Samurai Loyalty

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    This roleplay is not set in Feudal Japan, just a country/world that uses Bushido/Style/Etc.

    You are one of many Samurai under the services of Lord Soragawa and his Family. Without them, you are nothing more than a Ronin, one without a Lord to serve and nothing more. Lately, rumors have circulated throughout the Lands of some faction that plans on assassinating Lord Soragawa and his Family. The more you delve deeper, the more you find out that the men you called 'Brother' (other Samurai) are the ones helping to plot. You and a few others are still loyal to Soragawa and will do whatever it takes to keep him and his Family alive. Even if it means becoming criminals.

    So, this roleplay will only have a few people that are interested in being one of the few Samurai that still have honor and loyalty. The betrayal wont happen right away, it will take time and we will build up to the open battle. I can give more information if this gains more interest.

  2. Are female warriors aloud, and perhaps not traditional two-hands on a katana type warriors? Say I want to use a two-swords juggernaut, or a fast, sai-wielding berserker?
    Mostly just the female part is important. Great synopsis, nice breakaway from common rp genres.
  3. Since this isn't exactly Feudal Japan, I will allow Female Samurai. About the style and weapon choices, Samurai are diverse in combat styles and all of that. So I don't see much of a problem, as long as they aren't god-like.
  4. I was mostly asking for any potential others. I haven't decided on a character yet.
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  5. Ah. Well, it depends on how many people we get and even so. I only plan on making small group
  6. I'd be willing to do this just two people if it comes down to it. I'd love for others to participate, though.
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  7. Two people would be fine with me, but I rather have a group
  8. I would be very interested in joining. I can offer accurate information and terminology as well, if you would like.

    Also, there were female samurai in the feudal era, typically being the family members of male samurai. They were allowed on the field of battle and even given many of the same honours as their male counterparts. They just were not allowed the honour of being the head of a line, thus largely overlooked by the writers of the time. I know this is not a historical rp, but I figured I would put that out there.
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  9. Woo, another person! This will probably be a 4-6 person group
  10. So...anyone have a good name idea. Samurai Loyalty is just the basics...xD
  11. Bruh, KageKaioh brings down the pain on the patriarchal histories.

    How about The Shadow Samurai?
  12. Kage, want to be my Co-GM?
  13. While I'm not debating your decision as I wholly agree that they are a much better choice since I can't even apply nail polish correctly, can I at least get a nod for basically getting this rp the chance it deserves
  14. Did I offend you? I didn't mean to. I was just asking Kage if he/she wants to be my Co-GM because they seem very knowledgeable in Japanese History/Weapons/Etc. I'm glad you shown interest.
  15. I like to seem more offended than I actually am.
  16. So, are you wanting me to ask you for the Co-GM spot instead of Kage since you showed interest first?
  17. Nope. They're objectively the better choice. Too much pressure for me anyway. I don't even really want the nod, really. I just tried to express a piece of humor.
  18. Alright then
  19. Er... well, I would not mind being Co-GM, just so long as it will not cause strife among us. As for the title, I like Shadow Samurai, however, I have the suggestion of Honourless.
  20. I find this very interesting, Ive always been fascinated by samurai and fuedel japan. The Idea of honor being such an important thing not only to your Shogun and Emperor but to family. Would it be possible to be a samurai that was recently a Ronin??
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