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  1. Hello community! I'm Jonny, nice to meet any and all of you. I've been on the RP scene for many MANY years now though I've become more casual as the years roll by. I like a variety of generes: Social, Fantasy, Scifi, Romantic, Flirt, Campy...

    I have two main characters I portray as: One's a ivory white human with raven-like hair and cold blue eyes. He's modestly fit and trim and was in the military for quite a while. His genetic code makes him ageless (forever 20 something), I often put him in settings where he has to 'fit-in' with a group or do odd jobs to get by. He doesn't talk much but he's got a kind heart.

    The other one is a humble knight/paladin. He's not often noticed and again sorta struggles with making freinds, is not skilled on the social scene at all and is timid in nature. He has a similar build to my previous character except his skin is more colored and his eyes are a bit warmer. He's the kinda guy who would help someone that most people would overlook, never asking for much in return and isn't boastful at all. He's pretty submissive but kindly.

    I know these are more like character ideas than descriptions, but feeling and emotion are pretty important for me in RP and these two characters I can put into most any situation though I often save the first for urban/Scifi RPs while the second is more for fantasy/steam-punk. These are my go-to characters I guess.

    Whilst my main characters are pretty human, I have always been fascinated with otherworldly creatures, aliens and fantasy creatures (This includes furries and such)

    Anyhoo... feel free to PM me or something, I'm really friendly... HONEST! :)
  2. Hiiiiiiii Jonny! :3 Welcome to the community!
  3. *takes a bow* Greetings and may you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  4. Hellooooo and thank ye ^^
  5. *Returns said bow with grace* Why thank you! I certainly hope I shall!
  6. Welcome to the forum, organic lifeform known as Jonny. Our processors hope that you will enjoy your time here.
  7. Hey, welcome to the site. I hope you find your home here on Iwaku1 You sound like a pretty competent role-player, and those are always good in causal settings.