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  1. Scoured the interwebs for a few days and found to my shock that roleplayerguild was dead, so I poked about for a new site to RP on. Of all the places I turned up, this one looks the most promising so I'll try to start up something here. I normally GM, but occasionally I also join as a player. My games are usually fantasy, science fictions, westerns, or more often some twisted mutant child of two or all three of these. Hope to see you guys in game and thanks to all the folks responsible for making this site available. There is a serious paucity of well rounded p-by-p sites with active communities at the moment.
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  2. Hello and welcome to Iwaku! I'm sorry your old forum died :( but I'm sure you'll fit right in here! The Chats and the General Chatting boards are great ways to meet people, and Roleplay Talk is where you wanna go to start setting up a Roleplay!
  3. Yesss~ Multiple-genre roleplays are the best! >:D

    Also, welcome to Iwaku. :)
  4. Hallo there Glibbleglobableblob! <3 Welcome to the community! We're happy to have you. >:3