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  1. I am The Creator which simply means that I create my own characters and their personalities as well as my own plot lines for RPs. I have been RPing since 2004 and it has help me in many ways from improving my writting skills to keep me from getting board.

    If you have an intersting Fantasy or Sci Fi or Adventure type of RP and need an extra, feel free to ask!
  2. Hey there, Creator! Welcome to the site. I already noticed you on the CBox, which is great! If you've got the time, don't forget to peep the FAQ and Rules under the FAQ and Help tabs respectively.

    All that aside, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Merry Christmas, too!

    (and a little shameless advertising, I've got a Sci-Fi role-play in the works. Check out the Sci-Fi sign-ups and plot discussions board and have a peep!)
  3. Hello! >:3 Here is a more formal welcome to the community, since I have seen you in the cbox!
  4. Thanks! I might check the RP out!