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  1. Hello. I am Wesley, or Wes; it is a pleasure to be of your acquaintance. I am a male, fourteen-year-old individual interested in role-play. Due to my innate shyness, it is a bit difficult for me to comfortably join a forum site, however I am going to try my best to fit in within this community. Aside from that, as introductions go, here is a bit about myself:

    Since an awfully young age, I have aspired to work with animals, a study formally known as zoology. With the free time I have outside of school, I revel in volunteering at local animal shelters. I research quite a bit as well, thanks to internet resources. With this, botany also intrigues me, and I hope to minor in the subject, along with zoology, of course, as my major. Nature is an incredibly relevant portion of my life, and I take it very seriously.

    Visual art and writing are also peaks of interest for me. In regards to visual art, I do both traditional and digital, though I am not as accustomed to digital. I lean towards drawing animals, anthropomorphic or otherwise. In relation to writing, instead of stories, I cotton to simply elaborating on a specific topic; these topics tend to be relatively abstract, such as perspective or variations of theories. I lose my muse often with plot-based stories, which role-play may assist me with strengthening said muse.

    I am far from tech-savvy. In fact, I struggle to properly operate computers or other devices. However, gaming still stands as a prominent hobby of mine, even if I am not the best at it. RPG's are most definitely my favorite, though I am always willing to experiment. I also find first-person shooters enjoyable, especially ones that involve zombies. As much as I hate to admit it, I get a real kick out of 'kill-everything-you-see-even-though-there-is-not-actually-a-plot' sort of games; I find them immensely entertaining.

    Though Pokemon branches out into both anime and games, I felt I needed to write an entirely separate paragraph from the one above. I began collecting the TCG at six-years-old, and received my first game, Platinum, at eight-years old. Since then, I have had a borderline obsession with Pokemon, and indulge myself in whatever information I can that pertains to it. Though I no longer collect the cards, I own almost every single main series game, and follow the anime as best I can. I also take advantage of research, and follow theories and speculations about both the anime and games. I own quite a bit of merchandise, and consider myself a hardcore fan.

    Well, there is a bit about myself. As mentioned prior, I am extremely shy, therefore it takes quite a bit of strength for me to make a post, so please do not be offended if I am vague or reserved. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and once again, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I do hope we can role-play together soon.
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  2. Welcome @Wesley pleased to meet your aquaintance, if you need any help at all just tag me with your question :)
  3. Thank you!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Wesley. Want a cookie?
  5. Thank you! And yes, of course, who wouldn't?
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