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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Rorych. I'm 27 and started role-playing roughly 12 years ago, though I haven't role-played on a website for nearly 10 years; mostly it's been one on one private role-plays with a couple friends I made when I initially started. I started role-playing on a Charmed role-play site so that's what introduced me to this incredible world, though as I'm sure you can imagine the majority of those old websites aren't around anymore.

    I have an active imagination so fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural role-plays appeal to me the most (usually if i can make a character who has some kind of power(s) my interest is peaked lol).

    Recently I made the long-term goal of writing and hopefully publishing a book series, but I have a problem with focusing on one idea long enough to write it. I'm hoping that getting back into role-play with more than just one person will help me hone my attention and writing skills into eventually accomplishing my goal. On the plus side, being unable to focus has helped me make several characters (over 50 last time I counted), each of which has grown in their own way in my mind as I'm sure some of you may be familiar with that experience in your own writing.

    I'm usually pretty open, so feel free to ask me questions through here or pm. If you're curious about my writing style, I do have a few scenes I've written and would be happy to share (opinions and constructive criticism are always welcome). I look forward to finding a role-play (or more) to join and getting to know everyone over time :goodvibes:
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  2. @Rorych Hello!! Welcome to Iwaku! Also, wow, all that experience is really amazing! I'm glad you joined iwaku to express your creativity as well! Anyways, talk to the staff/admins if you have any questions/concerns! Have a great day!
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  3. Thanks Sandra :) you have a great day as well!
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  4. Hi, welcome to Iwaku!

    You seem to know your stuff about role-playing, so I'll just leave some links to help you get used to the site and community ^u^

    This is the General Chat where you can discuss anything interesting to you

    This is the chat box where people will occasionally pop in to instant message each other. The more the merrier!

    This is the Iwaku Discord server. There's lots of different text and voice channels for your social and RP needs :)

    And finally, this is the BB Code list if you wanted to make your posts fancy. You can also find in under the Help link at the botton right hand corner of every page.

    Hope you enjoy your time here! Let me know if you have any questions, or you can PM an administrator or staff member :P
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  5. Thank you Thornapple. I'll be sure to check out the links :)
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