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  1. Natalie (open)

    -"Natalie, I'm going to work now, please stay home."
    -"Okay brother..." He shut the old tree-made door that made the usual vibrating sound. She could hear his footsteps getting lower and lower as the wind would take over the sounds. Now what was she going to do? She sighs loud and long and looks out through the misty and dirty window; she wipes off the dirt to see well. The forest sang out summer as the birds’ flies around calmly in the air. The trees is staying still as leafs is in a happy green color. The bushes grow with red and blue colored berries as the animals eat them one by one. She really didn't want to stay in this cottage but because of that accident in winter she was a bit afraid to go outside the door. But now she was old enough, "I can handle this..." She thought loud for herself in the empty cottage, she's 10 years old and she already knew much about the forest, sure there was a city and a village near these woods but she knew well that it wasn't that dangerous, it was just the thieves and those horrible people that bother her. She let go of the sight from the outside world as she walks to the chair, it was old fashioned chair with a beautiful wine red color. She wiped away some dust from her white dress and the chair as well; she then sat down and watched the empty room. She suddenly started to think of a sad song when she saw the dark tree walls hidden in the shadows, the dusty and dirty floor in the lonely corner and those dust filled arts tilted a little as they hang on the walls. After a moment she couldn't take it that much longer, slowly she started to wonder “Can I do it?” But was unsure to do it, and then moved her feet. She saw the long dark tree door. She swallowed her big lump of fear as she open the door, slowly and carefully. The warm sun shines for her; the fresh air goes through her almost white blonde hair. The summer welcomed her. She giggled a little when she walked on the long green grass, tickling her bare feet. She gives out a smile as she goes into the woods; she knew she wouldn't get lost since she was only some meters away from the house. When she thought she was far enough she took a small break, she could see the yellow house shine through the trees, she sat down and started to wonder what to do as she saw a four-leaf clover, she haven't seen one in her whole life but now she have finally seen one. She smiled wide as she bows down and lies on the grass, looking at it. The gray mountain grows over the trees, as the sun shines from the blue sky and through the thin small white clouds. The wind sings and blow through the wonderful landscape. Even if this moment was small, she would remember it for a long time. When she's old she would remember this picture and smile simple for herself as she sits on the tree-made chair that would go forwards and backwards, over and over again. She suddenly saw a shadow cover her four-leaf clover and her head, she turned up to see who it was.
  2. Sorren was lost.
    Scratch that,Sorren was definitely,unfortunately,LOST.
    About an hour ago,Sorren was with a group of friends exploring a part of a nearby village they dint know;The forest.
    How did he got lost in the first place?
    Well his friends suddenly thought that it would be a great idea to leave him be while he was sidetracked about how beautiful the forest was.
    and so,after a sigh,a hike,a random trail,a near encounter by a bear,more trees,and a frustrated sigh later,Sorren found himself on a clearing.
    the view was breathtaking,from here,he could see the city he came from,beyond it was the village,and of course,the ocean.
    a small smile went up to his face as he let himself loose at the view. it was really a sight to see.
    He heard the rustle of the grasses,and not far from where he stood,Sorren saw a little girl with Salmon (correct me if im wrong) hair and gray eyes. the girl was about ten,Sorren mused. as he stood watching her happily pick up a four leaved clover.
    Sorren stood there a little longer until he decided that it was time to make himself known.
    he approached her slowly, (he dint want her to run away now) when he was behind her, the girl turned and Sorren smiled one of his biggest smiles.
    "Hello,my name is Sorren Walker..can i ask you a question? dont worry,i wont hurt you or anything like that!"
    Sorren hoped that she wont run away or cry.
    Because he definetly dont know how to handle it.

