Salve, i miei amori!

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  1. Yikes. I'm a bit rusty, with la Italiano, but you know, whatever.


    ANY WHO. I suppose I should introduce myself now? Very well. I'm Celeste, who the hell are you?

    (That wasn't very nice...)

    Starting over. My name is Celeste, I'm 17 going on 18 in April, and uh, well yeah. I am a complete genuphobe -- fear of the knees -- and I may have dual personalities. (Mi scusi? Ah, no no no no, my name is Chromaggia, and I am not a part of you, signora, you are a part of me.) Forgive her, please, my lovelies.

    I have a history of frightening people with my, how do you say, squilibrio? You will see, I really am quite normal, although maybe that's a lie. (E certamente รจ!)

    I'm not exactly sure what else to say. It's possible I've scared you away. (Oh look! You made a rhyme~) However, if you are brave enough, please, I am always up for a roleplay with the willing and adventurous soul (okay, now you just sound like a omiciattolo...), so don't hesitate if you feel like roleplaying. I enjoy almost anything under the sun and the moon, though I generally prefer yaoi, zombies, insane asylums, or anything of the macabre.

    Well. I do believe that is all. Arrivederci!
  2. Well hello there strange multivoice lady with a phobia that makes me giggle! Welcome to the community!