for the old artwork XD I haven’t redraw her since 2007)
    Clan: Fire(BURN *w*)
    Rank: Spy
    Other: Despite her cute exterior, large boobs and bright eyes, Kawai is not a cute, lovable girl. Her body is her most useful weapon as it is completely poisonous if kissed, licked, etc. On average she is cunning and playful, but when the fights turn dangerous, she turns ruthless. She wields a giant kunai that is twice her size and is talented with explosives. She can also turn into a black mist/flame as well as talk to the dead.
    However, she is incredibly unpredictable and strange and is allergic to almost everything aside from sake. She also has a curse on her that makes her crave human flesh—and this happens to be driving her mad.

    Japanese Name: Tsukune Aozuki
    Nickname: Zuki
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Looks: He appears completely androgynous to the point his gender is only assumed. (Pic coming soon!)
    Clan: Ice
    Rank: Guard (Burn? *w* )
    Other: Tsukune is skilled with bow&arrow and a nodachi (long sword) that he had specially altered so the blade isn’t smooth, but teethed like a saw. He can create a barrier like dimension in which he traps his opponents. In this dimension he makes all the rules and uses that to his advantage—however, the barrier can only remain for a minute or two at the most and leaves him drained or passed out afterwards. It’s a rare ability that his family has been known to harness.
    Sadly, he is going blind and namely has to rely on his hearing and sixth sense. His eyesight is still intact, but failing him everyday more and more. He also can’t hold his liquor.

    I hope these two are okay! :3 This idea sounds AWESOME!
  3. Haha, thanks. I've been trying to find a site that they like RPs like this, but, I guess not many people do -_- . But if someone doesn't join in like, an hour and a half I could make this a private roleplay in the fantasy RPs and like, add people in if they decide to join?

  4. I'm surprised I was the first to respond, honestly. ^^; But that's a good idea! Maybe we can get more people interested once we get it going? :3 If not, I guess it'll just be ours. I can app more characters too, if need be.
  5. Nah, it's okay. I'll just make the rp and if people join up I'll put up a link in a bit.
  6. Heyy. I find this pretty cool, I'd love to join :)

    Japanese Name: Kitsira Firn

    Nickname: Kit

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Looks: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/1e1af522225ff51ca0cb22bf3209a837/http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj303/ChibiFoxGirl15/Unknown49.jpg

    Clan: Fire (BURN XD)

    Rank: Leader

    Other: Kit always wears long black gloves, because her skin burns anything it touches. She is generally cheerful, but easily irritated. She tries to be optimistic about things. She cares deeply about her clan and everyone in it.

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  7. Cool! Thanks for joining! RP link is right above your post ;)
  8. Yay! We have a leader! Awesome chara! =D (annnd, I love Ignis! >w< <33 I'm such a Nitro+ fan! )
  9. [MENTION=3926]SakuraNoHana[/MENTION], I'm interested and I'll think up a CS soon, when it's not 1am x_x if this is still open that is... [MENTION=3800]Nekomimist[/MENTION], we run into eachother a lot. o.o Metaphorically speaking. >...>
  10. Yeah, it's still open. Can't wait to see your form!
  11. Kay. I'll put up my CS's soon.
  12. Lol! XD We do! Which is awesome! This rp is really fun and definitely deserves more players! =D Welcome aboard!
  13. Does this rp have to have a Japanese name..? The only Japanese name I know (and like enough to use) Is Ayame .___. Can i just have the nickname?
  14. Uhm, sometimes your superior or leader has to call you by your real name, so.. Either you can look up other names on like 2000names.com (or whatever the freak it's called) or just use something like an English name.
  15. Okay thanks. Sorry for being troublesome.
  16. I'll have my CS's up soon. I'm sure Nekomimist is eager to read them from my other works. >...>
  17. I quite am! >w< Mwuhahaha!
  18. Japanese Name: Sakura Watanabe
    Nickname: Wolf
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Looks: (red eyes, white hair, white steel body armor, greaves, boots, gauntlets, and mask, black and red padded "underarmor")
    Clan: Fire (brennen! (burn in German >...>))
    Rank: Warrior maybe?
    Other: Her father was from the fire clan, and her mother from the winter. They were one big happy family till the initial ice clan attack, where her father died and her mother fled. She vowed that day to avenge her fathers death, fuelled by this inner rage she is one of the most formidable oponents. Sometimes fun to talk to she can also be quite dark. When she's upset her eyes turn from red to brighter red, depending on her level of anger. If she is just slightly angerred her eyes don't brighten that much, but if you get her eyes bright red then.. well she's totally apeshit and someone's about to die. (not really, but she is very pissed).

    Name: Wojek Ivo
    Nickname: Kai
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Looks: (white hair, blue eyes, white mask and clothing with blue striping, has a katana with a white scabbard between his jacket and shirt.)
    Clan: Ice
    Rank: Warrior
    Other: If you ask Kai anything deep about him, all he'll just respond with, "The less you know, the smarter you'll be." Other than that he's pretty layed back guy, he never loses his cool, he speaks his mind which can be a bad thing at times.. and is probably one of the best listeners out there. (spent all my thinking power on Wolf so sorry this one sucks ._.)