  3. She saw a tall man infront of her, saying his name was Sorren. He had nice clothes but it seemed a little much on a hot summer day like this but since the cold winds can cold one down, it probably wasn't any trouble. She didn't like people though and since her brother is very overprotective, she can't go out. She then paniced and got up from the grass. What if he gets here now? Seeing her with an unknown guy? Would brother hit him in anger and prtect her? Would he yell at her and never let her go outside again? She looked up at the guy named Sorren and then nervously looked down. But he said that he wouldn't hurt her, so... it was okay right? But you could never be that sure though.
    -"Ehm... uhm... What is it?" No! She said the wrong thing! She was going to say that she had to leave, get back to the cottage safer and sound before her brother comes back and everything would be like nothing had happened at all. But she was currious about what Sorren's question was. She looked up at him and the sun made her eyes more colorful blue, in the shadows they change colors though and gets a little grayer, she didn't know why though.
    (Her hair is a mix between blonde and white but the picture shows salmon but I couldn't find a better picture >w<)
  4. (oh okay :D)

    "I was just wondering,do you know where the exit of this forest is?" Sorren asked,i swear to God,if i see a hide or a hair of my so called 'friends' they better pray that im in a good mood. Sorren thought darkly,forcing another smile to his face.
    Smiles never agreed with him,his face was always set to a frown.
    Sorren was a natural observer,he could always tell something that other people dint even bother to notice.
    He knew that she was afraid and weary of him.
    Sorren waited patiently for her answer. He needed to go home anyways,or God knows what his sister would do when she finds out it was past by his curfew.
    Call the cops? No. The FBI maybe.
    resisting the urge to pinch his nose,Sorren waited for the little girl begore him to answer.
  5. Natalie looked at Sorren and then nodded.
    -"Yeah." She only answered before she would go.
    -"If you keep on going straight ahead this way and then turn left when you see a tree that has a leaf carved on it. It's not that hard, the tree is also very tall and a bit orange." She said and turned around to see his face, she smiled and tried not to think too much. She still had time, her brother wouldn't get home when he just was going to the city for some minutes or hour ago.
    -"Well, if that is all. I should head home now." Natalie then added before walking past him.
  6. Sorren nodded. memorizing the instructions and chanting them all over and over by his head.
    "Okay then. Thank you!" Sorren said,giving a small smile and a wave.
    he turned his heel and began walking home.

    When Sorren arrived at their Manor,the sun was already setting. he sneaked in by the back door slowly,moving carefully so that the servants wont see him.
    Sorren was already mid-way out of the dining room when their Butler,Alfred caught him.
    Alfred,who was a traitor,Handed Sorren over to his sister immiedtly.
    He wasnt surprised when his sister was waiting for him with a phone in her hand.
    He braced himself for the worse.
    "Sorren Rain Cyprus Walker! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?" She yelled across from her desk at their library.
    Secretly,Sorren knew that their Butler,Alfred is somewhere out there laughing at Sorren's misfortune.
    He raised his hand. "Well,My dear sister,Time is still the same the last time i checked."
    His reply sent him a book on his direction which he easily dodged.

