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  1. I... honestly don't know how to start this shit. I think it should become clear very quickly that I don't really talk to anyone and as a result do not know HOW to talk to anyone at all. I'm not sure what to say, what to do... anything. I have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but if you are somehow still interested in talking to a stranger on the internet, be my guest, friends.
  2. Hi, Henry. Welcome to Iwaku! Are you finding things alright?
  3. I suppose I'm finding things alright. Trying my best to settle in and figure out what the hell I'm doing... even though in the next hour I'm going back to no internet for awhile. If only I was somewhat experienced in this "socializing" thing. But alas, I've been cursed to be positively horrid with most any social interactions. Oh well, I suppose. I am happy that I found this place though and hopefully next time I can come here I can figure out some ways to talk, rp and hopefully make some friends with random strangers on the internet. Yay! But yus, thank you for asking.
  4. It can be hard branching out and being social. One way to start might be lurking in the chat rooms and interjecting when you have something to say. That's part of how I learned, and watching others interact is also good for learning.
  5. 'Preciate the advice, friend. I've tried something like that, but pretty much all rooms were at 0 people. The general one was the only one occupied, and at that point there was really not much within those chats that interested me or made me think "Hey! I have two cents I can throw towards this conversation!". Oh well. I'm figuring things out as I go. That often seems to be what I have to do in most cases. Mostly I've just stalked some new welcome posts like the creepy fuck that I am in attempt to at least initiate a small bit of chat. As of tonight though, it won't really matter much anyways since I will have to take my leave here very soon, being without internet for "God" knows how long. Perhaps... perhaps next time I shall be more confident and better prepared to take the horrifying, gruesome challenge of typing some words and having other people look at those words (cause apparently that's difficult for me-). 'Till then, I must go. Thanks again for the advice, and I hope you have a great morning or evening or whatever time it may be for you right now. Bub bye!
  6. Take care, Henry. =) Best of luck! You can feel free to PM me or talk to me any time about anything. I hope I can hear from you again soon!
  7. I sincerely doubt you have 'no redeeming qualities' and that is a statement I do not believe is true of any human

Thread Status:
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