Samurai Rerun (Discussion)

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  1. IC:

    Plot (in a nutshell)

    Due to a mystical space-time distortion, a shrine in Kyoto Japan has the power to send people back to the Sengoku Period, back when samurai and ninja were around and Japan was in a state of war between different clans. People going into the past has caused some changes to take place in this timeline, which could be dangerous for the world's future. The plot will mainly be us trying to survive in this new world while we figure out how to get back to our own time. However, that's easier said then done because there's quite possibly someone else from the future messing things up.

    Other objectives?

    I'm thinking it would be a cool idea to only have our characters know the amount of Japanese that what we actually do in real life, so we have to learn as our characters do. It may seem hard to have our characters not understand what people are saying a lot of the time, but that can help with emersion if we're in the same situation as they are. Don't worry about a lack of communication all the time, because our characters can still talk to each other in English and there could be some NPC's who will help us out. For learning Japanese, we can help each other with sentences, such as when you post a sentence you can translate it for us and we can ask questions about grammar and stuff like that. It would be really fun if we could know a lot more by the time the roleplay ends then when we started, which would make this roleplay seem like it has an even greater purpose then just being fun, which I hope it will be as well. You don't need to know any Japanese at all to join, you just need a willingness to learn.


    Standard forum rules apply, such as no god modding and be polite to everyone else. I have the right to kick you out if you misbehave a lot, but I'll always give a fair warning for things.
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  2. How should I enter exactly and do I need to make a character sheet?
  3. A character sheet could be nice, but you can also just describe your character in the IC like I did. Mainly, just give me a general idea about what your character is going to be and I'll know if it will work in this roleplay or not. I'll be very lenient.
  4. I'm thinking of going for a 16 year-old class clown/trickster type this in Japan with his uncle form Australia. (Totally not partially based on me >.>)
  5. Does he already know a lot of Japanese? It would be better if our characters didn't at the start, unless you do already know a lot.
  6. Pfft he only knows "baka" like me :P
  7. Baka and kawaii are mandatory to know as you first two words.
  8. Yeppa, so can I join? I also know "Yosh!" "Hai!" "Iie" and "Tabun" which is I guess translates into Alright, Yes, No, and Maybe.
  9. Yosh is usually better then just alright. You can join.
  10. Okay posted. I wasn't sure what to post about after the blackout so I stopped their.
  11. Maybe we can have some sort of love triangle going as drama. Tsuki likes Kyle, Darrius likes Tsuki, and Kyle is kind of oblivious to Tsuki's feeling as first. At that point Darrius could develop some sort of rivalry with Kyle. Tsuki can train to be a ninja (technically a kunoichi) and use stalking Kyle as training. ;)

    I'll get my post out in the afternoon. Hunter, after Kyle wakes up do you want us to notice you as well or leave you alove to freak out later? He can find us in the nearby village if that's the case.
  12. Ya I would prefer you guys to notice me.

    And well see well see. :P I have more fun when we just wing it :P
  13. Ninja stalker love triangle... Sounds good! :)

    Sorry if my posts not long enough!
  14. I've been focusing on some difficult finals, but I'm almost done. Sorry about the wait.
  15. No problem.
  16. How are we going to get the other people who were interested to join in?
  17. They haven't shown up in this thread yet so I don't think they'll be joining.
  18. Sorry guys but I'm going to have to bow out of the RP becuase of loss of motivation and RL being much to busy. Feel free to kill off or use my character.
  19. This is a good time to have your character seperated from ours as the people who just arrived split him up when they take us to the village for questioning. We'll wonder what happened to you. Maybe you'll come back later as an NPC for some plot twist that you end up evil or something.
  20. is it ok if i join?