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  1. Hello all my name is Lucian (Online Name not IRL)

    I have found this site via an image on google and i have no clue as to what and how this works in terms of Chat connecting and RP Searching.

    For a general idea of what i need help in see the following;
    • Profile/Character Set up
    • RP Searching
    • General OOC Chatrooms
    Thankyou all and i wish you a fair day and a happy new year
  2. Hi there Lucian! :D Welcome to the site!

    Character setup is going to be different from roleplay to roleplay, since we host many here! We do have the Character gallery, though, if you want to store profiles. That's located in the navbar.

    To find roleplays, look on the forum index under the Roleplaying category. Choose the section that interests you most (Group Roleplays, One on One, etc) and from there you can pick the genre you like!

    And general chatting is done in the forums under General Chatting, or by visiting the Chat Rooms link. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.