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  1. Hello there, all of you... strangers... I'm Feerie, and I'm using this thread to share with all of you a little about myself. So here we go!

    My real name is Firien Kane, but please call me Feerie. It's been a nickname since I was a small child, and being called Firien just feels so outlandish now... Like some distant relative mispronouncing your name. Not fun.

    I don't think that my gender really matters. See me as a boy or girl, however you'd like. I can roleplay either gender, so it's not a big deal. If you start racking your brain, desperate to know my biological sex, just ask.

    I'm seventeen years old, but to be honest, I look way younger than I am. It can get a little annoying after a while, but I'm used to it.

    The first time I roleplayed was when I was twelve years old. It was a fantasy roleplay on Tinierme, back before they shut it down. Ever since then I've been really into it. I have a lot of fun roleplaying.

    I usually like a nice cast of different characters in a roleplay, but having just one really close partner can be just as fun. As long as it's done right.

    On a rainy day you'll catch me, or won't catch me, dashing through the grass, catching the water droplets on my tongue. I get really immature when it starts to precipitate.

    The song on my mind right now is definitely Blue by The Birthday Massacre. Don't ask why, it just is.
  2. Hihi Feerie! :D Welcome to the community!
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  3. Hiya, Feerie! My first time roleplaying was when I was 12, too. That seems to be a ripe age for indoctrinating roleplayers into this lovely hobby. Welcome to Iwaku. ^_^