    "Dont give me your sass! Now Explain yourself before i throw you off a cliff!"
    Sorren yawned,"I Would love to but you see,im tired. Send them dragons later. i'll be waiting with a sword at my room..and men dont sass we use Sarcasm."
    Before his sister could even reply or throw him the nearby chair,Sorren waltz out of the library and bolted to his room.
    he was inside the safety of his bedroom when Sorren realised he never got her name.
    Whatever..Maybe i'll visit her again sometime. Sorren thought,Letting sleep engulf him.
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  7. She was outside near the cottage that shined yellow with the sun and was just enjoyed the day with sun, animals and the green forest. Their cottagewas a little hard to find because it was both close to the field yet far away from it and you could only see it if you went into the forest because the high trees would hide it a little. But you wouldn't notice it anyway since the majestetic and high mountains take away the breath from you. But when the sun started to go down Natalie hurried inside and sat on the old-fashionated chair and just looked at the dist filled oil paintings hanging on the wall, wondering. Who lived here in the first place before the two of them took this place as their home? It got darker and then her brother came inside the door, almost smashing it open, he was clearly angry.
    -"Brother, welcome home." Natalie said and smiled and saw how her brother looked at her as he sighed.
    -"I couldn't find any way again." He started and Natalie walked towards him.
    -"Don't worry, brother. We will find a way out of here." She said and hugged him and he hold her around his long arms.
    -"You don't have to call me brother you know, we aren't siblings after all." He then said a bit cold.
    -"I know... But since we have to act, why not act at home too?" She said smiling, looking up at him. He then stroke her hair and looked outside the window.
    -"I will find a way for us to get away from this place, I will. But until then, we have to lay a bit low. We can't let people find out that we aren't human." He said and she looked down the floor, a bit sad but then looked up at him.
    -"Do you really think people would go after us if they found out? I mean... all humans aren't like that." She said and then saw that she made her brother upset.
    -"But those who are, they will probably go after us and that is why I want you to stay inside." He crouched down to his legs so he would get the same lenght as her. Natalie looked a bit sad and he didn't like it, he took his hands to her cheeks.
    -"I know that you don't like being shut inside in this place but..." Both of them remembered what happened in winter and since then, her brother have shut her inside her to not let anything like that happen again.
    -"Do you really think... we can get out of here?" She asked and her brother smiled.
    -"Of course."

    Natalie's brother (open)

    (I will call him brother for now since I'm having trouble giving him a name ._.)
  8. Three Days after that,Sorren found himself on a familiar medow.
    Sorren had sneaked out again,and he knew this time,if he go home late again,his sister would have definitely chained him to his bedpost.
    Sorren lay at the grass,and was hidden from the view.
    He dint even know why he was back here,all he wanted was to escape reality for a second and he ended up here.
    You See,Sorren's Family--The Walker Family,was a very well-known And Famous family. his sister,the current head of the Walker Inc. was a very strict woman. she wanted Sorren to be where she could always see him at all times.
    Ever since he was young,Sorren was trained how to handle business,Heck,He wasnt interested at it in the first place!
    Sighing,Sorren stared at the sky,wondering what it was like to be free.
    Sorren heard the rustle of the grass,indicating that somebody was there. he looked up to see...

    (Hahaha :D its okay.)
  9. Natalie find herself sitting in the old chair, swinging back and forth, her brother is still trying to find a way for both of them to get back to once they came from but it's not easy and she knew that. She felt sad for him and wants to help him but he is always rejecting her and tells her that he can do this alone. She have begged him if she could atleast go to the city with him someday and eventually said yes. She was happy to hear that because she always have wanted to go to the city since she isn't there often, so someday sooner or later they will go to the city together. Natalie can't wait, she is so exited but also very very scared. Why did she even beg him for that? She wanted to go but she is also very scared of people.
    The room smelled like a mixture of old house and summer, it was a nice smell och made her head feel lighter but she wanted to go out. To be out there in the free, looking after four-leafed clovers again. To collect so many that she can to bring luck to her and her brother. She started to wonder. What happens then when they finally get back home? Will they forget each other and return to normal? To not be siblings again? She liked it to have him as a brother, to have a family for once and she didn't want to loose that. They have bonded very well the last few months or maybe years.

