Samantha Rae; Cannibal Child

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  1. A young girl strolled down the sidewalk, as though in a trance, she dragged her floppy eared bunny behind her, allowing it to drag on the concrete as she passed. She seemed to be about the age of thirteen or fourteen. Her long blonde hair, in a tangled mess hung over her face, hiding her features. The plain white night gown was dingy, ragged and showing the months of wear and tear it had endured. She kept her head low, focusing on each step she took, she felt in a fog, having trained her brain to shut everything that she hadn't chosen to focus on out of her mind. She shivered some as her bare feet touched the concrete with each step. Her arms were numb but she continued to walk, shutting it out her mind like she had done everything else.
  2. A mid teenage boy who was wearing a sweater, black skinny jeans and a beany to hide...certain things he didn't want people seeing. He walked by a girl who looked like she had a blank expression on her face, and for some dumb reason, asked "Hi how are you?" Rusti didn't notice any sign of acknowledgement, so he decided to follow her. He looked around and noticed no one else around and jumped into a tree swiftly and quickly. He hopped tree to tree, building to building studying her as she walked blankly. It were as if she was in a trance. He was curious though. Curiosity never kills the cat in his least not if the cat has certain abilities.
  3. M'ar walked through the park looking for his Lacrosse ball. He was practicing with his friends until they all left. He tried to shoot on the empty goal but he missed. He kept on searching until he saw a boy literally climb a tree. M'ar watched as the boy leaped from tree to tree. M'ar smiled revealing his fangs. He was a member of the only vampire lacrosse team in the city. His stomach growled as leaped into the trees.

    The 18 year old will his body to go faster. He was right on the boys heels when he noticed something on the ground. It was a little girl dragging a bunny. M'ar fell from the tree and landed in front of the little girl. M'ar took a wiff and smiled. B-....It was his favorite. He cocked his head to the side and poked the little girl "Watcha doin?"
  4. She stopped, listening to the sound of rustling branches in the depths of the dark around her when a form landed before her. She bit her tongue to keep from snapping at the male for touching her. Lifting her head slightly she looked at him, raising an eyebrow. She quickly plastered a fake smile on her face, holding out her stuffed bunny to the male "Taking my bunny for a walk," she chirped cheerfully. "I'm Samantha. What's your name?" the child grinned, revealing spaces where a few baby teeth had fallen out. "And you," she turned towards the trees, looking up "what's your name?"
  5. He smiled at the little girl. She didn't seem like food anymore. "If I tell you will you keep it a secret?" He smiled revealing his sharp fangs.
  6. She smirked mischievously, her eyes lighting up. "Of course." she held her pinky out to the male in front of her, "pinky promise."
  7. He smiled at the little girl. He extended his pinky and shook with the girl. He knelt to her level and looked her in the eye. "I am a Vampire...Stalker of the weak..Reaper of the night." The little girl reminded M'ar of his little sister. He missed her... He threw the thought away and focused again. "So...We are you heading? Do you have a home?"
  8. Rusti was shocked a little at the fact the fact she was able to notice him. He was already confused on where the other man came from. He hopped down pulling his beany down a little more, making sure not to show his left, green, glowing eye. He snarled a little. "I'm um...Mike" he lied. Rusti never liked telling people his real name. His name was too known, in good and bad ways. Rusti didn't really trust anyone. His ears perked in his hat when he heard that the mysterious man was a vampire. He knew about them, but he didn't think they would dwell in this sort of place. "What are you doing here?"
  9. The girl's smile faded, the light in her eyes going along with it. The blank expression reappeared. "I don't have a home."
    Her gaze turned to the male who finally revealed himself from within the trees. Tilting her head slightly to the side, she examined him some.
  10. Rusti stepped back due to the fact that she looked very creepy. She looked about his age though. Maybe a little younger. He stepped back even more due to her stare. His ears perking up a little, making it a little noticeable through his beany.
  11. She looked the male over some, sensing his nervousness. She looked up at the male's beany, noticing something strange about it. "What's under your beanie?" She tilted her head to the side some.
  12. Rusti raised his eyebrows and pulled it down more. "Wh-what are you talking about?"
  13. "Under your beanie..." the girl took a step closer, reaching for the male's hat, not quite tall enough to reach it. "What's under it...?" the child stood on her toes, trying to get a better look.
  14. Rusti snarled and hissed as she reached. His normal reaction was to bite her hand, but he didn't do so. He eventually looked around and slipped it off, since the girl didn't freak out at the fact there was a vampire in front of her. He guessed it would be okay. His green left eye slightly opened a little and it started to glow. He sighed, "you happy?" he asked.
  15. The girl's mouth opened slightly in wonder. "wow..." the light reappeared in her eyes as she leaned closer to the male to get a better look. "That's sooooo cool." She stood staring at the male for a moment then her manners kicked in. "Sorry." she shrunk back a bit. "Mother always taught me not to stare at people..."
  16. Rusti's ears fell a little, in shyness. "Heh, I've gotten used to it." he said.
  17. "ANd your ears, they're so adorable." she smiled some. This felt odd, she had never opened up to anyone like this before, especially not after the incident.
  18. Rusti blushed a little. "Well um...heh thanks," he said with a slight smile. He thought it was best that the girl didn't know how lethal he actually was. He was willing to keep it at just adorable. He kept blushing at the girl a little, not exactly noticing he was.
  19. "You're welcome." she scolded herself in her mind for being so open with the male. "Well I should be going. I have a long night ahead." she waved to the male, and began walking again.
  20. Rusti smiled and waved back, but still had the drive to follow her. So he started walking the other way, then disappeared into a tree once again, being more quiet this time. He followed her at a safe distance and made sure to be hidden in the leaves. 'Where is this girl going?' he thought to himself.