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  1. Samurai Champloo
    *The plot is open for suggestions until stated otherwise*​

    Take a listen to this for some atmosphere.

    There was a time when a long journey was taken in search of a samurai that smelt of sunflowers. There were three people on this journey. MUGEN, JIN and FUU. They went through a lot in search of this sunflower samurai, especially since neither Mugen nor Jin knew anything about him so they were technically just following this girl around with no clue what the guy looked like or anything! She did save their lives and all but I mean come on- Does that even make any sense?! *ahem* ANYHOW, Fuu eventually found this samurai and her journey came to an end.

    What does this have to do with our story? Absolutely nothing! We will be forging our own path, taking on our own journeys and leaving our marks on history! Or not. Be you samurai or vagabond your journey awaits! So get moving all ready!

    Okay now on to the more serious business (pssh~!). This anime is marked as being historical but it isn't exactly historically correct, plus, we won't be focusing on this aspect as much as the adventure itself. I do want us to keep in mind that this is happening during the Edo period despite the fact that we have microphones and hip-hop and beat boxing and graffiti AND baseball... So maybe that doesn't matter... Never mind then.

    This plot is a work in progress so we'll still be talking it over, but when it gets rolling I will update this post. The RP may, however, be set up as episodes to move the story along easier when things either slow down too much or we just get flat out bored with whatever we're doing. Beside that, keep a lookout for updates to this post.

    Plot: WIP

    Episodes: 0

    Characters: Accepting

    Character Sheet


    Appearance(pictures are acceptable):

    Goal(you can keep this a secret if you want to reveal it within the RP):
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  2. (before I pop details up ow should we do this ^^ I am happy to play cannon characters and oc's so we should start brainstorming ^^)
  3. True, I wasn't sure about the character aspect. Do you think it would be more fun if we did it canon and OC? It could be mainly OC then canon characters could come in later on. OR an OC could be with a canon. I really want it to be fun for everyone.
  4. I'm definitely interested. :)
    I'll play an OC female and OC male, if allowed?
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  5. Oh, yes! That is completely allowed! :) I will have two OC's myself as well.
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  6. Yay. Also, side note, I love your avatar. Levy McGarden is my favorite character in Fairy Tail. <3
  7. Thank you! She is my favorite character too! xD I love your avi too! Raichu has always been my favorite pokemon.
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Shizune Kotomaru

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Shizune is very softhearted and always wants to help others, which often lands her in some sort of trouble if her brother doesn't swoop in to rescue her. She clings to her brother very closely but she does have a little independent spark every now and then. She beats herself up about any little thing but is very quick to uplift others. Basically, she has very low self-esteem.

    Quirks: She wears a fox mask almost constantly, but only puts it on to cover her face when she is afraid.

    Occupation: Swordsmith, specifically leatherworking and woodworking

    Goal: She only wants to see her mother who lives very far from where she once lived.

    Weapon: knife


    Name: Shunji Kotomaru

    Age: 19

    Personality: He is very protective of his little sister especially considering how fragile she seems. He is not shy about not trusting her around men or to be out of his sight for even a second. When he does let his guard down, Shunji is a very laid back young man. He takes life as it comes, taking most things as they are heard or seen so he is a bit stubborn.

    Quirks: He tends to freeze up when nervous; he can't move at all and has passed out from holding his breath too long before.

    Occupation: Swordsmith

    Goal: To get his sister to their mother where she can live with her on the country side.

    Weapon: Naginata
  9. Will post my character very soon waiting for tablet to fully charge and is help needed on main plot I'm guessing maybe a search for a advanced sword or ability or just a search for something no one yet knows exists?
  10. I'll post my characters later tonight. :)
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  11. Yeah, I still need some help with the plotting situation. Hmm... Perhaps our characters end up being drawn together, perhaps they come across a situation that makes them have to go in search of this item/person/technique or they all happen to be searching for the same thing and wind up together.
  12. I'd go with that and of course there would be enemy's along the way forcing the group to work together anyone that wanted to play antagonists could etc.
  13. So they wind up getting into a situation that forces them to work together to find this item/person/technique then? I can go for that. Maybe they all have this vague description of what it is and they each have a different idea of what it actually is. One of them may be right or none of them could be right. It seems like an amusing idea in my mind.
  14. Hi. Wanted to ask if I may take part in your glorious RP. Ive been waiting for quite some time for a Samurai Champloo RP and i giggles like a school girl when i saw this one.
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