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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Heichou, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. Although I'm not entirely new to this site, for I made this account a while ago and never touched it until now.

    I'd just like to greet everyone and say: Yo, I'm Taku. Nice to meet ya'll.
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  2. Welcome.

    Well, I don't really need to tell you the ropes since I'm new myself, but this site is cool.

    Your Kaneki Ken profile picture is beautiful.

    Alas, enjoy your...return?
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  3. @Tokkii

    Hey, thanks. I've had some time to take a look at the site, and yeah, it does seem cool.

    Thanks, haha. Your picture is pretty awesome too!
  4. @Tokkii

    Hopefully I can catch you around the Rp galaxy. I kinda, sorta, stalked your profile. It'd be cool to plot something with you.
  5. @Heichou

    Yeah totally! Whenever you want you can just send me a PM and we can plot sometime. I don't have much role plays going on now so I'm free whenever you're ready. :3
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Not open for further replies.