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  1. Hi, I'm Sam! Or Spectre, or Spec, or whatever else you may want to call me by. I am, as the title indicates, searching for roleplay partners. Your gender doesn't really matter to me (I'm happy to refer to you by your correct pronouns if you give them to me) and the gender of your character(s) doesn't matter either. c: Onward with the important stuff.

    About Me
    So um. Me. I am a female and identify as such, I recently turned eighteen, I am American and living in Idaho at the moment, and I have been roleplaying for seven or eightish years. My primary interests revolve around scifi, superheroes, and video games. Spiders and needles freak me out, but I'm not scared enough of either to call them real phobias. My most often used words are some variant of shit, fuck, and thing, but I'll do my best to ease off the curses if they make you uncomfortable.
    I have a preference toward playing male characters, but I'm okay with playing female characters for the right plot or when I'm in the right mood. I can write at least a solid paragraph per response, but I can and will do more than that. Especially if I have something good to respond to.

    My Rules
    1. Please please please don't one line. I understand writers' block and everything but I find one liners to be annoying.
    2. If you lose interest or have an idea, tell me. I will do the same.
    3. My characters' beliefs and opinions are not necessarily mine. I feel like this should be obvious, but I've encountered people who don't seem to realize that.
    4. Inform me if you aren't going to be responding for a few days or more.
    5. I am up for doing character sheets and I usually like to have them for reference, but I don't require them.
    6. This isn't really a rule, but I use real people or realistic art for my characters' playbys, and I prefer if you did the same.

    My Genres
    Now for the good part!

    Things I really want to do:
    Pacific Rim-I love this movie and I've wanted to roleplay it for ages. Playing as a pair of pilots going through training together and then actually piloting their Jaeger and dealing with the fame they get from that just sounds so fun to me.
    Superheroes/People with Powers-I love doing these, honestly, regardless of how original or cliche the plot is.
    Apocalyptic-Natural disaster is kind of what I'm in the mood for at the moment. Say, Yellowstone goes off or the next Ice Age is triggered. Something like Mad Max would also be awesome.

    Things I like:
    Fantasy/magic/supernatural creatures
    Action and asskicking
    Romance as long as it is not the story's primary focus
    Scifi in general

    Things I do not do:
    School-related things
    Roleplays based entirely around sex

    If you're interested, or if you have a question/a genre or plot you want to suggest, send me a message or respond to this thread. c:​
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  2. I've been dying for a Pacific Rim RP c:
  3. Yes! Awesome! I need to do a happy dance immediately.
    But um. You'd be up for doing one with me? :D
  4. That's what I was getting at, haha c: Do you want me to PM you?
  5. Yes, please do. Then we can get on with the plot/character discussion. C:
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