    After some moments to convince herself she finally stepped outside the door with a shaking hand, she was still very nervous to go outside since she wasn't used to it. She walked around the forest a bit, looking at the animals and then getting out to the huge sea of green grass, hoping to find a four-leaf clover again. She then saw something on the grass, standing out from the green. She couldn't really see who it was but when she got closer, she saw that it was the boy from before, Sorren was his name. She walked towards him but stopped when she saw that he noticed her and stood still like a rock. She was still nervous to meet people, even if it is only one person. But she tried to calm herself down.
  10. Sorren smiled a little,standing up,he wiped a few dust off his clothes.
    He waved at the girl,glad to see somebody that doesnt know him by his family name.
    "Hello,it's nice to see you again.Do you still remember me? My Name Is Sorren.What's yours?" Sorren asked Politely,still smiling a little.
    he stood there,watching the girl and waited for her to answer.
    somewhere deep inside his heart,Sorren hoped she could become his friend.
  11. She smiled towards him, still a little nervous.
    -"Yes I remember you." She said and then laughed a little.
    -"Oh, that's right. I forgot to give you my name the last time. Forgive me." She said and kept her smile on her face.
    -"I'm Natalie." She said and was about to take out her hand but didn't.
    -"Nice to meet you, Sorren."
  12. Sorren grinned. "Its nice to meet you too,Nathalie. The view is absolutely gorgeous up here right?" Sorren said,gesturing to the mountains.
    "That reminds me,do you live around here or the city?or maybe the village since its closer?"
  13. She hesitated to answer, should she lie? She didn't want to tell him the truth either because of her situation right now. She looked up at him and then made up a smile.
    -"I...I live in the village. In a small house." She lied but kept her wide smile.
    -"Where do you live?" She then asked and watched the landscape of green, blue and gray.
  14. Sorren's smile strained for a moment before answering.
    "I Live in the an empty mansion with hallowed halls." Sorren answered shrugging. He never liked that mansion anyways. too many bitter memories for him.
    The Walker Mansion was the most painful part of Sorren's life. Sure,there were people who lived there,but it was more emptier than you think.
  15. -"Oh.." Was all that could slip her lips and then a small quiet moment went over them. The wind was cooling them down while birds where flying in the air.
    -"You said you had a sister before, is she nice?" She then asked since she didn't want to get anything akward or just too quiet.
    -"I've never had a sister before... Just my big brother." She said and sat down on the green grass.
  16. Sorren shook his head. " 'Nice' is the least word you could describe her us. she's more on the strict side. what is it like to have a brother?" His sister was always strict. always the rule biding one. He shrugged mentally,maybe it was because she grow up with their grandfather that she adopted some of his habits.
  17. -"Oh!" She said at first but then it moved it an -"Oh...." She looked down, she felt bad for asking but then she heard his question about her brother and she started to think.
    -"The best way to describe him is... overprotective, I guess." She said and looked up at him.
    -"He wont let me outside much and actually... I shouldn't be outside right now. But since he's in the city I guess it's fine to be outside a little while." She said and smiled. But then the smile went down.
    -"I don't want to be stuck inside the house... But I don't want to make my brother disapppointed in me either. I want to be a good girl that he can be proud of! But..." She moved her left foot a little, moving the grass on the ground. Was this really okay? To just go outside when he brother told her to not to?
  18. Sorren smiled,as he sat beside her.
    "So in a way,we are the same then. My sister doesnt want me to go outside too. she fears that i might run away and never return." Sorren said.
    he paused,staring at the grass then turning to Nathalie,sending a small smile to her.
    "I think its okay that you go out for a while..just dont let your brother now."
  19. Natalie turned to Sorren and smiled.
    -"Yeah, you're right." She said and took a deep breath while looking around the landscape.
    -"I wonder how it is in the city... My brother promised me that we would go there together soon. Maybe tomorrow even!" She said with her smiled and stood up.
    -"Hey... Do you want to see something unusual?" She asked Sorren while looking down at him on the ground.
  20. "The city..its an amazing place." Sorren began,looking at it. from where he stood,the city was too small. but in reality,it was a place so big that he was sure even him,who lived there eversince he was born would get lost easily.
    "If your going there,maybe we should meet there?" Sorren asked,feeling a little excited. maybe that means he could act like himself when Natalie's there. no more fake smiles,no more fake answers----
    but Sorren musn't be excited. even if Natalie will go there,he might be stuck inside the Mansion tied up into his bedpost or something...
    He shook his head,and raised a questioning eyebrow.
    "Something unusual? sure." he replied,his tone curious.
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