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  1. You can just call me Aspen, unless you already know someone who goes by the same name, in which case you can call me whatever else you want so long as it doesn't deserve a smack. 8D

    I like writing, eating, and generally making a joke out of myself lol. Pleased to meet you!
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  2. Nice to meet you~ I'm Krin ^^ welcome to iwaku~ if you need anything a friend etc do not be afraid to message me at all~
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  3. Greetings hon!

    Can't wait to relax in your shade together ^_^

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  4. Thanks for the welcome Kirin! Good to meet you. =3

    *rains leaves on her Sugar* <3 We will have great times. ;D
  5. Okay^^ I hope for some great times too
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.