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Salutations, comrades

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jackal, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Jackal here, I've never been here, and I've been around roleplaying for a pretty good long portion of my life. 10 years give or take some years where I had no computer access. Thankfully I own my own omputer and several other devices.

    I am a major second life addict, a 3D model artist, a writer, a caretaker for my family, and I hope to improve on all those things. I really want to learn graphics, like banners and things of that sort. I'm not very good at that stuff.

    I choose the name Jackal because I like the way it sounded, my first choice was Atamosk but I screwed up and put in an email I forgot the password to. Y_Y Oh well. I like to look at art of any type, even buy art from time to time of characters I have made up in my head. I think art is a great form of self expression in all it's forms and one should never give up on improving.

    Anyways, I like a lot of different stuff, mostly my interests lay in video games and anime but occasionally I like some tv shows or something. I like the supernatural side of things and first began roleplaying on a site called gaiaonline, then went to invisionfree and then proboards and now I've kinda hit a brick wall and am unable to find inspiration.
  2. I bid you welcome.
    I like your name, it reminds me of The Day of the Jackal.
    It appears we have quite a few common interests; art, 3D models, writing... I wonder if we also have some when it comes to roleplaying. Speaking of which, the roleplayer's resume is an useful thing. I suggest you fill it out when you get the chance.
    Have a good time on Iwaku; let's hope we can demolish that brick wall.
  3. Jackal, you should totally post your stuff in the Art & Writing board! I know a bit about graphic design and usually find good tuts/resources so feel free to give a shout! Glad to have you here, :).