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Haiii ^^"
I'm Ethel. Hope you all are doing fantastic. :o I'm new here...Boo! Can't wait to start posting >:3
Why hello there, Ethel with a fancy A name! >:D Welcome to Iwaku where the forums can't wait for you to start posting either?
Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy yourself here, and If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask a friendly staff member.
Hello and welcome!
I can't wait to see posts from you :3
I'm Kitti, feel free to ask me if you need anything.
Look to our roleplay OOC section to get started. You filled out the resume it seems already, so all that's left is to get joining!
eh? oh hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you've got a question then I might have the answer. *sits* I'm really tired... oh yeah! my name is Shadow Ike ^^ almost forgot that part heh.
Welcome new blood. Enjoy your stay at this place we call Iwaku.