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  1. Hello Iwaku Roleplay,

    My name is Lord Wraith, but you may refer to me as Wraith, but not Lord because that just sounds silly and might get me confused with that singer-like girl.

    I've been roleplaying for about five years now and while I specialize in a specific niche of roleplays, I am open to new genres however if I can find a plot that catches my interest as well as be able to play a character that I can get into.

    I suppose you're wondering, what genres I do enjoy then?

    I specialize in creating Original Superhero Roleplays, and over the past few years have been building various ficitonal cities and fleshing them out in different roleplays. Before my previous stomping grounds, Roleplayer Guild went down, I had brought all of these cities together in an ambitious attempt to create a universal sandbox RP. That said, I wouldn't mind giving it a try however I think I'll stay small for now and simply focus on a small team of heroes within a city.

    Aside from OC Superhero, I enjoy DC Universe based RPs, especially any which involve the Batfamily, however if your RP is based around the Green Lantern Corps, you may as well leave me out. I've never been a fan of the Ring Bearers. Marvel Universe RPs are hit and miss for me, while I don't read the Marvel comics like I do the DC ones, I do quite enjoy their movies. However I've only ever found success in X-Men based RPs as opposed to any based around the Avengers.

    Outside of the Superhero Genre, I enjoy some fantasy and Sci-Fi Roleplays. With Fantasy I tend to go towards the lighter stuff as I've never been overly into it. That said anything Tolkien-esque is fine by me, or even venturing into the Elder Scrolls world, with that in mind I don't avoid original settings so long as I can get into them. In terms of Sci-Fi, I'm always interested in checking out Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Stargate or Firefly/Serenity based RPs. Like with Fantasy, I'm also interested in original settings provided I feel compelled to write in them.

    But anyways I feel at this point I've more than introduced myself, and hopefully I haven't bored you too much.

    Glad to meet you all, and I look forward to getting to know you both out of character and in character.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Lord of Wraith.
  3. Well Hello there m'Wraith! Welcome to the community! :D
  4. Thank you both for you kind welcomes :)